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  1. ISI-Whip Sous Vide equipment Paint sprayers for the pastry dept Superfreezer (the kind they use for sushi, not just a blastfreezer) Small grated troughs at the cook's feet, with constant running water to wash away debris -- also possible on countertop of prep areas a heads-up, computer monitor at every station showing all orders for that station that can be easily updated based on plate status. (think McDonalds order boards, but more durable and fairly easy to use) Would be cool, but unnecessary. Shouting at each other works fine.
  2. Clio and Uni. Clio is french with some fusion thrown in, and Uni is the attached sashimi bar. Both are run by Ken Oringer.
  3. This is, by far, the coolest thing I have seen yet on eGullet. And that's saying a lot. (The Bourdain/Ruhlman/Pardus/Ripert battle runs a close second, though.) I look forward to coming to Alinea now as much as look forward to Masa or even The French Laundy. I cannot thank you enough for letting us have this look into the process behind your food. It really is quite incredible. Thank you. (And Jon Klemt, one of your foodrunners at Trio says hi. He lives in my house at BU now. I nearly flipped out when I learned he worked at Trio with you.)
  4. agbaber


    I had some delicious Pho yesterday in Boston. Thinking about trying out that recipe, though. Sounds like a fun day's worth.
  5. ohmygod, that dish was unbelievably good. He told us how much he loved breakfast, and thats how he got the idea for it.
  6. ugh. This is not what I wanted to see!
  7. Bazzaar Review on my site
  8. I guess I was just under the mistaken impression that it was an 18-21 drinking hole. It it's actually a nice place to go, I'll have to swing by sometime.
  9. additionally, the sharper your knife, the less you'll cry. The cells that hold the volitale "fumes" release more of em when you crush the cells as opposed to cutting them. I keep my santoku sharp enough to make short work of onions, but would fold if i tried to use it for any heavier work.
  10. Quick update: went to Bazzaar, ate everything on the menu once, and 4 of the things twice. Absolutely outstanding. We sat at the table closest to the pass (and by table I mean couch, armchairs and coffee table, which was an amazingly comfortable way to eat), and were able to watch Chef Blais all night. He delivered many of this dishes himself, and was really enthuastic about of a lot of them. Actually, our waiter (who was only on his 4th night, but seemed like he had worked there since opening) was incredible. Not only did he do his job perfectly, but ended up talking with us about half t
  11. I hadn't had me some proper deviled eggs in a coons age!!
  12. I look forward to tryin your place out.
  13. I'd eat Scott Bryans food even if it meant I had to sit on the street corner getting splashed with mud by passing cars.
  14. I'll definately be going on my next trip into the city from Boston. When I know the dates I'll post em. Hopefully I can get some companions! (and from the looks of it, it wont be hard...)
  15. agbaber

    Per Se

    No way! I'm headed over to pick them up. I wish.
  16. One time I had a canned Vanilla Coke and I didn't stop talking about it for weeks. Probably for different reasons, though.....
  17. So since Gentleman Gourmand is linked on Culinary Detective, and thats linked on AltonBrown, and thats linked on Food Network, that makes me an Iron Chef....right? I challenge Alton Brown! (And he has to play fair, no science tricks!)
  18. The grand tasting menu was €190 per person, and wine was about €250 per person, and the total came to about €950 for two. While this is obviously much, much higher than almost every other restaurant in the world, neither of us thought it was unfair for the experience provided. Their wine list also had the most expensive bottle I had ever seen. I can't remeber what it was, but it was certainly €250,000. Yeowza.
  19. Wouldn't happen to be comin to BU, would ya? If it's just a move, well then, hope to see you around Boston!
  20. I have been irrevocably spoiled for life. Two nights ago, I dined at the three star Michelin rated restaurant, Enoteca Pinchiori. This was not just a restaurant. This was a food temple. Not only was the food absolutely incredibly unbelievable (much more on that in a minute), the service was as good as it could possibly get. It seemed at times like every single employee was your personal server. All the employees with either in tuxes, or impeccable suits. Since I didn't bring a jacket (which was "recommended," but really meant you had to sit on the patio, which was really hot) they provide
  21. Let me just point out (sorta off topic) that Alons is incredible. Not only is he a great guy, but his bakery is just SO good. All the baked goods are great (I like the raspberry wedding cookies), and they even have a deli. The roast beef sandwich (usually on the rare side, like I like it) is very, very tasty. It's also not too pricey. (But cakes can get expensive, fast)
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