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  1. first of all.... ...i am not tying to bring this whole topic up to an international affair, but did you, my lovely americans, ever consider that bill clinton did many things to your country which actually is worse then calling you a "wanker" ? i think so..... mr. three chin oliver is a very good chef in his league....basta! and he knows how to entertain people in the way he is cooking, speaking, acting. check mr. ramsey and his shows, lagasse and his shows....they all deserve a little bit more respect. they are reflecting the food world today and it could be much worse. so back to jamie..... i was watching supersize me a few days ago and there is a scene playing in a highschool where they fed junk food to the kids. i just can´t loose the impression that this movie inspired mr. oliver. could be? vue
  2. i never heard that a stagiaire was ever allowed to make photos........?!? respect one question as i already did the "caviar" at home. don´t you think that the alginato is "killing" about 50 % of the actual flavour? I would recommend to make the caviar with "gellan" which is quiet tasteless compare to the alginato.
  3. I found this by the way The Fat Duck Experience
  4. check www.fatduck.co.uk for the new LOGO !!!
  5. i am wondering why you should "brine" your meats before braising them?
  6. ST. JOHN ! www.st.johnrestaurant.com i was there yesterday and it was fantastic. simple&tasty nothing more, nothing less
  7. i just have a short questionn.... .....does "anthony´s" have a homepage???
  8. my choice would be definitey: marque restaurant - surry hills four in hand bistro- paddington moog food+wine - surry hills all are led by mark best the absolute rising chef in sydney. the headchef in the four in hand is a friend of mine, a gordon ramsey sous chef and besides that just a great chef. give it a try!
  9. reuvens

    Hot Ice Cream

    sounds interesting. can you tell us more ?
  10. i just want to make clear that chefg is a great chef, even if i never tasted one of his dishes. the pictures alone are pleasing my imagination and tastebuds... being a famous chef is also a lot of pr, interviews and a lot more blablabla...as words are taken like a promise nowadays. if mr. adria mentioned other chefs in his book it doesn´t mean that he changed his attitude at all. he is traveling a lot and his kind of "tortilla" made of milkskin is actually a "yuba" dish from japan. chefg isn´t mr. adria´s caliber yet, because he can do what he wants he always will be compared to ther chefs like adria. maybe he will manage to stand by his own and i wish him all the best. it´s not being the most "unique" chef it´s about the own challenge with yourself...that what cooking is about for me. anyway this topic is about the foodlab and i just have to say: "keep up the great work chefg". and thank you very much again for sharing your vision. maybe somebody should start a topic about the pro and contras of molecularkitchen/avantgarde cuisine or whatever you want to call it. it would be a very interesting topic for sure... vue
  11. now i am sitting on 20 lbs grapes green/red from a catering and i just can´t decide what to do. i would like to preserve/conserve the whole batch for the winter. any recipes/ideas?
  12. ← i was told by my former headchef who worked for the creative team at el bulli in this last season that ferran adria doesn´t read any cookbooks or has a favourite chef or anything else.... i like this attitude a lot because it shows that mr.adria is like an artist. inspired by almost everything he is getting in contact with visual, emotional etc.... challenged every year to be the "first" mr.adria is using the power of pr and marketing to announce his new creations before anybody else is coming up with something similar. i think this new form of avantgarde cooking led to a head to head race. everybody wants to be first. new machines and techniques are essential and you don´t have to be a trained chef anymore which is, in my opinion, a little bit sad. where is the end of this avantgarde "cooking"? eating gels, airs or even just aromas? having the ultimate experience? time will show us.... anyway i like your version of "creme brulee" and i think you should share your vision with your audience. marco pierre white once said "at the end of the day it´s just food" you are so right marco! vue
  13. reuvens

    Fresh Green Olives

    thank you, but do i have to prepare the olives before that procedure like little cuts into the skin or smash them softly with a hammer? just curious
  14. reuvens


    dumping proper made candy in the trash? nice post! and have fun with you pizza and ice cream! vue
  15. the nori is also in the liquid center ? is it a kind of vinaigrette or coulis or what is it ?
  16. first of all thank you sharing parts of your vision with us. for me it´s as interesting to read your topic as the alinea project. but......levitating food? gimme some more! photos? descriptions! good luck and thanx again
  17. reuvens


    so when the honeycomb is done, what´s next?
  18. when yourn jar is empty and you almost scratched the last bit out..... fill it 3/4 with warm milk, close it with the lid and shake for 1 minute... open....and you are laughing! vue
  19. reuvens


    so is it just a matter of how much baking soda is added or how much you stir when you add it? i was just wondering what exactly is responsible for the big bubbles.
  20. Actually I´ve never tried to make this sweet delight. But what i saw the other day was unbelievable. A nice chunk of honeycomb with huge holes like rustic bread. Does anybody boy know how to make these things.....I really want to make it now!
  21. I got a bag full of fresh green olives. Any suggestions for a perfect brine? Vue
  22. white heat ! yes of course there is escoffier, careme, and other great chefs. but i remember reading white heat as an apprentice and getting motivated right after the last page. he is an asshole but he did great things. you can see his breed on tv ;-) ramo!! ramsey and mr. sugercube novelli
  24. reuvens

    Pedro Ximenez

    I am asking: "What is your favourite Pedro Ximenez?" I am not looking for Ximenez from 1920 or so. I am looking for a common brand or winery who produces just good XIMENEZ can anybody help?
  25. As i never heard "good" things about Carmen Ruscatella this pictures were stunning! A friend of mine was there 2 years ago but as i can see she is topnotch! What a Feast, Congratulations and thank you very much for that detailed review! vue
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