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  1. MokaPot- You might have hit on something in regards to butterfish. (black cod). It is super fatty. Hard to get as it has a super short shelf life. I talked to my mom about the dry, miso-buri. She's never had it before but she use to make miso-salmon. She would only marinate it for 4 to 6 hours. Told me I marinated it too long. I'm gonna try buri again but follow my mom's method. Funny, when I was a kid, I hated miso-salmon. Could be that it was always Coho. Not my favorite salmon. Thank you for your suggestion.
  2. Found a nice piece of buri at my local fish market in Huntsville, AL. So I had some sashimi and marinaded the rest in shio miso, mirin, sake, and sugar. Marinaded for 3 days then grilled under my broiler. It was very tasty, but dry. Did I over cook it, marinaded too long, or what? Any ideas? The buri toro was nice and fatty; just the way I like it. But I ate that sashimi within the 1st 10 minutes of getting it home. Also (once I get the misoyaki dryness figured out) can I cook saba (Frozen) with miso? Thank you in advance.
  3. I found some matsutake I would like to use this New Years. I'd like to make something that would highlight the mushrooms. Any ideas?
  4. Thank you for that link. I tried a Nisei version using sugar, vinegar, salt, water and chili flakes. It's not too bad if I say so myself. I asked some of the Nisei ladies at my church about drying the daikon. They either laughed at me (more of a giggle) or looked at me like I had two-heads. I tasted a Hawaiian style that uses a dry mix; very nice, but no recipe. I’ll keep trying. Kataoka
  5. I my local Raleys has rice bran in bulk. What kind of coarse salt? Rock salt or kosher? Yuzu is a bit more problematic. I've only seen it as pozu shoyu, but I really haven't looked. I guess I'm open to any recipe. Thnak you for responding, Helen. Kataoka
  6. I had to buy a 1kg piece of diakon for like 200g of oroshi. I want to use the rest of the daikon but I don't want to make oden or nishime. My thoughts were turning more to takuwan. Any old family recipes out there? Any new family recipes? How one off the back of a bottle of vinegar? Preferable without the yellow food colouring I loved as a kid. Thanks- Kataoka
  7. I’m jumping into this thread kind of late as I was just directed to this thread recently from another EG member (Thanks, Pielle of Montreal). Regarding the loss of water during high temp (for a simple water bath) Sous Vide cooking: If your water bath is deep enough, dump in some plastic, non-wiffle type, golf balls to a mono-golf ball thickness. These floating balls reduce the surface area, thus reducing evaporation loss of the water while maintaining accessibility to water bath (e.g., temperature probe wires). I actually use plastic balls made specifically for limiting evaporative loss from h
  8. Kataoka

    Confit Duck

    Good point. I'll try using a drip pan and dry rub using a non vacuum container. with a reduced curing time.Do folks simply rinsing the duck parts or are they soaking them in fresh water? What would be optimum temperature? If I can maintain optimum temperature, what would be the suggested cooking time?Thank you for your responses. Keith
  9. Kataoka

    Confit Duck

    Cooked me up some Duck Confit a couple of days ago. The legs were to salty for me to eat. Is this normal? This is how I prepared my version of "Duck Con Salt Block": Following along the Confit Duck, Step By Step With Photos thread, I prepared about 500g of domestic duck legs by coating the legs with a mixture of bay leaves, crushed garlic, ground pepper, crushed juniper berries and salt (15g). The above thread seem to suggest a salt to duck ratio of 22g/lbm (~5 wt%). This seemed too much to me so I tried a ~3 wt%. The coated legs were bundled up into a vacuum sealed bag and allowed to do whate
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