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  1. Me too! I have two cheese books on how to make cheese...now I just have to find the time.
  2. How did you pack the jar? I made 3 jars last night and had one heck of a time trying to get the lemons into a pint jar. I'm worried that my lemons won't turn out well for that reason. Like you, I worry that I might've accidently dipped a finger.
  3. That looks delicious...I want that pot now...you're a bad influence!
  4. Got a new cookbook today via the KCRW Angel Club: "Spices of Life" by Nina Simonds. If anyone has any favorite recipes from this book, do chime in. :)
  5. This looks delicious! Good picture of your breakfast. :)
  6. Bisou

    Make and Take

    And so the act of putting the already-prepped food in a box yourself, rather than picking up a box someone else has already put the already-prepped food into, makes the customer "feel good"? As if they've actually done something? This is amazing. Where do I sign up to open my own franchise? Angela ← A friend of mine is doing a "dreamdinners" franchise in Pasadena, CA which opens this month. You can contact the company about their franchises...check it out at www.dreamdinners.com.
  7. Bisou

    Roasted Cauliflower

    After reading this thread, I ventured out to my local farmer's market and got a head of cauliflower. As a lifelonger cauliflower hater, I was skeptical but to my surprise, I actually enjoyed the flavor of roasted cauliflower. My folks will be visiting this week and I plan to make this for them. Thanks for making me see cauliflower in a new light!
  8. Bisou - Here is the recipe ← Thank you for the recipe! Where does one find Thai orka? I've never seen it and probably woulnd't recognize one even if it hit me on the head. :)
  9. I love that green color in your bathroom! You have great taste.
  10. This looks delicious! How was this prepared? I'm a novice when it comes to this cuisine and am trying to learn more.
  11. Which bookstores are these? I am currently in Chino Hills, so I could get to those bookstores. Like I need another cookbook..... ← Thank you for the heads up re book sale! I'm going there this weekend.
  12. I'm all for BBQ even if just a few people. I need to learn more about korean BBQ...I'm a Korean BBQ novice...hope that doesn't ban me from the next BBQ dinner.
  13. I too have Donna Hay's cookbooks, Modern Classics I and Off The Shelf...wonderful cookbooks with gorgeous pictures...I've done several recipes and the end result was always excellent. I highly recommend these cookbooks.
  14. Thanks! Looking forward to meeting you all sometime. Have a good weekend.
  15. Hi, I'm a newbie and am fascinated by this thread. I currently own about 50 cookbooks. Does anyone have a preference of what kind of cookbooks they like to have? I'm a big fan of cookbooks with pictures so I can see how the actual end product is supposed to look like. Though I do have the Silver Palate and a few others which have no pictures so the "pictures a MUST" isn't a strict rule with me.
  16. Hi, I'm new to the board. I was reading this thread since I really like korean BBQ. Unfortunately I can't join you this Saturday but would love to know if another dinner will be planned in the future. Have fun this Saturday!
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