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  1. you forgot trader joes and the itlian deli , if i remember correctly i think it was called romas or something to that effect..small hole in the wall place with wonderful smells inside..they also do some great sandwhiches ..all italian style of course...another place not mentioned as a destination...tanque verde swap meet..large flea market..though it has not been on tanque verde for quite some time...i think it moved over to palo vrde... but since its been a while since ive lived out there and have only visited three or four times in the last nine years ( twice last year) you might want to get some oen else to tell you exactly where it is...have fun
  2. i lived out in tucson for a number of years... close to twenty..too bad about the tack room.it was a great place...mexican food...one major suprise for what was not mentioned...club 21 ..used to be out on oracle road right around the miracle mile turn..it may still be there..may have moved..not sure..but they served fabulous green corn tamales..if they r still around they are not to be missed for that alone...they used to be quite good
  3. Ahh... The French Pastry Shop! One of my earliest memories is about this place. My family was staying at La Fonda and my sister and I were exploring the hotel. I was about four, she was eight. When we found the pastry display, we must have stood there - jaws dropped, I'm sure - for at least ten minutes ogling the treats. We'd never seen anything like that before. Rows and rows of beautiful pastry! Finally, the person behind the counter took pity on us and gave us each a cream puff. The memory of it has been stuck in my head ever since. I still make a pilgrimage there every time I visit Santa Fe. It hasn't changed much in thirty years. Over the years I've eaten at dozens of Santa Fe restaurants and I honestly don't recall a bad meal. Right now I'm recalling some chile rellenos I had at some place on Canyon Road. Roasted green chiles stuffed with Montrachet and walnuts. Sublime. Can't get good chile rellenos in Texas. They insist on using poblanos here. Don't get me started on Tex-Mex. If I were to move back to NM, it would be for the food. And the mountains. Also family, of course. The weather is nice too. (101 degrees in Dallas yesterday - yes, really) And the people are great. Hmmm... where's my luggage? ← there is a little mexican restaurant here in denton over on south locust street across from the family dollar store. the place doesnt look like much on the outside but on the inside the food is pretty good. authentic mexican cuisine, and my finace and i have had many a good dinner there in the last year...and the prices are very reasonable. And while ive tried many things on the menu i have yet to try theor chili rellenos but i am told it is quite good. the place is called La Mexicana. you should check it out some time and see how their chili rellenos compares. Next time im there i fully plan on trying theirs.
  4. My condolences on the passing of your mother. When you have a chance to research these leads, let us know how you made out. ← ty for the condolences, i will let ya'll know how it pans (no pun intended) when i take a good look at everything.
  5. sorry i had not been back to check on this til now....my mother passed away recently....so with that and other things going on...i forgot all about this until i looged on and found an email from wendy dated last month. she had been kind enough to let me know she had merged it. in truth id forgotten someone else had made the same inquiry, forgotten id said i get some of mine at the dollar store..which i do when they actually have them, but need a much more reliable resource and i want to thank all of you for having provided me with so many leads. i have bookmarked every last one of them so i can really look them over as time permits.
  6. This should be a good resource for you. ← i checked out the site u referred me to and i am somewhat confused..it seems to basically be a site for an upscale trade show? which would be fine were i actually going to attend..but as of yet will nto be attending any trade shows either as a buyer or as a vendor... i was trying to locate an online source for just reauglar cookie type tins( and yes aestetics do matter since this is for my business and not something being sent to just freinds or family for the hoidays..were it just to serve that purpose..it would not really matter all that much... i just think when you are trying to get you online business up and running, you need to find a supplier who does handle these types of tins...and thus far the only thing i have managed to find are tins that are already filled with cookies, which led me to ask where one might find an online supplier of the empty tins... thanks for ya'lls help...much appreciated..just not , i think, what im looking for?
  7. im looking for cookie tins to be able to ship our companies cookies in. does anybody know of a good online source for them?
  8. all the pics looked godo enough to eat..anybody come across any diabetic versions?
  9. nice to see this topinc was so popular last year that it was decided to do it again...hats off to whoever started the thread this year..... i wonder if we will wind up with any where near as many replies as we got last year.....
  10. where does one even get meyer lemons..or for that matter the leaves of meyer lemons?
  11. i would have thought most any cake recipe would be fine ..but personal preference for getting cakes out of the pan much easier for me would be a product called cake release, i think wiltons puts it out but there are other godo ones out there
  12. thanks for the info..i promptly subscribed to it any other info u can send my way would be greatly appreciated
  13. after much time and urging from i have finally decided to take the plunge and open up my own bakery and confections shop.. and i need everythiing from display cases to ovens to cash register to refrigerators and commercial mixers and tempering machines... locations where i can purchase supplies in bulk at wholesale... so any web sites you fine people can provide me with to locate items i need so i can cost this out ...would be great
  14. yes i know about wiltons...have purchased a few of their molds in the past
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