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  1. For an easy, elegant soup you might consider creamed cauliflower soup, drizzled with curry oil (a la slkinsey) or just topped with a dot of butter and a little pile of long cut chives. So good and easy to make. For salad, perhaps a nice braised endive. Or wilted winter greens with chanterelles. I would say the braised beef short ribs are a good bet. I think that jscarbor and I both can recommend the Porter Ale/Rosemary braised beef short ribs from Molly Stevens' All About Braising. PM me if you'd like to see the recipe. And if you like lamb the rack is also easy and sure to please.
  2. How did it come out, joiei? And what did you use CindyG? I'm thinking about a ham for New Year's -- to go with blackeye peas of course, since we did a leg o' lamb for Christmas this year. Been thinking about cooking down some dried apricots and orange peel, candied ginger and cloves, making a glaze out of the good pureed juices of that with honey and a touch of the old mustard powder.
  3. Thanks, Mabelline, I just saw your edit with the web site. I know Weatherford, I must not have been out beyond that way to Poolville though. Would love to see that town square. Ah, yes, corn poachers! Melon rustlers! Gotta watch out out for those guys. Our worst culprits were the coyotes one drought year. They smashed my melons to get at the liquid inside, and ate my tomatoes too. Tough cusses them coyotes! But my big Lab ran out to the pack one moonlit night and barked in the ear of the scrawny leader as they were headed streaking through the night to my garden! They all tumbled over themselves and we got the rest of the tomatoes for ourselves that summer.
  4. lovebenton0

    Dinner! 2004

    Dinner last night for us and DH's buddy, can't really consider him a guest, he eats here too often for that was a bit of Christmas makeover and a bit of fresh vegs and biscuits. Started with a cup of split pea and ham soup topped with croutes. Then . . . Thick slices of the rarest lamb from Christmas leg, already seasoned well so I just quickly grilled those on my stovetop grill pan in a tiny bit of butter/EVOO. Served with the pan/red wine au jus. Steamed broccoli drizzled with garlic/lemon butter. Biscuits made with bleu cheese/sliced scallions/parsley, spread with butter. The guys drank beer (it was a Monday night football meal) and I had lime water. For dessert, tangerine slices and wedges of the Christmas apricot/pear/fig-filled gingerbread-newtony thing. (I've got to come up with something to call this. ) Coffee.
  5. lovebenton0

    Onion Confit

    Vinegar was mentioned as a balancer for the sweetness. I include some wine in mine and have not needed it. But it would be the thing if I were out of wine. Nullomodo, fifi said it -- inspired! We want a report on that! Yours too, fifi. I'll have to try this in our bullet when the season changes -- ooops! maybe not that soon -- that could be tomorrow.
  6. Thanks, Rachel. Chicken livers? Right there with the chicken, fresh in little one lb tubs. Cheap! Must be a Southern thing to have them always available.
  7. Do you want to go more formal with this? Or more intimate, say with finger food? You can still do candles either way . . .
  8. I'll vote for that. Marlene for Southern Fried Chick! Yeah, you got your honorary Mama status.
  9. Paula, I love this! What a delightful story to have in mind while making brioche this week. Very kind of you to post your recipe and this fits in exactly.
  10. Gumbo looks fine, Marlene, quite delicious in fact! Good color for your roux, the beginning of all that good LA meal in a pot food. I told you to count on an hour or more for the roux. And somehow I just didn't expect you to have as many vegs in there. Just think how much happier you are that it was only the bread machine, not the kitchen plumbing. It's been a great week, thanks so much for sharing your holiday time, energy and your new experiences with us. I don't think anyone would consider laughing at your considerable efforts, my dear. Applause! edited for typo
  11. Yes! And I'm planting some of everything you sent to me, jschyun! It's all worth a shot. Plus tomatoes, lots of tomatoes, as usual, and eggplant, squash -- so I'd love to see that new Wilhite catalog Mabelline. Do they have a web site? Or do you have an address for them? (I've got to look up where Poolville is. )
  12. lovebenton0

    Making Tamales

    Gee, thanks . . . We had them yesterday morning for breakfast with eggs too. It was so much fun! And the rewards for doing it are still with us, though they'll be gone soon. I'm ready to do it again with my friend this next week. Wish you weren't so far away, fifi. If we could only get everyone's tamales together for a feast . . . Abra, I still want to make your beautiful mole tamales!
  13. If you do have Paula' S-W France I'd suggest reading the info on cassoulet, the spirit of the dish comes through. Although only a few pages long she manages glances at variety in the dish -- mutton (I would use lamb), partridge also, and other points of history of the making of cassoulet. Following her quest for the ultimate cassoulet should inspire anyone to be inventive and follow your own tongue, make your own rules. I have a half leg of semi-boneless lamb that I've mentally marked for cassoulet. Play with it -- what could be bad about white beans, garlic, onion or leeks, whatever meats you choose.
  14. Which cassoulet recipe are you referring to? Paula has two in S-W France cookbook? Andre' Daguin's Fava? or the one made by the Toulouse woman, Pierette Lejanou? Perhaps duck fat and crisped skin for the pork rind?
  15. Mmmm, yes! Crusty bread with gumbo is a good thing. Don't have to eat cornbread with everything. It's only that as I said, Dave just about took the words right out of my mouth with his gumbo recipe. You've got a good one right there already. And shallots wil be just fine, ma'am.
  16. The flavor of that first bite of tender rare lamb with the garlic and fresh thyme/rosemary/mint after the creamiest asparagus bisque with tiny baby speartips resting in butter on the top. Does that qualify as just one?
  17. I love corn in salads, a bit of almost crunchy texture and sweetness. Mmmm. The roll with corn looks a bit odd, but probably just because I've never seen it before. Is the corn/mayo added to the roll after baking? Looks that way to me. Not that different really from other filled breads. And served with ham? That sounds good too. Do you eat corn on the cob in Japan? Either grilled or boiled?
  18. I definitely second the vote for Wolfert's recipe! I do not have a mixer at this point either and mixing the brioche by hand is difficult for me -- although I do all my other bread doughs by hand the brioche is different. I haven't tried the one from the BBA yet . . . I love the rest of breads I've tried from him recently.
  19. Beautiful Marlene! That prime rib looks perfect and everything delicious. Encouraged (and hungry for them now) by your Dave's molten mashers experience I'm thinking of doing those for dinner this evening with makeover leg of lamb from Xmas. Experiment on us before taking that show on the road. Bravo, Marlene, for making it for company and eG your first time. Get your roux pan ready -- let's gumbo, girl!
  20. Marlene, your table is lovely. Will be watching for the pics from this dinner. What a trooper you've been through all of this. You're probably eating a fine prime rib dinner about now. Or on to dessert. Enjoy your evening and I hope some one else is doing the clean up for you tonight. Back to a running topic here . . . If you look at the pic I sent to you of the cornbread broken up for dressing it is a much finer crumble than the pic I see you posted of pre-oven dressing. As I mentioned earlier (and Jaymes concurred ) it needs to be well-crumbled for good stock/flavor absorption. We'll work on this -- perhaps you had too light a hand with seasonings, corn bread sucks them up.
  21. lovebenton0

    Making Tamales

    Thanks, Mabelline for that tip (and the kind words ). I never thought of that! You too phifly -- wish I could have shared them with all of you!
  22. lovebenton0

    Making Tamales

    Neglected to add that although I didn't take any more pics, the tamales were served with a salad of leaves of heart of Romaine topped with roasted corn/green chilies/tomatillos. And beer (NA for me). Followed later by cinnamon stick/MX vanilla coffee and a nice dessert plate of a lakhoum square and dried fruits: a Laila fig, Red Flame grapes sprinkled with slivers of candied ginger and a few apricots. Perfect bit of fruit and sweet after the rich, spicy tamales.
  23. lovebenton0

    Dinner! 2004

    Well, all that sounds too delicious. Did you make the cinnamon rolls with your LC recipe, nullomodo?
  24. Earlier in the month I received a lovely box of artisanal goodies from a very generous eG friend. Dried fruits: delicious Red Flame grapes, Laila figs, Black Mission figs, and dried orange peel. Also the absolutely best candied ginger I have ever had. and lakhoum (which we love). Coming up in the future, but still my Xmas gifts are a new gas cooktop to replace the truly piece of junk electric cooktop that was in the house when we bought it, and two kitchen workstations to be built by my DH. Gotta love having a cabinetmaker in the family.
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