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  1. There is only one "Los Postres de El Bulli" and as I said i never opened it !
  2. I have a copy mint condition (i never opened the book !) for sale please pn offers as i dont know to value it.
  3. Can you help me finding a good vietnamese cookbook. It can be the old fashioned Mama style or something contemporary... Thanks in advance, ruby*
  4. It seems to me that there are "must" reads about the most delicious sandwich in the world. please share some book ideas with me.
  5. I am planning a trip with my sweet lady to the amsterdam area in mid. august...we will drive from duesseldorf to amsterdam and hope to pick up a good snack on our way to amsterdam. stay 2 nights in a'dam and maybe another sleepover at the sea. I tried to find a few foodie spots on the internet...http://amsterdam.unlike.net, but i need some insider info. CHUFI...hit me ! Hahahaha DeKas in Frankendael Park is a must go for me. I normaly have breakfast @ DeBakkerswinkel. So i am still looking for some innovative, organic produce using chef who offers us food for a reasonable price.
  6. I added "FETTE SAU" as a meat addition ;-) !
  7. Here is my food map......so far so good !
  8. Thanks to all of you....i added some of your suggestions to my Map ! As a reward i will post my whole burger experience here on the thread ;-)
  9. AHT....is on my Blog Reader ! and Prune is on my list anyway. I am not a big fan when a restaurant is reduced to one famous item but i gotta taste the sweetbreads @ prune ;-) thanks!
  10. I am leaving Germany for a good two weeks for an upcoming Burger Degustation Quest happening in New York.... So my question to all Locals...Where can i find a good ol´Burger with Killer Fries ? A few destinations are already on my list: Shake Shack, Dumont, Mark, Burger Joint etc. Shoot, Ruby*
  11. This information should be send to every mobile phone entering the borders to paris ! Check it out ! Great info !
  12. Just came back from Paris... Believe me..any pastry from Fauchon or LaDuree is worth to be paired with a quality coffee. My choice was a moist Canelé !!!
  13. Looking for a refreshing change after visiting places like La Coupole, Bofinger etc. for my next visit to Paris...tomorrow ! Any recommendations...we are a a group of 8 ! I'll take any idea ;-) Thanks, RUBY
  14. i am actually looking for the little treats next to the cup on the saucer....
  15. They used to make fresh stroopwaffles in amsterdam a few years ago....cant beat that ! But people...please keep comin´ with ideas
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