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  1. I'm on a budget and like to know what is your favorite red and white wine for under $10? (That's $10 Canadian, or approximately $13 USD.) And what is it that you liked about it? What food did you pair with it? Thanks
  2. I've been to the Dunbar and 16th liquor store and the store on Mape and Broadway and the one in the Arbutus Village and there's still lots of City Food paper. This is the best City Food in a long time. It has a lot of restaurant recommendations and other useful food info. In the past few issues, I found it useless as it was mostly advertisement and lots of wine topics and very little food writing (Hello!...City "FOOD"!) I'm keeping this one for reference and hope the next issue has improved as well. You can get City Food via internet, too.
  3. Thanks for the heads up on moka and the Neapolitan coffee maker. Decisions, decisions. Asides from the debunked debate on aluminum versus stainless steel, I'll take the stainless steel. Most beverages that comes from aluminum tastes inferior to those of glass bottles (beer, pop, etc.) so I assume the acidity of the coffee will affect the aluminum moreso than the stainless steel.
  4. I'm considering purchasing a stove top coffee maker within a few $$ and small enough to fit in my tiny kitchen and I have considered the Bialetti. Have anyone here used this machine or tasted coffee from it? There are several different models - aluminum ones to stainless steel. I chose the stainless steel for ease of cleaning and health reasons. I'm not a daily coffee drinker but when I do have a cup of Americano, it's gotta be good. Coming from Brazil, Starbucks and other American franchises tastes bitter and/or doesn't have that lingering richness which I found in Sao Paulo. I'm planning to use Lavazza Gold...even Illy pales by comparison. It is cheaper, smoother and yummier! I just want to know what your opinions are with regards to the Bialetti. Thanks.
  5. Hello eGulleteers! I'm a new member and thought I'd give my first two cents worth here. I agree with KT that the winners of the Georgia Straight's Best Restaurants are won mostly by ballot stuffing. Vancouver has such a variety of restaurants and I still see the usual winners every year on the list (such as Pink Pearl, Hons, etc.) Albeit, some winners are worth recognition. I actually have never heard of Chatters amongst my foodies friends. Think I will put on my iron stomach and try it. As for best Italian, namely pizza, Incendio; with their brick oven baked thin crust topped with fresh tomatoes and asiago cheese...mmmmmmm Does eGullet have a "Best of" listing? I'd be interested to know what foodies have to say, particularly in the Canada thread.
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