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    Indian Food

    MAYBE it's a climate thing, but we Scots have a serious love affair with spicy, aromatic food.
  2. Eggplant/Aubergine/Brinjal scored, deep fried, topped with Cumin, Red Chilli and Mango Powders; fresh Coriander/Cilantro and onion. This was made from the thick long globe variety, I love to eat it with the skin.
  3. Episure

    Indian Food

    Turning over a new Leaf in Boston San Francisco - San Carlos' Saffron Indian Bistro
  4. Practically anything will overpower green tea in the ice cream unless it is used tiny quantities. You could try candied ginger bits or raisins stewed with star anise which is then removed. That's what I use in my green tea kulfi.
  5. Sounds good, I've been reading some of the (extensive!) thread on roasted cauliflower, but the original recipe link is now dead. Anyone tried this on a charcoal grill? I think I'll try cutting a whole cauliflower head into big slabs, with as much stem intact as possible, so that they'll look good and lie nicely on the grid without falling through. Does one precook the cauliflower in any way, or do you close the lid of the OutdoorCharcoalGrill (i.e. barbecue ) and allow that to do the roasting? ← adt, I cut the Cauliflower into 4 - 6 vertical segments and parboil before marinading and grilling. I'd post a pic of my charcoal grill but it's got some Non vegetarian stuff on it. Would you mind sharing your tandoori maranade recipe. That looks very good. Thanks ← Chantal, Tandoori Marinade: Quantity is sufficient for a whole chicken or a big head of cauliflower or 6 skewers as in picture. 1 cup hung/drained/thick yoghurt 1 tbsp ginger + garlic paste 1 tsp each of following powders: red chilli cumin coriander raw mango turmeric black pepper cinnamon cardamom salt to taste Use Oil, Butter or Ghee for basting. You can vary these ingredients as per your personal preference and convenience. Sometimes I just use yoghurt/cream, cinnamon, red chilli powder and saffron. Here's another pic: Edited for a silly spelling mistake, I hope nobody realises it. Need to go back to school.
  6. In addition to meats, this is what I make for my vegetarian guests. Some of them are so finicky that I have to cook their stuff before I 'contanimate' the grill with animal stuff. Paneer, Onion, Green Pepper chunks in tandoori marinade. Other options are Potatoes, Aubergines, Okra, Cauliflower (my fav! )... Couldnt take the picture after grilling as the stuff didnt have time to pose.
  7. Episure

    Indian Food

    Festival of India promises variety of foods
  8. I had a Bombay friend staying with me in Bangalore and he couldnt go back home for 3 days. It was bad for many who were stranded in offices and schools. Restaurants and food stalls were inundated, food supplies are yet to be restored.
  9. SuzySushi, Boil till soft 250 grams peas, drain and saute for a few minutes with 2 tbsp oil/butter, 2 tbsp finely chopped onion, 1 tbsp cumin powder, 1 tbsp coriander powder, 1 tbsp finely chopped green chillies, 1 tsp red chilli powder, 1 tsp amchur powder and salt to taste. Mash lightly with a fork and then use this to stuff the parathas. First roll the dough into 5mm thick x 100mm diameter. Drape this in your upturned hand to form a cup and stuff it with the mashed peas. Form into a round ball, seal the edges by crimping them with your fingers and proceed to roll it flat to 5mm thickness. Then cook it on a flat griddle with a little oil/butter/ghee. Amchoor is dried Mango powder and adds a tang to the paratha, you can substitute it with lemon juice. You should be able to make 4 parathas from the above quantity. I'm a very bad recipe writer so feel free to ask for clarifications.
  10. Anzu, Urbanisation has made monkeys dangerous and they have lost their fear of man, unlike those in the wild. Last week, a similar incident hapened in my brother's house who lives on the sixth storey! His daughter in law was alone and had to lock herself in her bedroom while these guys ran amuck in the living room and the kitchen. They polished off a dozen top grade Alphonso mangoes from the fridge, two packets of Oreos and did a take away on a lot of other stuff. Funny thing is all the mango skins were deposited in a tidy pile on a newspaper. Neat eaters. Apparently they were viciously snarling and advancing at anyone who tried to shoo them away. Yes, there have been cases of Rabies from monkeys. I used to know a guy who had a chunk of his butt taken off by these critters. I'm getting weird thoughts about making a Simian masala.
  11. I can certify that such a thing doesn't exist in India and will put it down to 'Turban' legend. "Ah! Dessert... .Chilled Monkey-Brains!" I once trapped a monkey just because everybody said it couldnt be done, I can tell you that was a chilling experience. I let him go before the rest of his troop arrived. Brrrr...never again. Right now I am content to let them pass peacefully through my backyard
  12. Sandra, that was a very loooong sip of PX sherry. A street side Rabri maker:
  13. You might want to contact this blogger: Shandy on Sri Lankan eateries
  14. Episure

    Indian Food

    The first smell one recognizes when entering Divine Cuisines retail store in Kittery, Maine, is curry.
  15. which brand is that Episure? Looks like the kind i always buy, except the package calls it chakli. murukku is one of my favorite foods too. and this brand isn't bad. can't for the life of me remember the brand tho - white, red and blue package. ← Tryska, I think Chakli is Kannada and Murukku is Tamil for these extruded snacks which may be flat also. I used to think that chakli refers to the round shape but I've been told otherwise, perhaps the others here can confirm. There are hundreds of small shops that make these on a continuous basis and then there are big brands like MTR and Haldiram. I have a SAWA cookie press to fool around with when I deviate from the norms( Rosemary, Mango ginger, Fennel... ) but for the straight cookie cutter( ) varieties I buy from here:
  16. A little late in replying to this post but I would give it the yoghurt treatment to speed up the process. High humidity and a median temperature of 20 deg will do the job. In short an oven with a pilot lamp is ideal and if your climate is dry, keep a small cup of water also. I agree with Jaymes about slightly raw mangoes being ideal for salsa. Apply salt to the chopped mangoes to leach out some juices for the salsa 'dressing'.
  17. Good job Grub, I know it's bhuna hard days night for you. I would have browned the onions to a darker shade. My Goan friend uses leftover wine which has turned to vinegar.
  18. Welcome Sujit, Click on Image Gullet on the top of this page and you should be able to follow the instructions to post pictures. Where are you based?
  19. This is murukku from a store and the ingredients listed are rice, urad dal, black sesame seeds, sesame oil, asafoetida and chilli powder. There are hundreds of variants and the one you tasted probably had butter, an ingredient that never fails. I would still wait for rajsuman's MIL's recipe.
  20. Could'nt have summed it up better. Many Parts of Goa have their own variation of Vindaloo. Most rural versions call for cubed potatoes that are parboiled, fried till slightly browned and then stirred in just before serving. Another little known souring agent is Bimbli, a sort of a miniature gherkin, but that's used in Fish Curries.
  21. Some years ago my ex( she was mostly vegetarian) barged into the kitchen and saw me flattening some chicken breasts with a mallet. She exclaimed "It's already dead, why are you beating it up! " A few months later she saw me injecting marinade and said "Oh, change of heart! thank god you've decided to cure them". I said 'cure' is right but not in the way you think. For those interested, my marinade was light cream, turmeric, paprika, saffron infusion and then cooked with garlic butter in my grill pan.
  22. Percy, What's the condenser like apparatus behind the VIP XO bottle?
  23. Episure

    pasta salads

    In addition to the red pepper flakes. , I recommend adding toasted sesame seeds and sun dried tomatoes. I also add toasted white mustard seeds but that idea may be too alien for you.
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