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  1. There are some restaurants where I am definitely remembered by the staff, but not for the reasons I guess you are talking about!
  2. Half of those aren't e-book formats and it doesn't include EPUB, the most.common format.
  3. Wouldn't it be better to share them? Other people may have the same problem.
  4. liuzhou

    Dinner 2019

    Prawn Massaman Curry with Rice.
  5. liuzhou


    王中王大芒果 King of Kings Large Mangoes Someone was having fun in the mango department this morning.
  6. What format is it in? Kindle requires MOBI format. It won't read anything else. Many e-books are published in EPUB format. These can be converted using the free download program Calibre. Calibre is also a very useful tool for uploading and organising e-books on your device.
  7. My Kindle has hundreds of books on it and I've never bought anything from Amazon.
  8. liuzhou

    Breakfast 2019

    Stornoway black pudding* with poached duck egg. * Possibly the only such specimen in China. Hand smuggled from Scotland by yours truly.
  9. It's usually added to soups, hot pots, or some soupy noodle dishes.
  10. Surely they mean of the 33.1% cocoa, 34.6% is cocoa butter.
  11. liuzhou

    Breakfast 2019

    Chicken and shiitake jiaozi in spicy chicken broth with wilted lettuce.
  12. liuzhou

    Dinner 2019

    小笼包 Xiao long bao
  13. I prefer too well done. Too well done is well done!
  14. I've been to Stornoway a dozen times in the past (not recently) and never come across any such thing. Its most famous expert is surely its black pudding. Even my Frenchish mother associates the place with BP and prefers it to the boudin noir she was brought up on.
  15. "Everything" doesn't say that at all, as your link proves.
  16. liuzhou

    Dinner 2019

    First meal I've cooked in three weeks. I'm still jet-lagged, so cooked something I can do in my sleep. Spicy lemon pork with coriander seed. Tomato, onion, basil salad. Rice.
  17. So, she's “just saying“ she hasn't a clue where the name comes from.
  18. The spoils of travel. This wasn't much of a culinary venture. I spent 90% or more of the time with family, none of whom are likely eG material, but lovely in other ways. I'm not entirely sure what the food import regulations are in either Hong Kong or mainland China (they are probably different) but I sailed through customs (as usual) with: I do occasionally make my own hummus from scratch, but it's a lengthy process, especially as I have to make the tahini, too. I also bought some pitta bread to accompany this, but they are in the freezer. I can get sardines (of a sort) here, but in weirdly flavoured sauces, the least offensive of which is tomato sauce. I like my sardines in olive oil. Not the best brand in the world, but better than any SE Asian one. I used to be able to get capers no problem, but the one shop that carried themn closed down a few months ago. I'll get more later online. Because I like it! Unheard of here. With wedges of Stilton and Wensleydale to accompany. And... I mentioned this in my first post in this topic. Then we come to the cream of the crop! The food of the northern gods! I wish I'd bought the larger one, but it would have hurt more to have that confiscated! Off now to deal with the crippling jet lag.
  19. Dubai - Hong Kong, 18th July 2019 - Emirates Lunch Sweet Potato and Bean Salad Garlic Ginger Prawns - despite the appearance, this was quite good,with nicely cooked prawns. The bak choi was a bad idea. Cheese n Crackers. Forgot to photograph dessert again! Another acceptable meal.
  20. London - Dubai, July 16-17th 2019. Late night flight, so strange lighting. Dinner Couscous Salad Chicken Korma served with cumin rice. Not bad. Beverage Dessert was OK, too. Acceptable meal.
  21. I'll just say there are a few items in my check-in luggage that I may or may not get back into China. I'll elaborate if and when. Sitting in the departure lounge.at LHR waiting for my flight which is still 2.5 hours away. Found myself a pint of the black stuff though.
  22. A little lunch. My variation on Wallace and Gromit's favourite, Wensleydale cheese and crackers. I used the right cheese but subbed oatcakes.
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