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  1. Where can I find Hon Mirin, the real stuff, preferably one without sugar?
  2. My boyfriend gave me a sample of Kadoya sesame oil and it smells absolutely heavenly. It was in a paper cup covered with plastic but the smell spread throughout my kitchen. I usually use it as a finishing oil (on top of my noodles or rice.) I would never cook with sesame oil as I try to maintain the flavor. I don't know what brand of Kadoya he got me but it's very very dark. What should I look for if I want a top quality Kadoya sesame oil?
  3. I bought a Thai basil and Spicy Globe basil. Are they interchangeable for cooking? They smell similar, but I read that the Spicy Globe makes good coverage for pathways. Is the Spicy Globe used for eating?
  4. Choices has organic whole tomatoes in glass jars for $13.99 . I believe the brand is Lucini. The price is steep but this would have to do in a pinch. Thanks for everyone else's suggestion.
  5. There are so many places in Chinatown that sell restaurant supplies. Don't be fooled by the "dollar store" look from the entrance. Go in and explore. Ironically, I find Ikea kitchen products quite affordable, durable and looks good in the kitchen. My favorite is the spice grinders and 3 quart pot I bought a while ago. Homesense is also a good store for marked down kitchen wares. I could go broke from all the things I've seen and want. I still don't know what to do with the three cake stands I bought 3 years ago. Check out VCC (Vancouver Community College) on Pender. They sell supply to culinary students and I picked up a few basics like measuring cups, spoons, scrapers... I think Basic Stock is having a 25% off (almost) everything sale this week, too.
  6. Can someone recommend a good brand of tamari soy sauce? Is there such a thing as an organic brand?
  7. I'm looking for a really good quality, tasty, expeller pressed sesame oil. I've bought various brands in the past (generally ones made in China.) I like the deep complex flavor of a well produced brand and the variety of Japanese sesame oil at my favorite store is very confusing. Can someone suggest a brand? I know there are sesame oils made in Singapore, Taiwan, etc. so I don't mind brands from there. I'm in Canada so, hopefully, I can find your suggestions here. I'm looking for sesame oil for its health benefit as well so if someone can suggest an organic brand that would be a bonus. Also, I understand that if the seeds are cold pressed the nutritional value is maintained.
  8. Lot's of Chinese people in there already - taking advantage of homestyle cooking at great prices. Two caveats: 1) Be patient with the service - it very good, but remember that its an old folks home afterall. 2) The menu is a good sized - but what you see is what you get. My uncle wanted Hamachi - sorry sir - your out of luck. Have fun! ← Thanks for the heads up on this. This is the king of stuff I'm looking for!
  9. Just bought a large rosemary plant from Donald's Market on Hastings and Nanaimo. They have a few other herbs and vegetables plants throughout the summer. I find the prices much better than some of the gardening stores that I frequent. I'm looking for Thai basil, either sprouted or in seed form. Anyone know where I can get them without having to place an order? I bought one from an organic store on Main and 19th but it seems to be dying.
  10. I have started sprouting seeds for cherry tomatoes, fennel, flaxplant and garlice chive. I've decided to grow mostly herbs this summer for consumption use. I want to grow rosemary, lavender, thyme, sage, and oregano. However, there are a few varieties of each and would like some advice as to which variety to grow. I want the variety that is flavorful for most dishes. I'm also considering wormwood, yarrow and other medicinally useful herbs. Because of slugs last year, I plan to grow these in raised planters. Also, I would like to know what other herbs you have grown that are low maintenance and delicious. Your advice and suggestions are much appreciated
  11. I want to take my boyfriend to a restaurant for his birthday. I'd be willing to go to Richmond, Vancouver or Burnaby. I've tried a few Greek restaurants but he's not into the "cheaper" cuts (leg of lamb.) So I would like some suggestions as to where they serve a good rack of lamb or lamb chops. Also, I would like to steer clear of Greek style cooking (garlic, herbs, etc.) What he may like is a mustard encrusted rack of lamb or something else more creative, but tasty. Can anyone suggest a reputable and romantic restaurant?
  12. Phonetically it sounds like, "bod eye chee" or "bod eye go". It's a sweet white dessert, steamed in a tart shell. My mom used to make them and I never knew how she made it or what the ingredients were. Anyone know the recipe?
  13. I'm looking for tomatoes sold in jars instead of cans. I don't know if there is such a thing but I'm trying to stay away from canned tomatoes with the exception of Eden's products. I prefer to buy whole organic tomatoes. I like to make my soups with this and if I have to, I will compromise with organic diced tomatoes. Thanks.
  14. This is an old thread that may help you. I was at Costco and saw some mini HCB and wonder if anyone has tried them. They do look good and not too "healthy." http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showto...=hot+cross+buns
  15. Thanks for the link. This is a good start. I've read about some of these restaurants in eGullet. Thanks to the others for your suggestion.
  16. I've been driving more frequently along this route and notice the array of ethnic restaurants (Korean, Indian, Vietnamese, Shanghai, etc.) I have eaten at some restaurants along this strip but it was due to suggestions and recommendations by friends. Can someone suggest a good restaurant along Kingsway? I like mom and pop style restaurants, hole-in-the-walls to ecletic menues.
  17. Capers on Cambie use to have "Everland" organic pumpkin seed butter. They no longer have them and I'm looking for this brand because it's salt free. The other brand they have is way too salty and it's not organic. Anybody know where I can get this?
  18. Parkside is always a guaranteed enjoyable experience. It was perfect from appies to dessert. Cin Cin had great food and I was most impressed with the tiramisu which came in a tuile cup. Although, I didn't care for the noisy atmosphere and one particular snooty old waiter. Bogart's Chophouse is just a pass and the most disappointing dessert which was a small piece of pear spice cake (akin to a carrot cake) with a drizzle of sauce. O Thai was surprisingly delicious with better lambs chop than Bogart's and a very good value, especially the lobster. They are extending DOV for February.
  19. After reading your review, I booked a reservation on Tuesday evening and ordered the same meal. I loved everything. I generally look to see what effort is made in the dessert and I was very wowed by the white chocolate ice cream. My friend had the upsided-down pineapple cake and the caramel was amazingly smooth and rich. I find that if good effort is made in desserts, the rest of the meal is usually just as good. Parkside has consistently been excellent whenever I go (Dine Out and regular meals.) The service is attentive and knowledgeable. The atmosphere is warm and, most importantly, none intimidating. I detest the snobby and pretentious environment in some high end restaurants. If you check ot the Dine Out site, they still have spots available on weeknights, either early or late in the evening.
  20. The restaurants I wanted are fully booked so I'm thinking of trying Dine Out at a hotel restaurant. I plan to check out the restaurant at the Hilton in Metrotown. Can anyone recommend another hotel restaurant, especially one that you've tried last year?
  21. La Regalade, a French bistro in West Vancouver. I researched eGullet and other sites to find a guarantee winner for my fussy friend and this restaurant bowled him over. I had the La Regalade salad with prawns, bacon and squid and beef bourguinone with scallop potatoes. My friends had the pate, mussels, lamb stew and duck. Every dish was delicious, although the pate I could easily pass on. Service was attentive and the atmosphere was a bit chaotic as we sat near the kitchen. I wanted to try the dessert but was too full from the ample portion of the meal. Although I don't drink, I approve of the wine menu, especially because it didn't have that crappy Yellow Tail. This is must try again restaurant as it was difficult to make a decision on what to eat.
  22. The chalky texture sounds similar to calcium fortified orange juice which I find gross. I've been buying Sunrise and I supplement with calcium anyways. I find that the expiration date is very short so I have to freeze some of the two litres soya milk that I buy. Do they not make anything smaller than two litres? I don't care for the tetra packs as I want the freshest and most unadulterated soya milk.
  23. I thought this book is pertinent enough to mention it in the Vancouver thread. Here's a little review by an enthusiast: http://www.clubtread.com/sforum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=25011
  24. Checked out Yew York on Yew and York last Thursday night. They have live music on Thursday nights and by the looks of it, a pick-up joint on the weekends. I ordered the potato nachos which was basically nachos replaced with potato wedges and accompanied with salsa and sour cream. There were chicken pieces as well with this dish. It thought it was delicious. My friend had the chicken pannini with salad and fries. I will have to go back to check out the tapas which consist of fusion fare. It's a great place for intimate casual eating. The place is small with couches and only a few tables and seats at the bar. The music was a mix of jazz and Norah Jones-type songs. The singer, Tea (pronounces Tay Ah) has a beautiful voice worth hearing.
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