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  1. Surely they mean of the 33.1% cocoa, 34.6% is cocoa butter.
  2. liuzhou

    Breakfast 2019

    Chicken and shiitake jiaozi in spicy chicken broth with wilted lettuce.
  3. liuzhou

    Dinner 2019

    小笼包 Xiao long bao
  4. I prefer too well done. Too well done is well done!
  5. I've been to Stornoway a dozen times in the past (not recently) and never come across any such thing. Its most famous expert is surely its black pudding. Even my Frenchish mother associates the place with BP and prefers it to the boudin noir she was brought up on.
  6. "Everything" doesn't say that at all, as your link proves.
  7. liuzhou

    Dinner 2019

    First meal I've cooked in three weeks. I'm still jet-lagged, so cooked something I can do in my sleep. Spicy lemon pork with coriander seed. Tomato, onion, basil salad. Rice.
  8. So, she's “just saying“ she hasn't a clue where the name comes from.
  9. The spoils of travel. This wasn't much of a culinary venture. I spent 90% or more of the time with family, none of whom are likely eG material, but lovely in other ways. I'm not entirely sure what the food import regulations are in either Hong Kong or mainland China (they are probably different) but I sailed through customs (as usual) with: I do occasionally make my own hummus from scratch, but it's a lengthy process, especially as I have to make the tahini, too. I also bought some pitta bread to accompany this, but they are in the freezer. I can get sardines (of a sort) here, but in weirdly flavoured sauces, the least offensive of which is tomato sauce. I like my sardines in olive oil. Not the best brand in the world, but better than any SE Asian one. I used to be able to get capers no problem, but the one shop that carried themn closed down a few months ago. I'll get more later online. Because I like it! Unheard of here. With wedges of Stilton and Wensleydale to accompany. And... I mentioned this in my first post in this topic. Then we come to the cream of the crop! The food of the northern gods! I wish I'd bought the larger one, but it would have hurt more to have that confiscated! Off now to deal with the crippling jet lag.
  10. Dubai - Hong Kong, 18th July 2019 - Emirates Lunch Sweet Potato and Bean Salad Garlic Ginger Prawns - despite the appearance, this was quite good,with nicely cooked prawns. The bak choi was a bad idea. Cheese n Crackers. Forgot to photograph dessert again! Another acceptable meal.
  11. London - Dubai, July 16-17th 2019. Late night flight, so strange lighting. Dinner Couscous Salad Chicken Korma served with cumin rice. Not bad. Beverage Dessert was OK, too. Acceptable meal.
  12. I'll just say there are a few items in my check-in luggage that I may or may not get back into China. I'll elaborate if and when. Sitting in the departure lounge.at LHR waiting for my flight which is still 2.5 hours away. Found myself a pint of the black stuff though.
  13. A little lunch. My variation on Wallace and Gromit's favourite, Wensleydale cheese and crackers. I used the right cheese but subbed oatcakes.
  14. I'll have you know that while you are all discussing my extraordinary physical attributes, I'm making plans to head back to Chinaland. Leaving for the airport in about 8 hours. Yesterday, I went on a last trip into central London. Again, I looked at culinary spots or places where culinary related incidents happened. There were an astonishing number of Chinese tourists in London. This was one group tour piling into a restaurant for a taste of home. They must have been very disappointed! That place has been there for years, but is about as authentically Chinese as haggis. They would have beeen better off going here. or to this Taiwanese chain specialising in Xiaolongbao dumplings. Some other food places of note: Legendary purveyor of British cheeses. I started to get peckish and spotted this yards away from where the opening of My Fair Lady was filmed. I had a "London Traditional" from their short menu of four bangers in baps. A 9 inch long sausage with good pork and perfect spicing. I declined the offered topping of fried onions. Of course, having eaten that I needed liquid refreshement. I went to an old haunt of mine.
  15. The rise and fall of French cuisine interesting read.
  16. Just hot and it had been a long day. They were fine.
  17. Yesterday (Sunday) was a family day. I'm staying with my daughter and her partner and her daughter, my eldest granddaughter visited. Her younger sister couldn't make it as she lives 400 miles away. Also, my son, his wife and two kids came. I'd never met my grandson before. Lunch time in the garden. Son, Wife and Family Two youngest grandchildren Daughter (right), Son (Centre), Daughter's partner (Left) Eldest Granddaughter My daughter cooked enough food for twenty! Good day!
  18. Of course, the best thing about the article is that she doesn't even mention the yellow pellets from hell. After all, it's an article about food!
  19. Of his many achievements, food isn't something I've associated with Dylan, but there I was yesterday afternoon wandering down New Bond Street in London, as you do, when I spotted a familiar name in the window of the Halcyon Gallery. A free exhibition of some paintings by His Bobness. Many had a food theme.
  20. My 12 rules of food (warning: contains butter) Rache Cooke - The Guardian. Any additions?
  21. Lunch today with a very old and dear friend I haven't seen for about 20 years. I don't mean she's very old. Just our friendship. We went to an old haunt. I lived nearby for longer than I've ever lived in any one house. Jai Krishna, 161 Stroud Green Road, London N4, United Kingdom. Last time I was there was about 30 years ago and Annie Lennox was sitting at the next table. We ate: "Papri Chaat - Papri refers to crispy dough wafers served with potatoes, chillies, yoghurt and tamarind chutney, topped with pomegranate seeds." My favourite! Kachories. Lightly spiced lentils in pastry, deep fried and served with tamarind sauce. Thali - Papadam (not pictured), Mixed Vegetable Curry, Tarka Dal, Chickpea (Garbanzo) Curry, Boiled Rice, 3 Poori, Yogurt, Mango Chutney and Sweet. Like idiots who had never been there before, we ordered one thali each (as they were advertised in terms of serving size). Each could easily feed two to three people, so friend went home with more food than we ate. Good day.
  22. I bought that barrel sitting outside the shop. It's home to a live pig and acorns, but I'll try to roll it past Chinese customs. They'll never notice. This may be a lie.
  23. I'm in that London. Been lying low. We're having an unexpected heatwave and I'm just sitting in my daughter's garden catchng up on 12 years. Not much happening on a culinary front. Lots of salads. Last night she did what I think are burritos of some sort. Very tasty. I know nothing about Mexican or Tex-Mex cuisines; there were no such thing in London when I left 25 years ago, but they are everywhere now. None in China outside of Shanghai. Yesterday, I went on a tour of my old haunts. Didnt 'eat anything, but some things of associated interest. At random. This was a small "farmer's market" near my old home. Not a farmer in sight, but obviously popular food place near London University Legendary Hungarian restaurant which closed a few years back. Terrible food, but the centre of left wing politics in London in its day. My Favourite Whisky Shop Anywhere. Cutting to the Chase Wicked Window Great French restaurant, Soho, London My Favourite Coffee Shop I guess this is not well known outside the UK, but this is where pre-Beatles British Rock 'n Roll began. I'm sure the Chinese tourists I met there had no idea what the siginificance was. This shop has more spitits/hard liquor from around the world than anywhere else, I'd wager. Another London legend. No Caption Necessary The only remaining vegetable stall in the famous, wonderful Berwick Street Market, London. Killed by property developers. The stall holder is involved in a huge legal case, claiming rights going back centuries. London's Best Oyster Bar. Been there decades. Still No. 1 London's Best Italian Deli. Once threatened; now protected by law! A venerable institution still in the same family, but older than anything in the street. Soho Michelin Star Happy Hour Finally, I get a star. I'm going to print this out and hang it in my kitchen!
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