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  1. And this is why more kitchens are staffed with (often illegal) immigrants. The common practice here is to obviously pay cash if they have no social, but if they do have on(a bogus one at that) the pay is payroll up to 40 and hourly rate cash after.
  2. Foam, floam, just stop the foams already. And the sauce smear everyone does.
  3. Until recently we baked our own bread(foccacia, ciabatta), a 50 seat restaurant. The task was put to a person who did it 3 days a week in addition to pastry and cold prep. The cost of each loaf was roughly .45(@3#). the owners want to try buyiing(from Pan D'Auvignon no less) to see if its more cost effective. My math says it will be an added expense, but its their call.
  4. The derisive tone in "the tourists go there" is elitist and ridiculous. If not for them the restaurants sink. Guess who fills the chairs at virtually all Michellin 3 star spots, yes, its tourists. You think the locals frequent any of these places(frequent being the key word )? Are places like Katz's still relavent? As long as these spots continue to serve quality food, the fact that the concept may seem dated is more for those needing"scene".
  5. For those at the top of the pay scale, there's the added benefits of med. and dental ins, probably 401k, ect., Those on the lower end probably opt out as the "benes" are just an added cost.
  6. How about this, we have recieved good reviews from both the public and local food guy. So what does the owner do? He decides to start cutting costs(quality) to maximize profits.
  7. Anybody can be a rockstar for a day, and be the most pleasant, but what about the other days? I've hired many who were great on the first day, but flaked or revealed their baggage soon after. Three days show that they can be on time(consistently). Besides, it takes one shift just to recognize the kitchen, spending all your time trying to find things. That leaves one day each for the other stations. As I mentioned, we pay a base rate and at the end, if it didn't work out, they still got paid. Hiring an employee is (IMO) a big investment that we make, and the learning curve is steep, so I want to try and get the best fit for the team.
  8. I require all new cooks to do a 3 day tryout, not only to test their cooking skills, but observe their sanitation, and more importantly their attitude. That they can fit in with the other cooks is important in my kitchen. I pay them a base rate(10 bucks) per hour and at the end of the tryout if I like them and they want to be a part of the team, I then make them an offer.
  9. I've found that covering the clams(I use little necks) in water and a healthy dose of fresh pepper in the mix causes them to more fully purge.
  10. Arkansas has always been on my radar screen, my family owns a farm south of El Dorado that I've often thought about putting to crop use(Its a tree farm). And wouldn't you know it, but I grew up in Maryville and actually had interviewed w/ John for a chef d'cuisine position a short while back. I'm curious about the restaurant scene there in LR. Up and comming? Where do the cooks go for a bite? The hotel looks great by the way.
  11. In the grand scheme of things, you could look at this meal as another lesson in the eating education. Some things you didn't like, but that is personal preference. Some things like shell particals are plainly unacceptable. Unless the meal was just flat out bad, you otherwise experienced stylistic difference and sloppiness.
  12. I had been runniing a Maine shrimp Bolognese w/ schiaffone(a thick tube pasta). The frozen tail meat runs @4.25 #, a great price point, pluse its so easy to work with. Ran a rissotto, andtopped a pizza with them.
  13. Can anyone give more background on the place? Whose behind it, the chef? Menu descriptions? I'm curious because I gave up thinking that someone would ever do a modern Italian menu in the area. Everything seemed to be the same "Brooklyn" italian food.
  14. The Raw Bar in New Seabury, Blu in Mashpee Commons. and I think the ex long time chef from the Regatta in Cotuit may have just opened a little spot down from the commons up near the Roche Bros. Market on N28. In Osterville, there's 5 Bays, and Wimpy's for local whole bellyclams, fried cod, etc.
  15. When something is spilled, it should be cleaned up immediately, as opposed to standing in it thru service. If a cook spills something on themselves, they should change their apron and jacket immediately as opposed to working thru service filthy. Shoes take two seconds to wipe off. Thats just proper sanitation and professionalism.
  16. I second Bitcher Shop, B&G Oyster, and a shrt walk down the street will get you Toro. Also try Ken Oringers new Taqueria in Fenway, I hear its good. On your way back from the cape, stop off in Plymouth at the winebar/restaurant I chef at for a mid way refresher
  17. Timh

    Sysco Food

    As the chef of a small(50 seat) restaurant, i choose not to use SYSCO for any number of reasons, the main being service. We are not anyones largest account, so we are an afterthought as far as special requests. Minimums dont work for us either. Besides, the only stuff I would purchas from them would be paper goods, plastic wrap, foil, portion baggies, pan liners, floor cleaner, etc... so 1 big order and I'm good for 3 months, the salesmen ignore me because of this. So I go with the #2 guys US Foods, still hit me with minimums but my rep likes what I do. Get my produce from a produce vendor, meat from a meat vendor, fish from , well you get the idea. The one stop shopping leaves you at their mercy.
  18. I had just moved to Japan(Kurume), and went grocery shopping for the first time. I merrily shopped and returned home put the stuff away and then slowly came the surprises. I go to pour the "milk" into my coffee, out came a thick sour something, hey yogourt. Went back, thought I grabbed a milk, it was comething even stranger, a product called ,I'm serious, calpis. It was good, but still wasn't cow juice. I also noticed that my t-shirts were basically disolving slowly after each wash, then discovered I had been washing them in good smelling but xtra strength toilet cleaner. There were many more surprisesbut those seem to stick out.
  19. Have a back up career if or when you decide to get a life.
  20. Does Puck have anything in NYC?(even at the airports?)
  21. Azaluna is a co-op of dairy farmers(might include lamb as well) in New England,and upstate NY, who produce organic, naturally raised veal. And I'm not sure if Wolfsneck Farms is New England, their beef is naturally raised though not organic.
  22. In our little (Italian) winebar we don't serve olive oil with the bread, instead we offer a simple puree of chickpeas and garlic with a cayenne oil drizzled. Only occasional requests for oil or butter.
  23. Who were the valedictorians of any of the cooking schools? Who cares? GPA only matters to the individual.
  24. For breakfast, or after bar munchies, i'd recommend the Clover Grill The taco trucks sound great. Duong Phuong in Challmette is worth the trip. Domilisses for a Poboy. I can't wait to hear the others recs.
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