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  1. Is it possible that Maltose (malt sugar) is the same as Malt Extract, found in homebrew shops? I could not find it at the asian market, or not too much online either. I have tried to make this many times and gave up, but this recipe looks like it might do.
  2. After all that, I wouldn't be too bummed about missing Kreutz's in Lockhart! Looks like you did pretty well on the bbq circuit! Glad you made it thru our fine town!
  3. One of my favorite family Italian cookbooks is "Ciao Ya'll", by Johnny Carraba & Damian Mandola.
  4. I wonder if they will get any American 'Fortune Tellers' for the judging panel!
  5. The Hickory Stick-barbecue joint on Reville near Gulfgate. Remember when Foley's/Joske's had a lunch counter? It was the only thing I looked forward to while shopping with my mom was grilled cheese at Foley's. I read recently that Charlie Angelo's daughter was opening up an Angelo's Fisherman's Wharf somewhere.
  6. Kaphan's-Great seafood restaurant near the Dome run by Pete Tomac. Closed shortly after the Dome closed. According to my dad, one of the first 'nice' restaurants to integrate. Big Humphrey's-little pizza joint on Park Place. First time I ever saw rectangle pizza. Houlihan's Hamburgers-seems like there might have been a couple of these around town. Trader Vic's-located inside the Shamrock. I think this was the first place I ever got drunk. Remeber those great big drinks with 4 straws?? Strawberry Patch-one of the Pappas' early restaurants. Lots of Homecoming & prom dinners here.(also Sonny Looks!) Rudy's-was located across the street from Tony's on Post Oak (somewhere around where Cafe Annie's is now), and every bit as good as Tony's-better lobster bisque even! The owner, Joe Lucia, just passed a couple weeks ago. Joe Matranga's-excellent Italian place on Irvington. Joe's still kicking too!! Tha's all I can think of at the moment!
  7. I have not been yet, but didn't Westlake move to Tony Burger stadium recently? "I noticed a vendor at the Westlake Farmers market selling "Kobe" beef for a very good price last week. I will buy some if he is still there when I get back in Austin. If you have not gone already, check out the Saturday Farmers Markets in Westlake and downtown. (Am I the only geek that goes to both?) "
  8. franktex


    I love veal nearly every way, but Osso Bucco is probably my favorite. That, and the Veal Vincent (pan sauteed scallopini) at Nino's(Houston) are the best!!
  9. The Festival Food I had: Shrimp & Mango Spring Roll w/Mango Passion Fruit Sauce(Kenichi)-great! I had this twice, and for $4, it's the best bargain. It's cold too. Pork Taco(Berryhill's)-Nice big, fat taco with lots of tender pork, and piled w/lettuce & cabbage-good & filling-$6 I'll have more today and post my comments, but so far, they have done a really good job on foo dselection. Now if they only had good beer....
  10. franktex

    Dinner! 2004

    I just killed 1 1/2 hours looking thru this thread at all the pictures of food (I didn't get thru all the 230+ pages) and it looks like there's enough to make an eGullet cookbook!
  11. If you are going the 'back way' (71 to 281, then north on 281), after Marble Falls it is pretty desolate. In fact, after Waco in I-35, it's pretty desolate, except for chains. Really, until you get to Fort Worth, a bag of jerky probably would be in order. There is, of course, Mikeska's BBQ in Temple. WHile nothing to write home about, they do serve smoked prime rib sometimes.
  12. franktex

    Mead the gueuze

    Ha! You'd best not drive anywhere after that one!
  13. I was on Prevacid, which was a miracle drug for GERD. Now, the exact same drug is available OTC-it is called Prilosec OTC, and it is half the price of my perscription of Prevacid. Sam's is usually the best place to get it. It works! One a day, and yuou will never have to deal with it again.
  14. Sacred Heart Society Spaghetti Lunch every Thursday from 11-1:30pm. Bunch of Italian guys have been doing this for over 60 years. The menu consists of Spaghetti, Italian Sausage, Meatballs, Baked Chicken w/Spaghetti Sauce, Livers & Gizzards w/Spaghetti Sauce, bread, and awesome Italian Creme Cake. It is located off Airline/I-45, on E. Whitney.
  15. As a native Texan, I think this book should be required reading for every Texas History class. How many of you knew what Pancho Villa's real name (Doroteo Arango) was until you read this book, eh? I sure as heck didn't!
  16. Heh! You got a point! Believe it or not, most locals here don't go to The Salt Lick that much, but we are so lucky to have so many great places that, frankly, are a lot better that SL. Maybe they will invite Smitty's or Kreutz's, or even Mueller's next year!
  17. Great comments guys! I read them all, checked out all the photos, and I plan on coming up next year for this event. I hope they tweak it some, as I'm not used to waiting forever for barbeque here in Austin ( )
  18. FuKim Chinese Buffet (Houston-2 locations)-they hosted a porn party there during the Super Bowl this year. Cheddarheads(Houston)-Packer fan hangout. Liquid Kitty(LA) Hasta la Pasta (Houston-hoefuully closed by now)
  19. Van's on Broadway in San Antonio. Yeah, it's a Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant(and a damn good one too), but I've never seen one with so many wines available.
  20. franktex

    Texas Gluttony

    Looks like it could have been smoked right here in Austin! I'll bet there's some great, local micros somewhere nearby, too, eh?
  21. I put in many years on Houston's Festa Italiana, and thought it was a pretty good festival. It has since ceased to be(political in-fighting-imagine that), but I understand that a much smaller, SIcilian Festival is having their second annual sometime soon. It is supposed to be where the original Festa Italiana started, off I-45/ Airline(E. Whitney St.), and it is currently a great place for spaghetti on Thursdays(the only day they serve)!
  22. Here in Texas Hill Country, with heavy German/Czech influence, there are kolaches all over. I have always called them all kolaches, but specifying a 'sausage' or 'fruit' kolache, but the sausage ones are also pretty much the same thing as a 'pig in a blanket'. One could probably nit-pick this one more than the Tex-Mex food 'controversy! My favorite kolache place is Hruska's, in Ellinger, TX. It's half-way between Austin & Houston on Hwy 71. Theirs have a slightly sweet dough, and they have several types of fruit, as well as sausage, ham& cheese, jalapeno sausage kolaches and more. I also like the Kolache Shoppe in Houston(Shepherd/Westheimer)-they have baby sausage kolaches, and spinach-filled too!) BTW, one of my least favorites is Shipley's (stick to donuts!) Dray flavorless bread, and cheap sausage)
  23. franktex

    Texas Gluttony

    If you get tired of the Shiner Bock, by all means try Texas Oldest Microbrewery, Saint Arnold Brewing Company. CMkt carries it. (shamelss plug)
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