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  1. Hudsons Bay Vancouver, washighton It was one of the first west coast of british setlements. It feed the west coast. American furrier company The loss for the british one of the most beautiful areas and the columbia basin. It was the central fort and trading center for the british for all the fur trade in the area. 1812 steve
  2. My own place. I miss the jericho and the rajun cajun both restaurants I ran. Once you go solo it is hard to go back. steve
  3. The pork plant here in Port produces pork as good as alberta pork, they have some amazing bacon. steve
  4. Last week I saw a job for Overwati and Company, they were looking for a corporate Chef and product developement, I thought that would be fun and the money is great, but I miss the posting bye by a week. I have thought of going into the grocery business, the money is better and you have benifits. steve
  5. When I lived in Ucluelet, vancouver Island, canada the spot prawns were still alive when they arived at my door, how much fresher can you get, maybe on the boat. steve
  6. I have not read all the post but what about Montréal? It is that kind of subjective analysis that sometimes boggles my mind. I mean judging anything is subjective, do we really know everything about food?? On this site are so many people that are knowledgeable but have not been everywhere. Open a restaurant and deal with people and you still don't know everything? You realize how little you know. Reality is where you are! steve
  7. Is that the Market you want to go after? steve
  8. But The cowichan Valley has the best year round weather and has huge history, the Natives and non natives. The whites where sailing a lot earlier then Ottawa wants us to know, the British won, well did they miss a lot of real history in our schools, they are off like two hundred years. Tourism in BC is older then logging, it pre dates logging, that is a fact, the first major industry was seal pelts. The rod and gun in Parksville dates like what 1860? Logging had not started yet as a key industry. steve
  9. How about Portland that place is rocking Cowichan valley that place is the best food- wine It kicks ass i would love to be on a farm and a restaurant that is where the fun is, like stalander. Ontario ditribution is miles ahead of BC; all this province wants to do is export. steve
  10. Ok how about with Michael Bonacini and peter oliver Michael statlander Jamie Kenenedy How about any place in canmore Somewhere in Hawaii steve
  11. Where it all began for me was 1979 at Highland’s golf Course in Edmonton. Now from so many of postings you probably guess that I was from Edmonton, I still have a soft spot for her. I was a busboy and dishwasher and cook, loved to blast on the golf carts, never even played golf, which reminds me of the time I worked at Jasper Park Lodge, I tried to play late night drunk golf, had many swings and missed the ball, then my partners said if I could not hit the next ball, I could not play unless I was a cattie well if you ever played JPL you would know that it is quit a bit of a trek I carried two bags the whole way, I must have been insane. The place that was the best time and where I learned the most would be The Windsor Arms in TO, they excelled with food like no body I have ever seen. A few of the West coast chefs went through the program, Peter Zambri, Rob Clark, and Chef Fowke did you not spend some time at Windsor Arms. steve
  12. Hey Tofino; what is going on in tofuno. I am looking! 15 years as a journeyman cook and I can even be a waiter. steve
  13. Valdisere- whistler 89-90 cook Lorenzo's- 91- sous chef steve
  14. I loved that place, it was my fav for a few years. steve
  15. Me too; Sook harbour house. Hastings house Zambri's Oyster Jims up in clayoquot sound, It would be a good gig. Le gavroche Michael Stadtlander at Eiginsinn Farm jamie kennedy steve
  16. Who makes the best breads in restaurants? steve
  17. I love the rebar Vancouver needs a good veg place, the nam really sucks, and the food and juice bar at rebar is way better quality. There was a short stint of a vegi and vegan place downtown that lasted only like six months, it was called 24 carrot, I believe they blew their load before opening and became cash poor. The design of the place was amazing, they spent way to much money, they had none left once the dust settled, non ethnic veg places do not seem to survive in Vancouver, there has been like six that have failed in the last few years. Although I love my buds place on main called the green room she rocks. Nice desserts too. steve
  18. I am on Vancouver Island in port alberni hidding out, but I am getting ready to do something?Yes Michael Kanter that is the fine fellow He is a blast to work with thanks steve
  19. Hey does anybody know where Michael is? He was the front end manager at mustache sometime before it burned down. He also did some time at Bishops and Bruno's. No idea if he is even in van these days. steve
  20. I too had a short stint at The Moustache Cafe on Broadway before it burnt down and had the chance to work with Andrey Durbach. I agree his approach to food is a little different then the average chef. I was sad when his own project did not succeed the way he would have liked. He is now cooking at the Parkside Restaurant working his magic. steve letts
  21. http://www.agr.gc.ca/misb/spcrops/sc-cs_e....rdseed-moutarde So the next time you taste the worlds best mustards the odds the seeds are from Canada is very good. steve
  22. A smoked pork hock use fresh corn take the meat out of shells and roast the bones, make like a shrimp or crab bisque or use clam nector, or a nice light halibut stock use a slurry to thicken( flour -water) sweet peppers, cellery (very little) potatoes, carrots, onions Cream at the end top with some corn and crawfish steve
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