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    Cuban Coffee

    oh dear sweet lord. buchi is the devils crack. I need to be kept away, or I'll drink like 5 of them and run around like a crazed, heroin addicted monkey for hours. And that is REALLY not a good thing.
  2. Take whole lemon, stick fork in, move tines around a bunch, take tines out, squeeze juice out through holes.
  3. Last time I ate at Mistral they drove me home in a chaffeurd car. It was pretty neat.
  4. I think it was delivered, Pan, that would explain the coolness, if it was so. I almost always nuke it for a bit, 30 seconds or so (as long as its in a microwave safe bowl, of course!). (I would stove it, but alas, poor college student! )
  5. The tasting menu at Uni was bar none the best meal of my life, thats why I was checking. I wasn't aware they did so much from the sashimi bar in the Clio tasting menu.
  6. I'm a bit confused, did you sit at Uni or Clio? (cabrales)
  7. Am I on the right track here or should I just stop?
  8. Of course! And I couldn't add a post without another quote so I bring you:
  9. Hey now, I actually like Bobby Flays show (the one where he has the outdoor patio, not the one with that woman....ack.) He usually ends up having some guys over and drinking beer. It seems a lot more like what he would be doing anyway instead of a cooking show. I can dig it. (Or maybe it's because I watched a 12 hour marathon of it....)
  10. I would love to know how they get them to be so good at Veritas. Someone go kidnap Scott Bryan!
  11. agbaber

    Cooking Octopus

    Why not just do like they do at Kyma (Atlanta Greek restaurant) and marinade it in red wine for 24 hours, then wood grill it and serve it in a red wine vinegar sauce? Best octopus I've ever had, ever. (and I don't recall ever seeing any corks go in.) That reminds me, I think I'll email Chef K and ask him for the recipe. (Gonna have to cut it down a bit, they do it at 3 octopusesses at a clip)
  12. Dammit!!! umm.... Americas Best Water! Note, must be distilled water, nothing added, served in a plain Dixie ® type 1, wax covered paper cup. Must be served at 78 degrees F. No side dishes or condiments are allowed. One entry per person.
  13. agbaber

    seared tuna

    I also love seared scallops that are literally that, seared. They shouldnt be firm all the way through, in my opinion. Nice and cripsy and brown on the outside, and warm but soft on the inside. (Perfectly done at Gramercy Tavern bar room, which I will continue to promote until Chef Colicchio gets so popular that he is forced to open one in Boston and Atlanta.)
  14. Next up, "Americas best toast!"
  15. Note to self, upon reaching 2000th post, be sure to mention fisting and eating in the same sentence.
  16. In their post, the top right hand corner has a button "quote". It will appear in a window under your reply, and will be stuck in the top of your post. You can edit it, but you really only should to highlight, or cut only a part you want. And welcome to eGullet!
  17. Just submitted it. Nothing fancy. I don't "do" fancy grilled cheese. And I left the mayo out. --------------------- Kid's Favorite "The Old American Classic" Two slices of white, original Iron Kids bread. 1 T Land O' Lakes whipped butter 2 Slices Yellow American Cheese (natural, not processed) Necessary equipment: 1 Cast Iron skiller and one ligher pan Instructions: Butter one side of ONE piece of bread with half of the butter. Heat cast iron pan to medium high. Heat lighter pan to medium high as well. Put two slices of cheese on non-buttered bread (aligned the same way as the bread, not a
  18. I believe you only asked one question, gg!!
  19. I may just do it then!! $10,000 could buy a lot of miracle whip.....
  20. I use mayo on lots of hot sandwiches!! And Miracle Whip is certainly a fantastic condiment!! I used to make sandwiches at home with boars head spicy turkey, sharp cheddar, white bread, and miracle whip mixed with horseradish (2/1 horseradish to mayo), then I would press it between 2 cast iron skillets. So tasty.
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