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  1. So who decided on the flavor of the dish? The texture of the sauce? As a signature dish he may not taste it everyday, but I bet he ate it as he developed it. and also, as the dish is represented on TK menues, the oysters quite possibly vary in salinity so someone has to taste each batch to insure consistency.
  2. I took a friends position at a 1* as he left for a 3*. Went over on a tourist visa and worked for free for six months, the deal was I could have a small room over the restaurant but draw no pay, or he would pay me but I would have to find my own place. I chose the free rent. After six months i made chef de partie and drew a small salary(like 500 fr/wk), stayed for almost 2yrs. I tried to work in Madrid, but the strict immigration policies and the rapid fire kitchen castillian spanish was too much for me. You must speak the language, wherever you go.
  3. New chef at Petit? I thought the origional chef was the owner. Did he sell?
  4. I agree that a chef must taste everything, all of the time, and that the fish and shellfish allergy shouldn't keep one from pursuing the profession. But handling seafood is part of the job too, feeling texture, sniffing everyday to check for qualityand the degrading of is part of the discipline.
  5. John Harris does good stuff at Lillet (Magazine). Any one have comments about Martinique and La Petit Grocery?
  6. Business is business, tell her she is costing the restaurant money, and she and her spouse will see little to no return if she continues to bleed the restaurant. Double dipping its called.
  7. All of your posts seem to indicate that you eat at the same type of restaurants(I use that term loosely here), the chain places, and the more pedestrian ones at that. Step out of those ,and up your experience by discovering the smaller establishments that have a soul.
  8. I've worked with people on an hourly rate even(albeit a small place), they clocked in and did their work at the restaurant. Granted, they charged upwards of 50.00/hour but all in all, they delivered as promised, and didn't break the restaurants back.
  9. Only time will tell, but re-evaluate at the end of every term to guage his interest, ant the costs involved. As mentioned in other threads here, there are other alternatives.
  10. A filthy bathroom, dirty kitchen/bar.
  11. I would love to see a statistic on the percentage of how many culinary school grads are still in the business. There are hundreds of culinary programs cranking out tens of thousands of hopefulls a year. How many bail out?
  12. Every kitchen I ever worked in had rules on kitchen uniforms. I would ask the chef what he requires his cooks to wear.
  13. I also dislike flour tortillas used as wraps, but have had, and have made wraps using lavasch and pita. Always warmed first(the bread itself, not the entire sandwich) by either flattop or grill. So my point is its not the wrap but the wrapper used.
  14. A white chefs coat, solid colored pants or checks. The chili pants, fishes or whatever pattern are for clowns, and the uber expensive high end chef coats ,while really comfortable, are for really high end chefs.
  15. Wouldn't your workmans comp cover them? If not, have them sign a waiver.
  16. We all end up competing with the chains/casinos. What I might suggest is to continue to do what it is that has been successfull for you so far. Customer loyalty is the key. Also, identify your key employees, and pay them 10/hr or even 11 if you offer no other benefits. The casinos will draw many applicants and their turnover will also be high, so you'll see people flooding the area looking for work either because they didn't get in, or they did and didn't like it, or whatever. Just continue to do what made you successful, except make it better. Good luck!
  17. When this happens at our place, we put a rush on their order to get them fed and out as quick as possible. They leave happy, we get the table back, move on...
  18. I deal constanly with the illinformed hysteria(neurosis) of some customers' sanitaiton perceptions. Why these people go out to eat at all is perplexing to me.
  19. Another vendor is Sid Wainer, out of New Bedford(MA). Very specialized and high end. 800-423-8333
  20. I really enjoyed living in the faubourge St. John area, but then there was a Whole Foods, Lolas, Gabriellas for entertainment. I would think uptown is the place to be at this time.
  21. Drive south towards Houma, there were always trucks and coolers on the side of the road with fresh shrimp, crawfish, and fish, as well as satsumas and other veggies on that stretch between Boutte and Houma. I've even bought crawfish boudin from one of these folks that was outstanding.
  22. When I have something incredibly important to do on my day off, someone calls in sick, or just no shows.
  23. Why didn't a local coffe shop like PJ's get in the race?
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