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  1. have you tried you rlocal cake supply store?
  2. yes, maybe a little more potent but still good
  3. ive had it on sushi... a bit chewey and has no flavor on its own, but i liked it.
  4. i think for me, id put it in the bank and save it for a time when i really needed it.
  5. its possible that even though you say its cardboard it might also be reffered to as a cake plate
  6. wow you must be eating at the wrong places if you think the lamb chops are tough. we have a fairly new restaurant here in denton called master grill. it is a brazilian steakhouse. and they have some wonderful succelent and tasty lamb chops that when i tried them, i could not get enough of them. i thought id died and gone to lamb chop heaven. if anyone out there ever gets a chance to get up this way, i highly reccomend the place.master grill, its on loop 288 in the shopping center across from walmart next to the sporting goods store. my fiance took me there for my birthday a few weks ago. it was atuesday night and they had a harpist there. i was informed by the waiter that the harpest is there on certain nights of the week whereas the rest of the time they have a live band. the salad bar there was out of this world. and the inside is decorated to be something liek a rain forest. beautiful place. great food. and if you go, by all mean try the roasted pineapple. its roasted with a cinnamon sugar blend. almost all meats come on skewers that waiters bring around to your table, and cut off slices of meat for you, whatever you want. they have it all lamb , pork, chicken, beef. the deserts looked like they would hav been worth taking the extra dibaetic drugs for, but between the salad bar and the meats, we had no room. i can not say enough about this place. and per the thread, i think its safe to say i love lamb!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. We didn't have that luxury in rural Malaysia in the 1970s, without 24-hour electricity and, therefore, without refrigeration. The procedure was to buy fish that had been caught that day, make a curry (or some other dish with sauce) out of it that evening and thoroughly rehead and eat leftovers for a few days. Or fry it up that evening. But considering how hot the weather was and how bio-active equatorial ecosystems are, even something caught that morning might be a bit fishy that evening. "Why didn't they pack it in ice?", you're probably wondering. Well, ice had to be trucked in from the capital as a big block and packed in an unrefrigerated wooden bin. Only one place in the township did that: The coffee shop at the crossroads. So no ice for the fishermen or the guy who vended the fish from his bicycle. Back to the topic of this thread: Lime juice wasn't a necessary ingredient for fish or seafood there. Fresh tamarind (asam gelugor) was frequently used, but the most common thing was to use plenty of spices. ← actually it never occurred to me to wonder why you didnt pack it in ice. im smart enough to realize the problems of rural malaysa. when one does not have electricity for a prolonged period of time, you cant make ice. the same thing applies here even in the united states. case in point...hurricane katrina and hurricane rita. both knocked out power for prolonged periods of time. and granted the places they hit were evacuated but even so had they not been, no way would they have been able to produce ice. simple as that. but i already made my point with regards to smelly fish and what it implies. if you can smell it as fish...it is going bad. im talking more about raw fish than the cooked variety, but even cooked fish can go off, it just takes longer.
  8. frankly if the fish has a "fishy taste' or even a fishy smell, i personally would not touch it as that is an indicator it has gone or is going bad.
  9. oddly enough if i have ever had that reaction ive just never noticed it. im thinking about that last comment though on the farmer who has full use of pesticides and im thinking it very well could be that it may not be the pumpkin itself but rather the chemicals he may be using, and it si not as uncommon as one might think to go years without havign a reaction fo any kind to a certain thing and then all of a sudden have one. after all as we become older our body chemistry does change and as we age we do tend to become a bit more sensitive to some things... case in point...we may be used to eatig a certain food for many years and even take pride in having the so called cast iron stomach, and then one day we wake up and find there are now certan foods we can no longer eat without creating problems. it happens to all of us with something.
  10. you have already asked two pastry friends for their advice. they gave it to you. these are people you know. id say its a fair bet that they know what they are talking about if they are in the business. you will most likely get the same answer here that they gave you. while ive never done it myself, i do know people in the business who tell me that you can. on here two names come to mind that really are in the best position to answer it because im sure they have most likely ised the method at some time in their careers, and they are wendy and ann. i cant remember their screen names here for sure, but one of them is chefpeon, i just cant remember which one has that handle. at a wild guess id say its ann, but i might be wrong....
  11. I sometimes get this when I prepare a LOT of pumpkin, I think it must be something in the raw pumpkin that irritates the skin. If I only do one or two bits it's not an issue, but if I chop up a whole pumpkin I get the same symptoms as you descibe. I've found that if I wash my hands frequently during the preparation it's not an issue. But you could also wear light rubber gloves.. problem solved ← i agree..it could be an allergy to raw pumpkin..in which case i would use rubber gloves... washing frequently works as well...but gloves are better.....
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    yummy..sounds good to me..i will have to keep this one in mind
  13. ladyyoung98


    Who knew there was a California Artichoke Advisory Board? What a wonderful organization. I will definitely try the goat cheese recipe. It sounds fantastic. Thanks for all the ideas! ← i dont knwo if its just me or what but ive long known that california is th heart of artichoke country..they even have an artichoke festival... so why would they not have an artichoke advisory board? we have advisory boards for many other things why not this too?
  14. i echo this sentiment....and you just cant get that fresh flavor from a can...sorry to say but it is true..which IS a large part of the reason why i rpefer to do it from scratch
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    seafood or crawfish boil? lemon butter to dip the leaves in.. dip the leaves in mayo
  16. Taken from the can of Libby's... "Ingredient: Pumpkin." Di ← thats nice...but i never bought libby's ..like the other person the only time i ever went with the canned stuff it was the filling..still i prefer to make my own..but thank you for pointing out this piece of information..im sure it will be most helpful to those who prefer to buy the canned variety..i just happen to prefer doing mine all the way from scratch..may be a few extra steps but i get a great deal of satisfaction from it.. i dont think there is any shame to want to make it all the way from scratch..nor is there any shame in making it from canned pumpkin...its all a matter of prefernece..there is no right or wrong way to do it..as i said..just a matter of preference
  17. actually ive used jack olantern pumpkins for quite some time without any real problems...yes they are watery ..however if you want to drain the water out of them i find its much easier if after draining through a strainer..i also put it in a cheesecloth and squeeze out the rest of it...i wind up with something very close to packed pumpkin without all the added stuff in the canned variety and they do make pretty good pies... at least to me they do..ive never found much of a difference in the flavor... i do what works best for me..and yes givign them the addedd squeeze through the cheesecloth is a little extra work..but i find its worth it
  18. Uhm....how much time have you got!? Their "Featherwight" bags are TO DIE FOR! The rest of their stuff......crap! And this is coming from a person who does cakes for a living. ← actually im the person who asked that question and frankly i have no problems with wilton..... i to love the feather weight bags..but i also us their tips and couplers and i even use their colors and ive never had any problems with the results...ive always got what i was looking for or something extremely close to it...i understand you have your opinion which you have expressed as being crap... and you are entitled to that opinion...but just because you dont care for it does not mean other people have that same opinion.... i know i dont... im not going to pretend they are the best thing on the market because im sure there are other names out there that are as good as or better..but also more expensive too.... and this is coming from someone who has and still does do this for personal as well as for business and has never had any complaints and lots of praise
  19. god help those poor brides if they screw up
  20. is there something wrong with wilton? personally im hoping they dont do a ral wedding....that is supposed to be a day for the bride and groom that will always be remembered...personally i would not want mine to be remembered as being a disaster if they did mine and it did not turn out great...besides...im not a big fan of martha either....for many reasons ← No nothing wrong with Wilton at all. I'm glad you asked so I could clarify, but I don't know why you thought that. I learned how to decorate from Wilton yearbooks 30 years ago. However there is a great rivalry shall we say between Wilton and Mom & Pop bakeries etc. Wilton helped create/feed a craze that helped to put them out of business, not to mention the super stores. Success intrigues me so, as much as there's nothing wrong with Wilton, there's nothing wrong with Martha. I'm not a groupie but there's room for everyone I think. Wilton caters to the newbie though & I'm thinking most if not all of these contestants are newbies and just wondering if Martha will allow the huge brand name of Wilton to be heard on her show. Y'know how they do commercials within movies now with name brand recognition, like showing them drinking Coke or eating McDonald's in a movie or something. Betcha if one of the teams uses Wilton, Wilton paid for the privilege. Which is why I wanted to know if Wilton was sold at KMart, where Martha markets her stuff. I just haven't been to KMart in forever. ← me too..sort of... i was decorating on my own for a while then decided to take the wiltons classes...but there r some folks on here that seem to feel that wiltons anything is beneath them..or at least that is the impression ive repeatedly come across..like somehow one is not a real decorator unless one has gone to some sort of pastry shcool that is not wiltons...but the truth is that no matter how any of us have learned..formal schooling ..classes..p[icking it up on our own or a combination fo things..we all work pretty hard for an art that can and is pretty demanding..but would any of us trade it for something else? probably not...i know for me its the creative urge that drives me...and i love it when something ive done turns out as good as or even better than i expected it to..there is joy in that...dont you think? as for wiltons being sold at kmart.....truthfully ive never paid attention to whether they did or not...espcially since now kmart is no longer in the denton landsacpe..and while martha is associated with kmart ..i do knwo walmart does carry wiltons ..as do many hobby/craft stores and cake supply stores do.....but yes ti woudl be interesting to see how that comes up on her show...however someone would need to post that info here since ive no intention of watching another reality based type show..no matter who is the host for it....so if u see it..share the info please.....
  21. is there something wrong with wilton? personally im hoping they dont do a ral wedding....that is supposed to be a day for the bride and groom that will always be remembered...personally i would not want mine to be remembered as being a disaster if they did mine and it did not turn out great...besides...im not a big fan of martha either....for many reasons
  22. when i hit that link it created some confusion for me so i found this after the search http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/158...0662102-9855943
  23. well here is my thought on it...when we are children we are totally unfamiliar with the basic principles of cooking..and yet even as children we could admire and appreciate food to its fullest extent..as least enough to know what we did or did not like..if a food looked disgusting or gross to us as kids..no way did we want to try it no matter how much we may have been told how good it tasted..not that we were experts as kids..but we di know what we liked and didnt like... so i have to say ...no i dont feel that being familiar with the basics principles of cooking prevents anyone from admriign and appreciating food to the fullest extent.... we each know wht our palletes like and dont like..not to mention the fact that each one of us..no matter what we may say..also eat with our eyes as much as we use our taste..one does not need an education on the basic principles of cooking for that
  24. if that is the method u choose to use..make sure u butter the pan...if you dont..there is a chance it will stick..on the other hand..it just may blend into whatever the filling is that you use..hard to say...experimentation is a wonderful thing
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