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  1. Almost a slam dunk. The only one I get only half credit for is teaching my husband to cook something other than stir fry. He did figure out how to pan fry a veggie burger and plop a fried egg on top himself, though. But I dumped one cooking magazine that stopped publishing anything I wanted to cook and kept up with the rest. And thank goodness for backup restaurant plans . So moving on to this year.... In 2010, I will eat and I will remove as much guilt as is humanly possible from the process. I need to eat to live. I will make one recipe a month and eat at one new restaurant a month. I'm not changing this one. It works too well. I will find some new recipes for greens because, you know, I LIKE greens, and doing them the same way all the time is boring. I will learn how much zucchini to plant now that we've moved and no longer have neighbors who will joyously accept any excess production. I will teach my husband where a few more dishes are stored so when he "does the dishes" they actually get put away in the cupboards after removal from the dishwasher, not left out for me to do the final step. I will read through some of my less used cookbooks and determine if they're still worth the shelf space. If not, they will be donated and hopefully someone else will enjoy them.
  2. Pancakes. I love soft waffles more, but half the time they're those awful thin, crunchy waffles and the risk is often too high. And while I like French toast, I don't get cravings for it like I do for Pancakes. I just had the leftovers from the Oreo pancakes I had for breakfast. They were wonderful.
  3. Very comparable, very "middle of the road", but I've eaten there a couple of times and enjoyed the food, especially the tomato cucumber salad. Marcia.
  4. Green chile cheese souffle. I can't make enough of these this time of year.
  5. Randi, I'm glad you received some compliments for that meal - it looks wonderful. I am going to have to check out that salad myself - it looks like a great way to use cherry tomatoes (which I'm probably going to be inundated with in a month or so!). And I wanted to say that I always look forward to reading your postings. I just wish I could make the people you're working for appreciate you as much! Marcia.
  6. That was my first thought, right off the bat. The creamed eggplant is seriously good. Marcia.
  7. Today's newspaper. Coupons for restaurants we might use. Same with some home services. The current issue of Cuisine at Home, opened to some random page. The packaging material for the bark ender that arrived Friday. A box of tissues A calculator. Stamps. Return Address labels. A pewter mug full of pens. Junk mail. Two bank statements that need opening. The last two issues of Locus magazine. A scientific toy consisting of a copper tube and a magnet (don't ask) My husband's Ipod. The milk sheet (we put it out for our milk delivery if we don't want the standard order) A paperback book. A box that once contained my husband's good pen There's more, but I'm not digging down any deeper. We basically have enough clear space to put down two plates, two salad bowls, and two glasses. That's it. I gave up trying to keep the table clear years ago. It's a sisyphean task. It gets cleaned off when we have company who need to eat there with us and the rest of the time I don't worry about it. Marcia.
  8. Many of the restaurants are extending their Denver Restaurant Week menus for another week, through March 6. It may be a little late to get a reservation for tomorrow (Saturday night), but it does provide another week of some great bargains (and has royally fouled up my birthday dinner plans, but that's a rant for another space). We went to Mizuna tonight (one of the restaurants not extending their specials) and had a lovely meal. The bacon emulsion served with the roast pork tenderloin and wild mushrooms was simply outstanding - I had to eat the whole dish slowly to enjoy all the flavors. And I can't complain one bit about the Chocolate Brownie Bread pudding with walnut ice cream - not only was it a chocolate bread pudding, one of my favorites, but Chef Frank Bonnano himself brought them to our table. It was a terrific dinner and a true bargain at $52.80 for two.
  9. If it's only one or the other, I'd have to go with my knife, mostly because even though I KNOW it's a piece of crap compared to the newer knives out there, it's MY knife. It's still the most comfortable knife I own, and that's why I haven't bothered to replace it. I'm very big on comfort. We've been through a lot together. My pots are just pots. Some are better (Le Creuset), some aren't, but when I have to replace them, I don't worry too much about it. But honestly, both would be WAY down on the "save in a fire" list. I think the outdoor gas grill would be higher than either. (My gas grills and I form a relationship. After we work together awhile, I KNOW what it's going to do and where are the hot spots and how to position the food precisely for the results I want. Replacing them is traumatic.) Marcia.
  10. It's 3 degrees out, so for dinner I made Beef Barely Soup. No, that's not a typo. It was supposed to be Beef Barley Soup, but I had barely any barley (oops, it's on the list), so it was dubbed Beef Barely Soup. Beef, carrots, onions, celery, garlic, thyme, beef stock, sherry, and the little barley I had. It was delicious.
  11. My pie crusts are not as good as my mother's. And never will be, because I don't like pie enough to do anything about it. I also leave deep-fried anything to the experts. I think I last tried to deep-fry something myself about 21 years ago.
  12. The menus are posted on the site above. I may cancel my reservation because the menu does not thrill me. And make a new one somewhere else Marcia.
  13. Your link didn't work. (Love the cat.) ← Oops, had an extra punctuation mark in the link. I edited my original post and the quote above to work. That's my cat Oreo, who mostly just gets in the way . Marcia.
  14. Cheese-Stuffed Chicken Cutlets With Mustard Sauce from the Feb. 2009 Food and Wine. Rich, delicious, easier than I expected.
  15. I've wanted to try Mizuna for a long time, but at their price point, I really want the lower risk trial. So I grabbed a reservation for Friday night - Saturday was already almost completely booked. We're waiting for menus to be posted to decide if we can swing another restaurant sometime that week. I know it's a risk for places that bite off more than they can chew, but this is the kind of adventure I like. Worse comes to worse, I can always grab a burrito at Chipotle if they fail utterly. Marcia.
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