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  1. Here's a very simple one from David Lebovitz's website but is actually from Ottolenghi, a London restaurant [named for its chef/owner] These are florentines made with sliced almonds. Simple to make and you don't even need to beat the egg whites! The Ottolenghi version doesn't have the chocolate coating. chocolate-dipped florentines jayne
  2. We have friends who have hung something like banners that look like the sea along the 2 sides of their walkway to the door. Each year I mean to get there to see them but as yet, I haven't. Not sure if there are fish attached or painted on also.... jayne
  3. I once shipped a bunch of books [to Calipoutine, I think] because there was going to be a book sale at one of the gatherings. If something like that is coming up, perhaps that would also be something worth considering for books that aren't worth the effort of putting up for sale on Amazon. This was a couple of years ago but I think it might have been the Heartland Gathering. jayne
  4. I agree with Moopheus about the author's attitude. This definitely comes through when the book contains recipes by a single chef and/or restaurant. You do start to get an idea of the naming style. On the other hand, it's a really different experience to be faced with a cookbook or website or web search result that contains recipes by different authors. In those cases, I find myself faced with a mix of recipes by authors I recognize, wacky-sounding names from unknown authors, and generically-named recipes that cannot be differentiated without additional steps. In those cases, I usually go towar
  5. I've wondered about using the juice that collects in red peppers when you roast them. However, I haven't tried it yet. It's got a bit of body and the flavor from roasting the peppers. Just a thought. jayne
  6. Here's another link with a bit more information about disher capacities. I think they are mostly standardized so you might not be able to easily find one with exactly 2 Tablespoons. Food Service measurements for dishers and other standard measures jayne
  7. I haven't yet been to the restaurant but have read such great reviews about it here. They are opening a branch out on Long Island soon. According to their website, they are opening a branch in Williston Park, NY No phone number is listed on the website but I just spoke with someone in Queens who said that they are planning to open in a few weeks. (She said 2 weeks.) New address and other info on website: Sripraphai website jayne
  8. I'm sure that I'm probably committing some kind of ginger crime but for a convenient chopped/minced ginger, I have some in the freezer in a flat layer in a ziploc bag and I break off a chunk and use it. I used to buy more than I needed and then because it was relatively inexpensive, I didn't worry about wasting it. The problem was when I needed some and I would discover that I was out of it. This way, I always have some in the freezer even though I might not have any fresh stuff available. I use it more for times when I am cooking as opposed to baking because the ginger texture does change whe
  9. jaynesb

    Rice Salad

    You can make fried rice out of it if it's still sitting in your refrigerator. I know, not a rice salad but still a wonderful use for leftover rice! jayne
  10. Chocolate sparkle cookie recipe is here in RecipeGullet although I have been using a version that was published earlier and does not call for honey or cocoa. Either way, it is really important to beat the eggs for as long as the recipe calls for. LA Times article and recipe for Chocolate Sparkle Cookies in 2002 You might need to register for the website. Somewhere in eGullet, there was a blurb about Thomas Haas updating the recipe by adding honey and cocoa and the newer recipe was published in the Vancouver Sun. I think that's the version that we've got in eGullet. Chocolate sparkle cookie as
  11. We are beyond pre-K but here's are some things that might work for you (taking into consideration that your son has probably eaten way more adventurously than most children his age.) I've made different types of pasta with garlic and oil and some kind of vegetable like zucchini or broccoli and that's worked well. (I was making it in the morning with a shortcut of adding the vegetable near the end of pasta-cooking time. Then draining all and warming oil/garlic in original pan with a quick toss together before packing it up. Of course, this was a bit later in elementary school. At pre-K, my chil
  12. The few times I've made falafel, I've used garbanzo beans (chick peas) but some people make them with split peas. jayne
  13. I had always assumed it was not ok. Now, googling around, I see this is a matter of debate among some people; not among others. ← Baking powder is a chemical leavener as opposed to something that would result in leavening due to a fermentation process. jayne
  14. Another vote for gardenweb. I learned a ton from them and also have felt happy to have been able to contribute to others. In terms of the postings that age out of the index, try using the advanced google search. It might be able to help you find those old posts. I think that they are there but not indexed after they reach some gardenweb limit. jayne
  15. Wow, it's been 3 year's that I've been thinking of trying to make this! In the meantime, we've found a place that sells the Green's Babka since one of my daughters has been very happy about that kind of loaf. Last week, I tried to make it again. This time, I used 1 pound of challah dough. It was Joan Nathan's recipe using 5 cups bread flour, 3 1/2 cups regular AP flour. I used Peggy Cullen's Chocolate filling in the link I posted earlier. When I rolled out the dough, I sprinkled all of the chocolate and all the streusel because I figured some would end up on the top because I was attempting
  16. I don't have any of those kids cooking books but maybe take a look through them in a local bookstore/library. The egg/dairy thing will be a little tough though. Puff Pastry Shells? That's always fun and kids will love to see how they change.fruit pastries or tarts or even palmiers or chocolate turnovers (Pepperidge Farm is pareve and I don't see anything about eggs on my package of the sheet sized ones.) The shells might work. Not sure if you would be able to have prepared cut-up fruit but worst case, maybe some canned fruit could work..... This might be too simple and not involve a lot of co
  17. We make a version of the Savory Swiss Chard Tart (Tourte aux blettes) from Bistro Cooking by Patricia Wells. One of these days, I'll try the sweet type. Sometimes I add chopped up sundried tomato or olives also. Basically and oil/water based crust with a filling made of swiss chard leaves, eggs, and parmesan. I give the swiss chard a quick dip in salted boiling water then shock it, squeeze it and chop it up by hand even though the recipe does something else. I also make swiss chard empanadas and bake then freeze them. I often use a small amount of stems but mostly it's the leaves and some kind
  18. Fran McCullough & Molly Stevens have the Best American Recipes series that contain not just chef recipes but culled from all different sources. (But many are from chefs and their cookbooks.) The recipes are tested for and intended for the home kitchen and there are some comments and helpful tips from the McCullough and Stevens. The book I have is "The 150 Best American RECIPES", there is an eGullet thread already on this cookbook. Flip to any page... the recipes just look very doable... Topic: The 150 Best American RECIPES jayne
  19. jaynesb

    Baked Ziti

    There's a recipe in the Cook's Illustrated Best Make-ahead recipe cookbook. Some interesting things undercook pasta, as mentioned by others here. use some of the cooking water along with the sauce and sauce the undercooked pasta. Add some olive oil and salt/pepper to the ricotta The pasta and cheeses are not mixed together as much as they are layered in the tin. For my family, I do cut back a bit on the cheese quantities called for in the book but that's just my taste. The cookbook provides quantities for making ahead and freezing as well as for making for large groups and dividing for small
  20. jaynesb

    Melville NY

    Not sure if you are coming from New York City or traveling from outside of the area. These 2 recommendations are for casual fare. Can't help for stuff in that area that's more formal. A lot depends how far you want to drive. : I recommend House of Dosas if you are looking for something informal. The place is a storefront (just south of Old Country Road) in Hicksville. There are some other topics that list Long Island restaurants. However Hicksville is not too far away from Melville. House of dosas topic If you are looking to really grab something quick (take-out/prepared/catered food), you mi
  21. I haven't seen anyone post about the prenatal vitamins. My sister advised me to eat something like a banana muffin or starchy snack and not to have them on an empty stomach. I found that that helped quite a bit as the vitamins were a bit hard to handle otherwise. I might not be remembering right but I think I was taking them at night because of my lacto-ovo diet and all the dairy I ate during the day ... something about iron absorption being affected by dairy. jayne (with 10-year old identical twin girls)
  22. Tea breads and coffee cakes? Ganache? jayne
  23. I have an old box. The wrap does have a white writing on it (1) "GLAD" as well as "Press'n Seal" appear (2) sketch-type cartoon images of ways to use it jayne
  24. I live in Plainview, which is pretty much the center of the island. I drive around all day for work so location is not much of an issue. I see them all the time in Brooklyn I have just never stopped in. ← Regarding places on Long Island... There's a place called Bar Boy in Farmingdale. (Division Street? or maybe I'm remembering wrong.) Another place I go to more often because it's closer to me is Ideal. It's in Carle Place (or is it Westbury?) It's on Voice Road, right near where Glen Cove Road meets Old Country Road. I love wandering around in both of these places. (Need a box of 250 bir
  25. jaynesb

    Eggless Cake

    There's also an interesting website you might check out Post Punk Kitchen index of vegan desserts. They've got some cookbooks out also. (Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and Vegan with a Vengance. The cupcakes look really good but I have not yet tried making them. (Kitchen is under construction right now.) The New York Times did a piece on them a few months ago. jayne
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