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    Banana Leaves

    You can use them to serve Indian food too.
  2. Episure

    Indian Food

    Tantric pleasures the palate
  3. I used to think like that until I found that the Thais beat us hollow, I bow before them. That Thai bird chilli is something. Nothing to beat a Mango Lassi to ease the pain.
  4. Gingerpeach I think you shouldn't miss a Sohan Papri/Pateesa which is a flaky mithai. Have you tried a pani puri/golgappa?(It's not a mithai)
  5. Pav Bhaji it is indeed. Anmmini, it's a regular Pav bhaji tawa, just looks peculiar because it's a night shot and has a overhead lamp. Like this too.
  6. I wonder how many others apart from Bague know what's in the picture. Guesses?
  7. Percy, I'll be delighted if you post a recipe for a malido, if it's not much bother.Thanks. Milagai, Birbal ki khichdi is right. I'm sure some Ocular exercises like viewing mithai pictures will burn some calories. Bague, Sharp of you to catch zee figue roulades in the picture. Gingerpeach, Did you have a milk soaked ghevar or plain? Did it conform to a 'bottom of the pan' shape? And I agree with you, chamcham and it's kins should be squeezed dry of the syrup. From your pics I can make out that you had a swell time in Delhi.
  8. Thanks Nayantara, now I can attempt to make it.
  9. Vikas Khanna/? ? Wouldnt it be wonderful if you responded in your older topics before you start another thread? Even if it is a solely low key answer.
  10. If it was snowing here I would eat this: Now, now, girls dont cry
  11. Thanks Nayantara, Coarse or fine mince?
  12. Hi Linda K, Do you remember the entire dinner? If it wasnt entirely Indian I'd like to know your thoughts on the crossover element.
  13. Percy, Our boxes look the same, dont they? I dont know where my mithai came from so please tell me more about your box. Your Malido looks like it is homemade, it's been a long time I had one. Pan, Mithai is a term that encompasses the entire gamut of solid and semi solid Indian sweets. On the other hand a Falooda(Chendol like), Kulfi, Payasam, Kheer may not be covered in the same ambit. Everyone, any holes in this theory? Milagai, It's better to feast on these zero calorie X rated pics than visit a mithai shop. I still remember your lamentations on Mangoes, wait another 4 months. Bague, Doesn't Belgium have any Indian shops that sell Mithai? There must be so many Palanpuri Gujaratis who are in the Diamond trade.
  14. Percy, I too received a similar assortment of mithais:
  15. Susruta, you are right but I come across many people ordering a tomato soup in restaurants. I think we have adopted the tomato soup alongwith a vegetable au gratin and russian salad. In the south you will often come across a tomato soup as the first course as part of a premium thali. Of course it's jazzed up with red chilli powder and some cream. A dessert of fruit sald/ custard/cream is also served as an option to a gulab jamun or mithai in the same thali.
  16. Now that you ask, I use Drumsticks because they have a nice stock like flavour, very 'Umami'. So just boil and simmer the drumsticks, drain and remove the flesh and add back to the stock. Then add the other ingredients, bring to a simmer and serve. If the chillis are hot then you may want to add them whole in the beginning and then discard.
  17. What meat goes in to the kobiraji cutet?
  18. My unpatented Drumstick and Coriander soup. Ingredients: Drumsticks aka Moringa Oleifera lots of chopped coriander leaves chopped green chillies sliced ginger basil leaves lime juice shallots salt
  19. Episure


    Turmeric/Curcuma Longa/ Haldi If you have fresh Turmeric just jullienne it and pickle it in salt and lemon/lime juice. It will stay longer and you can sprinkle it in Salads, Fish and Curries. It is also very good for you: Haldi is Healthy
  20. Deliad, You are brilliant, if this was a contest you'd have won the first prize! Adding to the list: Parsee doodh na puff and how can we forget the ever popular bollywood formula - Suhag Raat (wedding night )Pista Badam Milk
  21. Monica, great photos! Did you take any 'Chaat" pics?
  22. I'll second Pan's question too. And why 'cayenne' pepper in the first place? Do you cool the spices before grinding?
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