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  1. project -- that was one of the most thoughtful, well written, and most importantly honest assessments of foodtv (and tv in general) that I have ever read. Thank you for putting the time and effort into that post. I was wondering if I could, with your permission, re-post it on my website. Video about food and cooking instruction is my current hobby, and I think about it frequently. You have put into words the same things that have been running through my mind for quite a while. Keep up the good work.
  2. The Infamous Pasta from HELL, with Sausage Bolognese (You Must Sign The Release Form!) (9 Bombs) Now, this pasta is where things started to get serious. It was the last thing we recieved, and immediately I could tell it was in a whole different ballpark. You can see the slices of peppers just sitting on top (what I believe are either scotch bonnets or habaneros....or some crazy south american superpepper), and the entire sauce was little more than chili paste and meat. What made this dish so difficult for me to eat was the fact that the pasta was slightly underdone, meaning I really had to
  3. Vastly, totally, completely and utterly different. I too could not get over the grass farming. Outstanding book.
  4. ill be right back man... what'd he say? ocho.
  5. I put some video and a few photos up on my site.
  6. This show is absolutely awesome. I love the one hour-quick-cut format. Every segment of the show (pretty much) is entertaining and fairly informative. Great programming.
  7. Hey, it's Andrew. email/PM me about the boston shoot. agbaber@bu.edu
  8. Chris- Watched the show again and loved it even more. How're you doin? They still got you flying all over the place? This is the most exciting thing I've been involved with in quite some time. PS: I think I've had about three hundred suan la chow show dumplings since we filmed there. They even let me park out back and walk through the kitchen whenever I go there! Keep up the great work, I cant wait to see Atlanta!!!
  9. That show was awesome. I had a whole group of people over to watch it, and we're all going to that BBQ place and gettin those ribs.
  10. Chris - I just watched the Feasting on Asphalt episode (thank you DVR!!) and I decided to hit every location you brought Alton to. It was certainly the highlight episode of the season. I'm glad to hear y'all had fun down south. When's NYC?
  11. Oh, can I ever. The location that I was on-screen for was the segment filmed at Mary Chung’s. Now, let me tell you an interesting tidbit about Mary Chung’s: it seems that it was the very first restaurant in the world to be on the internet. If this is accurate: http://boston.openguides.org/?Mary_Chung's "A major hangout for MIT geeks, and thus the first restaurant with a Usenet newsgroup, alt.fan.mary-chungs," then Mary Chung's was most likely the first dining establishment in cyberspace. Mary Chung, the proprietor is an amazing woman. In one of my recent visits, I was so overcome with elat
  12. So I finally got back from vacation, and I have a few thoughts I would like to share about my experiences working with this fine crew. After much deliberation, I believe that the best thing I can compare to filming a TV show would be a catered gala with chefs from multiple restaurants. Each chef comes into a kitchen they've probably never seen before, using equipment they are generally, but not specifically familiar with. This parallel was evident from the first day at JP Licks. While the cameramen certainly had used the same type (and perhaps even the same model) cameras before, one of th
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