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  1. excellent suggestions, thank you very much! I think what I will end up doing is going to Clear Flour Bakery for my regular bread and mail ordering for the event that I'm hosting. Its great to know theres a good bakery around here!
  2. Down on Arlington St, near the common, is Parish Cafe a great spot for lunch, that turns into a 21 and up bar at night. They specalize in sandwiches that were designed by the top chefs in the area, and for the most part are excellent. They are all under $15 as well (most of them are 10-12).
  3. I live in back bay near nickerson field, but anywhere near a T stop (preferably green line) would be great!
  4. I will be holding a dinner in April and am looking to serve some really good, crusty french bread with it. I was wondering where in Boston I could get my hands on some, or if anyone could recommend a good mail order source that would send me some partially baked bread. Oh, and this will be my first eGullet post! Thanks for any ideas!
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