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    Dinner 2019

    Pre-flight dinner in Hong Kong airport. O'Leary's Food and Drinks. Fish and chips. Good chips, but over-salted; bland tartare sauce. The fish arrived with a crisp batter which immediately de-crisped itself. The fish was mushy. Airport food! A pint of Asahi beer was spot on! The second was even better.
  2. Georgian brandy/ cognac can be excellent.
  3. In Chinese thinking, long noodles (including spaghetti etc) are symbolic of longevity. Breaking or cutting them is a big taboo! It will cut your life short! Stopping slurping down your noodles for a cigarette break half way through is OK, though.
  4. liuzhou

    Dinner 2019

    For reasons I cannot disclose just yet, I cannot reveal the destination(s) now but posts of dishes shall appear in due course.
  5. Not that old candard again!. Yes, English food was bad. Long time ago. A whole generation never reallly learned to cook because of the two world wars, especially the second when food was strictly rationed. (And was still rationed food several years after. Including when Orwell was writing that article.) People couldn't let their kids practise or experiment with ingredients as, if the food got messed up or burned or whateve, there was nothing else to eat. Everything began to change in the 1960s when cheap travel arrived and people started visiting France, Spain Italy etc. and began to want the foods they found there. That was half a century ago. Today, as @Anna Npoints out, at it best, the standard is very high in terms of ingredients, restaurants and cooking.
  6. liuzhou

    Dinner 2019

    Early tomorrow morning, I'm off travelling for about three weeks in erotic exotic lands where I'll no doubt be eating strange delicacies and worse! Tonight's rather uninspiring dinner was a final fridge and larder clearance effort. Pork tenderloin medalions, baked spud with blood sausage, Shanghai bok choy.
  7. liuzhou

    Dinner 2019

    I think it is, or was until I introduced it to China some 20 years ago! So far I have converted at least 5 people! Only 1.4 billion to go!
  8. liuzhou

    Dinner 2019

    Actually, lá lốt isn't betel leaf, but a similar looking but only distantly related plant, Piper sarmentosum. They do not taste the same - in fact, I wouldn't use betel leaves; the taste is too strong. I've never seen lá lốt outside of SE Asia, but the leaves may be available in Vietnamese markets in places with a largish Vietnamese settler community, I suppose. Vine leaves are sometimes suggested as a substitute, and I can see that your lettuce worked, but you are not getting the fragrance of the real deal. I'm sure yours were great, but if you ever manage to track down the leaves, you''ll appreciate the difference.
  9. liuzhou

    Lunch 2019

  10. liuzhou

    Par cooked rice?

    30 minutes to cook rice?
  11. To clarify, this is the menu from the restaurant, "Dinner by Heston"; although he doesn't cook there, but had a hand in designing the menu along with the actual chef in the London branch, Ashley Palmer-Watts. There is another branch in Melbourne, Australia. Which did you visit?
  12. Rather a disfunctional website, there! Also this is weird Neither Macau, Zhuhai or Shenzen (sic) are in Taiwan.
  13. Tried these. Not pleasant. First of all, they look strange. These are the "naturally flavored" variety on the left of the pic above. They have this peculiar surface, unlike anything resembling a fried slice of potato! I check out the ingredients list: Potatoes, Sunflower Oil, Yeast Extract Powder, Buttermilk Powder, Sugar, "Natural Flavors", Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder, Rice Flour, Salt, Barley Malt Extract Powder, Cream Powder. Presumably, all that muck is to give them the Guinness Flavor they claim to be selling. They taste nothing like Guinness. Or potatoes. They also note that they are not suitable for vegans. They don't mention not being suitable for anyone with the slightest Irish ancestry or taste! And they are 28.57% fat. And cooked by Felix! ______________________________________________________ The chili variety have almost the same ingredients, but drop the buttermilk and cream to be vegan while adding Onion Powder, Paprika Powder, Herbs, Naturally Sourced Color: Paprika Extract, Chili Extract. Jake cooked these ones.
  14. Probably, but does that make it exclusively Canadian? Most of the others mentioned are. I've seen it in Japan and Vietnam, so I reckon it's Chinese!
  15. What is Canadian about dulse? I almost grew up on it in Scotland. Even the name is from Scots/Irish Gaelic.
  16. Found these about an hour ago - deep in southern China! Sad they are calling them 'chips' though. Presumably for the export market, in which case they are wrong!
  17. liuzhou


    I was perplexed as to why I was being mentioned on such a disgusting, depraved topic! But, I will hesitatingly accept your apology. I had a good day! Next time you may not be so lucky! 😀
  18. liuzhou

    Dinner 2019

    I don't know what this is. I know what's in it; I made it after all. Beef and okra. I marinated the beef for 24 hours in wine, with garlic, chilli, shallots and turmeric. Slow stewed that then added okra, home made yoghurt and balcony mint. Seved with rice. I'd do it again!
  19. I'd love to share, but the recipe passed with her.
  20. I can't help you with your question, but would like to say that my late aunt, my mother's twin sister made batches of rhubarb and ginger jam every year. I'd trample down children and pensioners to get my hand on some of that now.
  21. Is this flour / powder confusion possibly a translation problem? In several languages the same word can mean 'flour' or 'powder'. In Chinese it's even worse; the same word can mean flour, powder or noodles!
  22. Well, it certainly wasn't the Chinese. They like their pork as fatty as possible!
  23. liuzhou

    Dinner 2019

    The theme tonight was abject laziness. Stuck a spud in the nuclear box to bake and pan fried some pork tenderloin slices. Served with Shanghai bok choy (not pictured as you may have noticed!) I so wish China had decent pototoes, but I make do. These are too waxy for my liking. Topped them with salt pepper and Sriracha because I could. They weren't bad, but could have been so much better.
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