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  1. Try on Saltspring...David Woods http://www.saltspringcheese.com/ Duncan....Hilary's Cheese Company-Contact person:Hilary and Patty Abbott Address: 1282 Cherry Point Road, Cowichan Bay BC V0R1N2 Phone number 715-0563 Courtney....http://www.naturalpastures.com/index steve
  2. http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showto...0entry1626141 http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showto...766&hl=dry+aged http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showto...0entry1236346 I believe that if you’re looking for good meat search out dry aged beef as opposed to Cryovack or wet aged beef. In the old days everything was hung not cut and put into cryo.. It allowed for oxidization and drying which is what makes the beef good. When you have too much water that comes out when you are cooking your steak. I find this to be a big problem with a lot of meat coming from out of country or for that mater product produced right here. The producers are putting the water onto us and we pay for it and you get a poor cut of meat because of their poor aging process. You are boiling your meat when the moisture content is too high. Why are you looking for Argentina or Uruguaian beef …is it the feed they get you like or flavour? steve
  3. The Restaurant business is a competitive and cutthroat business and the comptrollers at Lumiere are just trying to recuperate their investment. It is hard to replace some one like Rob and try to keep the ship moving in a consistent manor all the while the helm has changed. A kitchen having had what I call a Coup D’etat, the resulting power struggle can rip a part a kitchen; when the dust settles, whole movements of crew can result in a complete shift in kitchen politics. Traditional kitchen hierarchy is like that of the military and traditional French kitchens came from Napoleons time, so much of that culture is the same. Your crew should follow you to hell so if you leave things can get rather tricky… where do alliances go. The politics has just become very tricky and management’s workload has just become very complicated to keep all sides happy. steve
  4. They have already cashed out!It is now owned by a private corporation.... It is not Public so you can not look at the books Fortress Investment Group There is no quick fix Remember you have to live with the people of the town...you #%$^ over..they will not forget...you have to stay the course and treat the local and van regulars the same way you always do....when the dust settles you will be better off... you do not want a hangover that will bite you on the ass. steve
  5. I love uprising .... There are not many as good...unless you make them yourself...two-day process.Please Explain...I do not know what you mean. There are just hotcross buns...too healthy? Steve
  6. Things to do with whistler: If skiing is your thing then you have one of the best places to ski in the world…. One day at blackcomb and one day at whistler mountain. Go where the locals go! It is about the ski experince. You can not get this in New York! I would do two days steve “If I have 4 nights, should I do 3 in Vancouver and 1 in Whistler or split 2 and 2? This former option saves money and is probably better for the food-related pursuits, but with time it takes to get from Van to Whistler I won't have a full day skiing.” Fmed said: “If skiing is a "must" then you pretty much have to stay 2 days at Whistler....especially with the sketchy traffic on the Sea to Sky Highway. I don't go to Whistler much (...I'm not much of a snowcat) - I don't have any food recs.” Kiliki Said : “You won't, but if you are a skier, it won't matter. Whistler isn't even a tourist town--it's a ski resort development. A land of time shares, overpriced restaurants and ski shops. BUT, who cares. The skiing is fantastic. Just don't go thinking the "town" will be interesting at all. Definitely give yourself a full day there so you can be in line when the lifts open. Another thing, and maybe since you're from NY you won't be surprised, but some of the nicer restaurants and bars have dress codes. Mostly just "resort casual," but if you're like me (okay, you're a guy, so you're not) you don't necessarily pack a skirt on a ski trip.” http://www.rimrockwhistler.com/ http://www.tapleyspub.com/ (Riverside Junction Café) http://www.whistlercamping.com/home.html http://www.sushivillage.com/en/main.htm http://www.edgewater-lodge.com/Whistler_Dining.html http://www.cittabistro.com/ pronounced chee-tas
  7. The little potato company This product is ok and is somewhat local depending where you are and it is closer then california. steve
  8. If you like food history- check any topics to do with early trading posts- they were the early grocery stores and farms. steve Hudson Bay Company
  9. Yes! Cooking up north in a diamond/gold mine. Lots of money-- $100,000 a year But there is a trade off- more money no art. Art in money far and few between- funny though many other professionals leaving their occupation to be a cook. I guess it is about the love to cook but I have not met too many industry people who became rich from cooking, they were rich before. steve
  10. This is such a momentary thing- it affects us all and you all just ignore the reality steve
  11. I will not miss the giant when it is goes under? Irony steve
  12. http://www.liquorbarn.ca/page.cfm?CategoryID=2They have bought many of the neighbourhood pubs on the island and Mainland Kamloops-Kelowna-chiliwack-Abbotsford-greater Van- island This has given them the liquor stores The unions are not so smart and so is the association steve liquor barn
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