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  1. looks great! have to improve my spanish a little bit more........ vue
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    as i talked to the german salesman for pacojet in germany. the company is refusing to repair or give any other service to any other producht than a pacojet with an original serial number. as it doen't happen very often that a pacojet needs any service. that is the reason why there are so little numbers of used ones on the market.
  3. Coque, in Humanes de Madrid, just south of Madrid Las Rejas, in Las Pedroñeras, in the middle of nowhere, well in Cuenca province Ca'Sento, in Valencia. Mugaritz, in Errenteria, near San Sebastian Come to mind immediately as personal favorites, not that my experience is vast in Spain. i will check them out as far as they might not have homepages. do you know anything outside spain? but thank you anyway so far, big help!!! vue
  4. that was exactly where i wanted this topic to be! thank you all so much !!! one ore question. i saw at my sisters "pita pan";-) that it became rusty outside the house. is there any tip to keep it nice and shiny as it is now. oil?
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    try www.pacojet.com first and when you have further questions........
  6. take a wok and turn it around! same thing ;-) vue
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    i once jumped on a website called "akwa" there was a brioche ice cream or something like that. is that you?
  8. i know that there are dozens of restaurants especially in spain who recreate the philosophy of mr. adrias kitchen style. i read interesting stuff about anthonys in leeds and i was wondering if you have a personal favourite restaurant which might be not as well known as el bulli but is following the same path...
  9. thanx for the quick reply. have you ever heard of PETA ZETA? it's a kind of candy which pops in your mouth in connection with liquid. i heard heston is doing choc truffles with that PZ in the ganache. kind of the same !?
  10. i recently bought one of those semi round pita pans. what i need now is a authentic pita recipe to start the feast!
  11. there is a great book store in melbourne www.booksforcooks.com.au they are very nice and they have new cookbooks and the classics of course vue
  12. sorry but as a german could somebody explain to me what "efervescent" means thanx
  13. reuvens


    can you give some tips and advises how this nuclear weapon can be used in the daily kitchen prep except for pastry. i know that the restaurants use it for farce and stuff, but that doesn't seem to be a "wow" for me and this machine.
  14. i am about to buy a pacojet. it is quiet expensive so does anybody have experience with this incredible machine? is it solid or do i have to worry about anything?
  15. i bought this wonderful cookbook from the restaurant TRAGABUCHES and they also have a website. the problem is it is not interactive. so if anybody has a menu or visited the restauarnt lately, please let me know...
  17. so why did he sell <claudes> ? does anybody know?
  18. there is only <chefs warehouse> on albion st. ! it is the place where all the chefs buy their equipment! highly recommended!
  19. as i worked as a chef in sydney i tried becasse once because i was told that the kitchen starts working at 7 a.m. in the morning and it supposed to be very good food. to be honest i was quiet dissapointed. though we didnt chose the most expensive wine we were looked at like we were backpackers in the wrong etablisement. we chose the degustation menu which took to long between the courses. it would be o.k if the restaurant would be packed but it was half seated. we were sitting near the half open kitchen and as a chef i heard about 50 times in the evening <hurry up, hurry up!>. poor chefs. at the end it was like 100 $ for each person and for myself it wasnt worth it. but maybe i should have give it a second try. an expensive try. i can highly recommend the <four in hand> bistro. there i know the headchef. who is a gordon ramsey trained chef with passion and knowledge about good food. tony gibson is the name for the future in sydney, that is for sure. p.s. i worked at <marque> restaurant which for myself is one of the top3 restaurants in sydney, easily! there is just tetsuya and maybe est. which compare to marque. i also tried quay and it was very good even i think that i paid 1 $ per minute for the view on my bill. as a german i can truly say that sydney is a beautiful city where food is an important topic and a well saved part of the daily culture. respect!
  20. i have been at a restaurant called <belga queen>. it was more a brasserie style restaurant with an interesting design. you will find the adress easily trough google.com after your meal i would recommend a walk trough <grand sablon> which is a beautiful part of brussels and please check the chocolates at marcollini have fun, vue
  21. as i worked in swityerland this summer as a chef i can recommend <teufelhof> in basel and <therme vals> in vals. you will find the adress to each restauratnt easily through google. when your friend is going to vals tell him he has to! visit the spa/wellness area. unbelieveable design. have fun, vue
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