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  1. There is a serious carbon cleaner that you brush on and leave overnight, then wash off the next morning. Ask your rep who delivers your chemicals(sysco, us foods. et al). Worked great for me rehabbing a used stove and backsplash. Make sure you have some sort of protective gloves also, this stuff is bad news. I felt guilty using it.
  2. The unemployment rate in Spain is @ 18% at the moment. Its going to be difficult to impossible to work in Europe at the moment, unless its for free.
  3. I think those that want to believe this rationalize in emotional (sentimental) anecdotes. Whats next, astrological importance?
  4. Commander's Palace. Chefs became famous there but the restasurant is bigger than them. I don't understand Alinea being on the list. Important? Why? Great PR, lots of fans, but by no means a trailblazer.
  5. Slightly off topic, but when I was working in Japan, we would use that "skirt " around the scallop, marinate and serve. Nothing was wasted.
  6. Can you reference any statistics to back this up? Other than anecdotal evidence. This is a typical stereotype myth thrown out as an excuse for a industry's shortcommings.
  7. In bus tubs, with drain holes poked in the bottom. Sort by size, metal/plastic, and keep the tubs organized and labeled.
  8. Thats interesting and something I've experienced, that in some kitchens I worked in, there were some who couldn't handle NOT having music.
  9. Only during prep, and I have say over what's played. Often its just NPR. OR if a local game is on.
  10. What will we do with the Raspberry Vinaigrette then?
  11. The responsibility is with the management. If this person is as you say, and has caused the company as you state, then they are to blame for keeping him. Strange.
  12. Per Nutria: Nutria sauce piquant Nutria sauce creole Nutria sauce bordelaise These are the versions I've had. All as good as the sauce. and the copious amounts of beer. i dont think anyone could come up with a marketable approach for this one outside of adventurous eating.
  13. Seriously, at some point you must decide to either do your own thing, or just cook someone elses food for the rest of your life. The later can be rewarding in itself, low/no investment on your behalf. but your still cooking someone elses food. Lots of stars, but they have someone else name on them.
  14. When in doubt, WWAD? (What will Adria do?)
  15. Rabbit, and Goat. Cheap to raise, low cost to cook, not quite offensive to the squemish, and adventurous to those that dont get out enough.
  16. Timh

    Working hours

    It's the difference between salary and hourly. I worked in both corporate and chef owned(a rosette place) as well as having my own. As a non management worker, you'll pull the standard 40 ish week. But as mgt. you'll work as needed, and in this economy it means more. Its the life, deal with it.
  17. Timh

    Burger helper

    You can do the first fry and hold. But for safety sake it shopuld be in a refrig. We did this, laying them out on sheetpans stored on a speed rack in the walkin. I dont see the problem though w/ doing it to order, but like, 5 orders at a time, if your busy. Unless your doing steak fry size, the additional time is worth the final product. You can pre- cut your fries daily, stored in buckets of water.
  18. Timh

    Burger helper

    I think buying a whole cow is overkill and wasteful. The cuts being used by the good burger makers are the chuck, flanken/short rib, sirloin, variously blended. What will you do w/ the rest of the animal? The most economical would be the by the specific cuts you choose to use.
  19. Timh

    Burger helper

    Do these cattle farmers do their own slaughtering and butchery?
  20. Unless you don't feel well, maybe you are just a skinny person. Like me. I'm 6'1", 170ish(+-5#), cook all day, run 2 mi. daily, exercise, eat when I feel hungry, 90% healthy stuff, drink alot of beer, etc, and am mid 40's. I'm just incapable of eating regularly, not interested. A day might be coffee for breakfast, fruit in late morning, sandwich or salad mid afternoon, a snack somewhere in there. One thing I do maintain is intake of water, and teas. I also find sleep is a factor on my appetite.
  21. What do you think is their threshold for banal repetative conversation ?
  22. Recipes provide consistency, period. Freehanding is great, but then it changes from person to person, or night to night. Recipes, portioning means the dish will be the same night after night regardless of who prepares it.
  23. The first flag was the offer to email the card #, then alarms going off when the cards were declined in succesion. Try the police, but don't expect anything.
  24. What about Mr. B's? NOLA?
  25. Take out containers are also an added expense, as well as the bags, that cut into the thin profit margin. The nice ones, any nice container is much more expensive than the stryofoam boxes, which cheapen any place of merit.
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