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  1. I will never ever use my Borner Slicer without using the food gripper provided, my poor dear finger-tip: The saurkraut was lovely though
  2. Last week in 'Malinka', a Polish shop in Cheltenham i bought two large Cabbages (hard as cannon balls) 3Kg each, next week i will shred them and make saurkraut. My last batch, made in August 2017 has just run out, it stayed i fine condition to the last drop. Photographs to follow, only this time i will use the gizmo on the slicerr to operate it, my finger tip has just healed by the way. Photos to follow.
  3. A trick you may not know about, tinned food. no need to open and put in a pan, Give the side of the tin a ding and then put the whole thing in a pan of water (do not pierce the tin), boil until you think the contents are hot. Lift the tin out of the pan and put it on the ground, quickly dash cold water on the tin, put a cloth over it and pierce then open the tin, the contents will be hot and ready to eat. I have used this method for over 30 years, a French Guy showed me this way in an Auberge De Jeuness
  4. From Lidl, on a hot day in the garden, this did me proud and only 89Pence:
  5. DianaB You have really pushed the boat out.
  6. DianaB, that's The Magpie buggered then, as for Bettys, who needs their fat rascals anyway. thanks for the information.
  7. If ever you are in Whitby you are in luck for several fish and chip places, also local kippers: Whitby is a wonderful place to visit just on its merits, on the sea and locally caught fish. http://www.magpiecafe.co.uk The Magpie Cafe is where I would head for.
  8. It is the Saurkraut season for me: This may amuse you: Sauerkraut, four large hard white cabbage, salt and seasoning. cutting the first quarter piece I neglected to use the protector and sliced into my index finger through the nail and out the other side. it has just stopped throbbing. who’d a thunk you could get 4 cabbage in there, but you have to pound them. the color of the slicer is rather overpowering but it was £4 cheaper than the more sensible colours (from Germany, as was the pot.) i will try it in about a month (do not tell Wendy) note the blood on the pounder. I did have four apples to peel and cut into small pieces (one for each cabbage,) but as i cut a finger tip into small pieces the fun went out of that idea.
  9. Who said M&S Gold tea, it is my choice as well, drunk black with no sugar. Now here is the thing, new advice is to brew the loose tea for 3 minutes stir with a spoon then let it rest for two more minutes, in this way you will not be drinking boiling hot tea and will appreciate it's subtleties.
  10. When I worked (now retired) for years on shifts in a secret spy base I took a pint jar with veggie soup in it maybe some rice , pretty much anything then, put it in the microwave and enjoyed it. Others spent a fortune in the canteen. if I had known about Carrottes Rapees then, I would have taken that:
  11. naguere

    Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Pork patties. about a kilo of minced pork (15% fat) a large bag of chips(crisps) balsamic flavour a slice of good bread or a roll, soaked one egg herbs of choice then salt and pepper mix all together then form the patties as mine are quite large i cooked the first for 30 mins in the oven.
  12. Flying out of Bahrain 1965, Twinks assured me as his brother was the 'Load Master'on that flight he would see me alright. he did indeed and I handed out the excellent packed meal provided by the RAF to everyone , we landed and Sharjah and eventually got to Aden. we were in a twin pioneer.
  13. The game 'Pelota' springs to mind. (google if you like)
  14. naguere

    The Egg Sandwich

    The Egg Banjo: This is a British military item, usually cooked in the back of your tank by your driver. two slices of very pale sliced bread margarine a lightly fried egg. the signature mark of this dish are the oily fingermarks left by the cook as he passes it accross the breach of your gun. having lightly squeezed this on passing , as you ate you wold sort of 'strum' so as to stop the yolk going on your sweater (hence Egg Banjo) It's true i tell ya
  15. naguere

    An Overload of Eggs

    @Shelby Well Shelby, not so much a receipt, more a procedure. I love pickled red cabbage, so after eating it, i hard boiled some eggs and popped them in to the pickling vinegare that was left. I only did 4 eggs, and when my pickled oinions are eaten , i will repeat.... geddit repeat.