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  1. i think what u r looking for is a buttercream frosting for the cake..real easy to find and most bakeries i know of actually use it for many wedding cakes here is the recipe i use Buttercream Icing 1/2 cup solid vegetable shortening 1/2 teaspoon wilton Butter flavoring (extract) 4 cups of sifted powdered sugar 2 tablespoons of meringue powder 2 tablepoons of water or milk cream butter and shortening with electric mixer . Add butter flavoring, water and mix. add meringue powder and gradually add the sifted powdered sugar one cup at a time beating well on medium speed. Scrape sides and bottom of bowl often. if icing is too stiff you may add another tablespon of water..if still a little stiff ad another tablespoon of water but no more than that. keep icing covered with a damp cloth until ready to use, and refrigerate any leftover frosting up to 2 weeks.. re whip before using. yeild 3 cups please remember that if this is your first time making a wedding cake..the layers do not simply sit one on top of the other..they do have help in between each layer..depending upon what kind tiering you plan to do...if you are going for the stacked look of one on top of the other the best book i can possibly suggest to you for showing how to tier a wedding cake...will be any of the wiltos wedding cake books...it will show you how to tier the cakes..how to transport them..how to cut them and how many servings you will get out of the cake....keep in mind that the top layer of a wedding cake is not normally cut at the wedding recpetion but rather removed and is saved for the first wedding anniversary of the newly married couple.....when u go looking for a wiltons wedding cake book make sure u check it out to make sure allthe info u want is there...u may even find one or two that also have the recipe for the butter cream icing Have your friend taste test this and if it is the one she wants for her wedding cake you will need to make additional batches to cover the cake
  2. something else u can use since it seems as though u r going to be using decorator tips to decorate the cake.... there is a decorator tip specifically for icing cakes..i dont know how it works for anyone else but i have foudn when i use that and a flat metal spatula..i never have the streaking problem...im not sure why i dont.... but it works for me...u can give that a try too if u wish..as well as the other method suggested and see which works best for u... i think we all have our ways.....lol
  3. while i am not exactly sure about the flowers and hope someone else may be able to help u out there... i did take a look at the cake in question and just a quick glance..i would say it is a butter cream frosting that has been combed..which if that is the case you can get a cake decorating comb ( i think that is the proper name for it) any place that sells cake decorating supplies... i have tried that method with the icing a couple of times just for the heck of it and ive liked the way it has come out in the past. on the other hand it could very well be fondant..in which case ..yes u would adhere it to the cake with the buttercream frosting...there may be other methods but at the moment i dont know them and perhaps someone else might. though i have tried the fondant a couple of times..ive found that for a beginner that might not be the route u want to go given your limited time and may choose to use a decorators comb...that is just my suggestion and again someone else with even more expereince may have other equally good or better suggestions...good luck! one more thing...will the cake be tiered or not? if it is to be tiered and u dont know how wilton's puts out several wedding cake decorating books that show u step by step how to build the tiered cake as well as how to transport it and how much batter to use per each sized pan and how long to bake them and at what temperature....most will also have cutting guides and only a few will tell u how many servings u can expect to get out of your cake.. i know i saw one the other day amongst the books that i have on hand while looking for something else..but alas now that im lookig specifically for that..i cant find it...again u can find these books anywhere cake decorating supplies r sold such as Michael's...Hobby Lobby..Cake Carousel etc......good luck!!!!!
  4. have u been to Michaels arts and crafts yet? last time i was there i noticed they had some..though i thought it was an unusual place for them...also try world market if you have them where you live...they are kind of like pier 1 but slightly different...still a good place to shop though and if i remember correctly they were in the price range you are looking for.
  5. something else u may want to do when storing ur cookies is place them in an airtight container and u can add either an apple or a slice of bread in the container along with the cookies....im not real sure why these two methods keep cookies chewy but for some reason they do...and that secret was passed on to me by both of my grandmothers....works liek a charm regardless of the weather....its never failed me yet...just make sure to change out the apple or the bread (depending on which is used) as the apple can wrinkle and the bread can dry out and trust me u dont want that mixed with ur cookies.....lol
  6. correct me if im wrong but isnt the only cheese that is used in cheescake cream cheese? if somethign esle is used im not aware of it. however, my experience with cheesecake in general the flavors are only limited by ones imaginaton..but ive found with regards to fruit..its best not to put them in the cheesecake itself but rather to use them as a sauce/topping...i have had more requests for cheesecakes made that way than to have fruit added to the cheesecake itself....thats not to say it cant be done but on the whole..ive just found it turns out better as a sauce or topping, and there seems to be more demand for the ones with fruit topping/sauce.
  7. ok...now that you let it be known how u can post a recipe here...how do u find one ur looking for...i for one would love to try the recipe luke came up with..sounds wonderful...what about a sugarless one for diabetics..using a sugar substitute that can be used in baking?
  8. correct me if im wrong...but isnt meringue powder also a form of egg whites?..ive not really looked at it a great deal..but i was told it could be used where one would want to use egg whites....powedered or otherwise.....while im no expert on this by any means...i thought id check it any way..because if u can use meringue powder as a sunstitute then u can get that at just about any arts n crafts store that sells decorating supplies...u can also find it cake supply places or other bakery supply places...just a thought on this one
  9. try it now sweet caroline.... i had no problems gettin into the site
  10. WOW... I was suprised to find all the replies to what I thought was a simple question...but I am delighted with the responses....I should have let ya'll know that prior to taking the classes I took..I had already been decorating cakes so mostly self taught as well...I simply thought a more formalized training was called for from a professional stand point..perhpas i was wrong..but would still love to see them offered. As for the websites referred to by another reply.... I dont sure the web enough to know where these sites are..but would love to know..I dont think there is any such thing as too much learning so long as one is also practicing...thanks to all of you for the wonderful and helpful replies...
  11. I'm very new to this site and have looked at the list of classes that are being offered and have been offered in the past.while I am interested in all the classes I do have a particular interest in seeing a class for cake decorating....I had been taking the Wilton's classes but missed a few due to illness... Is there any way a class on cake decorating can be offered here?
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