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  1. Interested to hear reviews of the new ownership . I always thought it was a beautiful space that deserved better restaurants than what had been there. Gerard Marais was the last to do the space right, IMO. Also, what ever happened to the G&E Courtyard space?
  2. Timh

    Crispy Duck Skin

    Wild ducks don't have much fat, so one option is to moderately dry the skin in your refridgerator, just set the duck in there for a few hours before cooking. If its domesticated, with a layer of fat and skin, redering the fat side by long, slow, skin side down in a pan, pouring off the fat constantly. low to medium heat. I've used a "brulee" method by brushing with honey or some such sweet flavor and either roasting or flashing under a broiler on occasion too.
  3. Timh


    okonimyaki and its variations would rock.
  4. I had my staff weigh everything and put into portion containers for service. Consistency in portion costs as well as finished product. This isn't as uncommon as you might think.
  5. Why stage? With your experience you should shoot for a paying position.
  6. As a chef de partie at a Robuchon restaurant, I think you would get a "go to the front of the line" pass at any restaurant in the US.
  7. Per The Butcher Shop, I've also heard similar complaints from friends who have recently gone there. Prices have risen and plates have gotten smaller, and not that interesting of a selection. Too bad, I loved the place. B&G still rockin' though.
  8. Once you get past Worcester, I recommend (assuming you hit Rt. 9 or the turnpike) Tomasso's in Southborough(on rt.9).
  9. I really enjoy cooking eggs, all classic technical preps, poaching, coddled, shirred, soft-no brown omelettes(japanese style), overeasy, southern fried, and the dishes they go in, like: ouefs meurette, all of the New Orleans repetoir, etc. But I cant eat eggsother than an omelette. Can't stand the smell of them.
  10. Oddly enough, I happen to know that they use almost *exactly* this same chant at Red Robin restaurants today. It's...uncanny, weird, and yes: pretty undignified for all concerned parties, unless, of course, your age is in the single digits. The more chains change... ← Pat yourself on the back for being dignified. I have two little girls who love the treatment and I like to take them there for it, and I'm thankful they do it . Nothing weird about it, or undignified about it, it is what it is, that you don't like the side shows but go there is weird.
  11. Martinique Bistro on Magazine www.martiniquebistro.com/brunch/
  12. I agree. This has been mentioned to death through out the school threads. For some, the "name" schools were the highlight of their career, for others they were just a stepping stone. Its up to you which camp you choose to fall into.
  13. Descriptions would be great, so that we know what we are looking at.
  14. I cut my teeth in restaurants in Knoxville, Tn. so I know exactly what your facing. I remember the Friday nights, then the Saturday nights, and then the Sunday brunch. Good times!(Especially if they're winning)
  15. I tried to find work in Madrid many years ago, after spending the previous 2 yrs in Japan, and every chef I met admired my experience, but said no. Their immigration/worker policies are too strict. Now if you're looking to just go and do a stage(unpaid), shouldn't be a big deal if you can find a kitchen to get into. Also, you will have to speak fluent castillian spanish, at kitchen service speed. Good luck!
  16. Enjoy your vacation, but if it would make you feel better, go by the kitchen grab a menu, if you can have the chef do a quick mis en place for each dish, you can spend a little time beforehand going over it so that when you walk in, your not totally in the dark. Or you could just enjoy your vacation and then wing it.
  17. Timh

    Burger helper

    You can hold chipped spuds in water, refrigerated, for a few days without any problem. Blanched fries also last for a couple of days in the fridge, and they fry up fine from fridge temperature. Your health dept probably won't want to see them unrefrigerated for more than a couple of hours. Before deciding on your oil, I suggest do a blind taste test on your friends and see if any can taste much difference between tallow, peanut oil and basic canola oil (especially after they add ketchup, salt etc). In a busy operation you'll be replacing your fryer oil every 2-3 days. Peanut oil costs about 40% more than canola, and I think beef tallow is more than that. ← This is great info!! I did not know how long I had for Fries soaking in water in the fridge..Nor did I know about how long Blanched fries lasted. I guess the only thing now is to find a good supplier of the spuds. From what I am reading...they are harvested at some point during the year and then stored...but while they are stored...the sugar content in the potato changes...which "WILL" affect the taste of the fries itself. ← Thats why Keller et al use those Sysco fries, they are consistent and, they're good.
  18. I remember the fight also centered around that monstrosity known as Straya, gaudy colors, ridiculous concept, classic A.C. I worked at Peristyle in the interim between John and Anne. Wendy Jordan was Chef(She now runs a crazy popular place w/ her husband michael(ex Emeril chef de cuisine, ran his place in Vegas, then their own outside of vegas) the Peristyle is a beautiful restaurant in an old , full of crazy history kind of way. The stories that could be told of the goings on in that place(beginning with Marty, when it was Marty's) would be worth a book itself.
  19. I've worn the Renauds (Bragard) for the past 15 yrs. They are the best I've found.
  20. I agree. The last thing I am thinking about when i go out to eat is if I have my camera so that i can show everyone that I eat out at the cool places. I eat out for me, not for everyone else.
  21. Probably back in the day when most hotel food sat in steam tables, thus the pans used were referred to as hotel pans. Just a wild guess.
  22. Campania in Waltham, Tomasso's in Southborough, Alta Strada in Wellesley, as well as Via Matta in the city. Butcher Shop for unusual finds. This is subjective though. I happen to like the food at these places also.
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