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  1. Three things I'm looking for: passionfruit puree (fresh as possible) organic buttermilk real homemade licorice (any flavor but anise)
  2. Thanks to Jaymes for his recipe. It's a very forgiving recipe. I put in too much popcorn in my first batch but it was still very good. I especially prefer it this way as it's less sweet. My second batch took 1/3 cup unpopped popcorn, lots of dried cranberries, pecans, walnuts, almonds and cashews and the syrup was just right. I filled it in plastic bags and into glass storage jars as gifts. So much better and surprisingly unexpected than cookies. I find it tastes better than the Rocky Mountain caramel corn. I think they cheaped out on the caramel because even my first batch tastes better. Can't wait to try it with rum and other flavorings. BTW, what's the purpose of using baking soda?
  3. maxmillan

    lima beans

    I bought dried giant lima beans. I soaked them overnight and cooked them too long and they became mushy. How can I cook them so that they will be soft but not break when you pick them up with a fork? Also, some of them had black spots on the inner side once cooked. Is this okay to eat? I didn't see this when the beans were dried. Should I stick to baby lima beans for easier cooking?
  4. Before adding nuts and seeds, should I roast them first? I plan to make them and give them as gifts packaged in Chinese food take out boxes with a ribbon glued around it. I guess I would have to place them in air tight plastic first?
  5. I checked out Choices and they have lemon concentrate.
  6. I saw bitters at the government liquor store and I'm sure it was NOT Angostura. I believe it was about $27 for a 500ml bottle.
  7. Even before the recalls, I've often wondered how those eggs tarts and coconut buns are made. Are they pre-mixes? Are the ingredients from China? Or is everything made from scratch (which I highly doubt.)
  8. Deep fried garlic chicken from Phnom Penh. The freshest tasting prawn wonton from Diamo. Any of Terra's breads. Tomatoes from that tomato guy at the market. (Sorry, forget his name.)
  9. I went on Sunday. This was held at the Tradex Exhibition Centre in Abbotsford. This is the first of this kind that I went to and was disappointed with the content. I did not find much that was unique or different than if I went on my own to an IGA or Safeway. Aside from a handful of small wineries, the wine tasting consisted of Bearfoot wine and other cheap tastings not worth the $1 (two tickets) required. I have never been to a wine tasting that required prepaid tickets (which we didn't know until we lined up.) We had already spent more than enough for food tasting that was unimpressive. Example, plain chicken (which I'm sure was just steamed) and stuck on skewers and slathered with bottled sauce...blechh! I was hoping to go to the one in Vancouver but this one really put me off. This has to be the most disappointing food show that I've ever attended. Has anyone else attended any EAT! functions?
  10. I occassionally go to visit friends between Shoreline and Tacoma. I would like to bring them egg tarts, coconut cream buns, etc and take them out to a good authentic Chinese restaurant. However, I have had to resort to buying Chinese pastries from Vancouver and bring it up because I cannot find even one Chinese bakery in Washington. As for Chinese restaurants in the Washington area, my friends cannot even suggest one they find comparable to Vancouver. When they visit Vancouver, they order take out to bring home to Washington with them. Is there a thread that lists what I am looking for in Washington, between Shoreline and Tacoma?
  11. I've been eating oatmeal porridge for breakfast due to health. However, I'm getting bored and would like some jazzy recipe to dance on my tongue. My porridge consists of water, honey, cinnamon and blueberries. Can anyone offer a healthy porridge recipe or any other recipes that uses oatmeal? Is there a thread that discusses oatmeal? Thanks.
  12. Thanks for your hints and suggestions. I'm going to check the freezer section to see what I can find. As for the Dong Goo, I've been adding them to my soups and noodles (along with dried goji berries.) Sounds interesting as a tea and I'll be interested how it is made. I usually eat it as a savoury. Is sugar added to the Dong Goo tea?
  13. To clarify, my mom calls it "gum jum choi" (tiger lily buds) and I found a sample in the link below: http://www.templeofthai.com/food/chinese/l...-3400000300.php
  14. I plan to eat these for it's cholesterol reducing effects (from something I read long time ago.) Do I soak them first before using? I plan to cook them with my noodles and soups most of the time. I have seen then in stir fries and clay pot recipes and would like to try that, too. Is there a brand you recommend? I guess my worry is pesticides and contaminants (bugs, lead, etc.) as most of this stuff are from China. I am in Vancouver BC Canada so I hope to find some recommendations. Thanks.
  15. Where can I get some stainless steel tiffin boxes? I understand they come in two to three tiers. Do they come in individual boxes of various sizes? I remember my dad had a single rectangular tiffin but I don't know where he got it from. I've looked at some stores along Main and 49th. Maybe I've missed them or went to the wrong stores but I didn't see them. Is this something unique to Indian cookware or can I find them in Chinatown? I'm hoping to use them for meals and storage so I would like a variety of sizes. Thanks.
  16. Have you tried Fujiya? ← I looked at Fujiya again and found something called, "Mirinfu Chomiryo." It has 8.5% alcohol. I don't know if the clerk understood me but she said this is similar to Hon Mirin. Cross my fingers. ← My Googling tells me that it is a synthetic mirin-like product. Let us know how it works out. ← After a messy attempt to make the sauce I found it worth a second attempt. After a good part of the sesame seeds ended up on my counter I managed to make a small amount of sauce for my large quanitity of spinach. It was not too sweet (the Mirinfu label reads 4g of sugar.) Personally, the alcohol makes my head light so I think using a non-alcohol mirin would be best for me. I plan to make more sauce with the rest of the mirinfu and give them away.
  17. I recall seeing it at Drive Organics on Commercial Dr. ← Thanks for the lead. I called and they do have organic grass fed bison. Excellent!
  18. I have to say, I was very disappointed with the berries that my wife and kids picked on Canada Day (I was working). However, the ones we picked last Saturday were much better, although the sweetness seems quite uneven. One batch of regular strawberry-vanilla jam and freezer strawberry jam are already tucked away. July 5 was the first day of raspberry picking at Krause Bros. We bought a tray from Driediger Farms and thought they were a bit early, but that's what you get when you don't pick the berries yourself. ← I must agree that the local strawberries are not as good as I remember. They are not as sweet and I find the USA strawberries better in taste. Instead of eating them straight I froze them for future smoothies.
  19. Have you tried Fujiya? ← I looked at Fujiya again and found something called, "Mirinfu Chomiryo." It has 8.5% alcohol. I don't know if the clerk understood me but she said this is similar to Hon Mirin. Cross my fingers.
  20. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and tips. I will use the above link to make my dish. I am pleasantly surprised to find that other vegetables can be used including root vegetables. This would be good to use on seasonal vegetables as I like to buy local produce. I have another question. I found one recipe that uses sake and another that uses Hon Mirin. How are they different (or similar?)
  21. Where can I get grass fed bison meat. I'm looking for a variety of cuts and forms (steak to ground meat.) Is there such a thing as organic grass fed bison? Thanks.
  22. I've searched through the internet for an authentic recipe and find that the proportion of ingredients vary (spinach, sesame seeds, sake, sugar, etc.) Can someone offer an authentic recipe? Thanks.
  23. I'll be going to Featherstone tomorrow and the following days to pick me several pounds. I'm sure it'll be a solid two weeks of picking although they usually open for three weeks. They're located at No. 4 Road and Steveston Hwy in Richmond. ← I went this morning and they had NO u-pick. The small area that was opened last Sunday was well picked over by an unexpected larger group than anticipated. However, I bought ready picked for $1.80 per pound which is more reasonable than most stores. Call Featherstone in the morning before heading out to get a recorded info. Their number is 604-594-9518. I was told that U-pick should be ready again this Wednesday. The cost is $1.40 per pound.
  24. I'll be going to Featherstone tomorrow and the following days to pick me several pounds. I'm sure it'll be a solid two weeks of picking although they usually open for three weeks. They're located at No. 4 Road and Steveston Hwy in Richmond.
  25. Thanks for the advice. Do you think using a good grade sake would work for making the soba dipping sauce? If not, what store in Seattle did you get your Hon Mirin? Thanks.
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