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  1. I just purchased a Soehnle Hippo Digital Food Scale. Very thin (can be hung on the wall). Has a tare function, can weigh up to 11 lbs in .1 ounce increments. It is plastic and is very light but it gets the job done. I was disappointed that it does not display 2 positions after the decimal. It also easily converts to metric (botton on front of scale). It was around $40.00.

  2. A few years ago I read this book, Why We Buy: The Science Of Shopping

    by Paco Underhill, it was very interesting and had some of the same information as the CNN article.

    I usually only frequent low to mid priced casual dining establishments when I'm with my kids, any waiter/waitress who spends the extra time, in speaking with my children or making their visit more enjoyable (sitting next to us, asking them how they are, or bringing them a balloon, bringing their food right away) makes my visit more enjoyable = bigger tip. I like when a waitress draws a happy face or signs their name (in that big script writing using a circle to dot the i, reminds me of when I was in high school).

    I would not expect the same type of behavior at a more refined restaurant (it might turn me off because it would seem too juvenile for an "adult" type of place).

  3. I know it's frustrating. When we were looking for a building we got the same thing. We would call the number on the sign and not receive calls back (why bother posting a for rent sign if you are not going to call people back)?

    Regarding contruction, get an architect and contractor that have worked in the town before and know the buiding dept, fire dept people, it will make your life easier.

  4. My husband and I frequent two restaurants where we know the chef/owner. I feel appreciated when the chef takes time to acknowledge us (every once in a while if the chef is out of the kitchen he will come over and talk with us, but I don’t expect that all the time because they are busy), it makes us feel special. Restaurant #1 (liquor license) we will be offered from time to time a complimentary after dinner drink, sometimes we accept sometimes we don’t (we are just too full). Restaurant #2 (BYOB) sometimes comps the desserts but I feel funny accepting because I know how hard they work, and how little the profit margin is especially with it being a BYOB, so if we do accept we tip the waitress extra.

    I guess owning our own business (we own a wine/liquor shop) I know how little the margin can be, but I also know good business sense. We give 10% off a case of wine or a large order for a special occasion and sometimes give (as a gift but it’s not totally legal) a bottle of wine that we know a customer might like, but not try/buy (usually my husband adds it to their order after they have paid and says, we just got this in, tell me what you think).

  5. Depends on how fancy you want to get, here are some things I have serverd.

    Shrimp cocktail (bag of frozen shrimp and made cocktail sauce and cut up lemons).

    Guacamole, salsa and chips (purchased form Costco, I used the mango salsa).

    Spinach Dip w/veggies and crackers (you can premake the dip and cut up the veggies ahead of time).

    Cheese and crackers w/pepperoni.

    Stuffed mushrooms (do all the prep work, and toss them in the oven for about 15 min.)

    Shrimp or chicken skewers (piece of chicken/shrimp, pineapple and pepper, marinade in teryaki sauce, either broil or grill).

    Bruschetta with crostini (make ahead or you can buy both at Costco)

    Antipasto Platter (bring containers of roasted peppers, marinated artichoke hearts, fresh mozzerella, olives, provalone, pepperoni, salami, tomatoes .....)

    Nuke some velveeta and salsa serve with chips.

  6. I just received the wine tasting menu, my husband and I will be attending (if we can get a babysitter)


    503 Franklin Ave., Nutley 973-667-7778

    Fax 973-667-7767

    WINE TASTING July 28th

    7:00 PM




















    $50.00 Per Person, Tax and Gratuity Not Included.

  7. I have posted on this before but I'll repeat that I hate parents who get their kids cookies and brownies to keep their little mouths busy at the supermarket and then they don't PAY for the snacks. I also dislike adults taking fruit and eating it while shopping and doing likewise. There's no intention of paying for the food they are stealing. And that's what it is...stealing. I always hope they get a nice case of diarrhea. :cool:

    Wow that's pretty harsh. I always give my kids a cookie or small bagel. My Shop Rite gave me a kids club card that entitles the kids to 1 cookie while shopping. I find it really helps when we are waiting in the checkout line. (PS if my daughter wants a bagel instead of a cookie, I pay for it).

  8. Here is what we have in our bar at the moment:

    Depending on the event, guests or us trying new “stuff” and liking it better than the old “stuff” everything is subject to change.

    Roses Lime Juice

    Giroux Grenadine Syrup

    Hiram Walker Triple Sec

    M&R Sweet & Dry Vermouth

    Jameson Irish Whiskey


    Gin: Bombay Sapphire

    Sambuca Romana

    Bourbon – Bookers, Basel Hayden, Makers Mark, Old Rip Van Winkle

    Tequila – Silver Patron, Jose Cuervo Especial

    Vodka – Grey Goose, Ketel One, Monopolawa

    Amaretto Desaronno

    Rum: Appleton Estate Jamaica, Malibu coconut, Bacardi Silver 80

    Felipe II Brandy

    JW Black & Red

    Seagrams 7



    We also have a variety of wine (we bring out different wines depending on our guests, I know it sounds snobby but I have heard too many time "yuk I don't this" and having to pour coastly wine down the drain).

    Your best bet is a well stocked bar with the essentials and specials items (that you know of) for your guests. Know your audience.

  9. I enjoy your show and especially liked the recent special about salt (who knew salt could be so interesting). Coincidentally Preservation magazine had run an article regarding the Zunis who worship Salt Woman.

    Now my question, we are renovating our kitchen and am torn between electric or gas ovens (they would both have a convection feature). In your experience, is their much difference between the two; is one significantly better than the other, is one better for some things than the other? Thanks

  10. I would say the school lunches in my district are about the same as what I send my kids with (we have to pay for the lunches, unless there is financial hardship, so I make the lunches). A typical lunch that I send them to school with consists of a sandwich (ham or turkey or raost beef) w/ lettuce and/or cheese (depending which child it's for) on whole wheat or ital. bread from the bakery, a piece of fruit, bottled water and some sort of snack (granola bar, rice crispie treat, fruit rollup...). The pre-school I sent my kids to had lunch guidelines, which were enforced, basically consisted of a main item (sandwich, soup...), fruit, drink (milk, water or juice) and a small treat. I had to laugh when we all recieved a flyer stating that jello was not a fruit and that lunchables were unacceptable.

  11. I alway thought Dirty Dick's Crab House was pretty funny. Their slogan is something like, "I got my crabs at Dirty Dicks!" :laugh:

    We go there everytime we are in Avon NC. I had to laugh at my 4 year old nephew, running up and down the beach, yelling as loud as he could, "I love Dirty Dick's" (he had just eaten lunch there and got a free frisbee).

  12. I have had brie en croute drizzled with honey, topped with toasted almond slivers and served with apple slices, it was delicious.

    I usually serve brie en croute with a Jezabel sauce on the side (sort of like a jalapeno jelly), it's so easy and always a crowd pleaser.

    I have also had it topped with chutley and enjoyed that also, I mean what's not to like melted brie and pastry....yum

  13. I'm making a lemon tart (Once Upon a Tart cookbook) and will serve with Blueberry sauce. My sister-in-law will be making some cream puffs and also a cheese cake. When I was little my Grandmother would always make a yellow layer cake w/coconut icing.

  14. When I was small we would go to my grandparents house for Sunday dinner right after church, it would always be the same thing, salad (with onions and radishes) roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravey, white bread and string beans-french cut (every once in a while asparagus), there was always a bowl of olives (black pitted) on the table. Desert was a yellow layer cake with coconut icing. After dinner my Gandfather would retire to the sofa and have a beer (usually Pabst) and a cigarette, Lucky Strikes.

    After a time we started going to my other Grandmother's house for Sunday dinner after church, totally different. We would walk in and she would be cooking a large pot of pierogies and a tray of stuffed cabbage, no salad, no veggies or dessert, just the main course. I remember eating pirogies until my stomach hurt w/ tons of sour cream, after you cleaned your plate she would put more on, if you tried to tell her you were full she would say, "what you're not hungry - eat".

    Now I try to cook a full meal every Sunday (we usually don't have salad and desert on the weekdays) and I like to make it special, we eat in the dining room and set a proper table.

  15. I used to like watching the show. I was in high school, so I was just begining to cook, I liked the way he gave a history lesson with the show. I never even saw a lemon remer or garlic press before I started watching his show, not that I use them now, but it opened culinary doors for me, I guess a stepping stone to where I am now, to be open to try/cook new things.

    I met him at a book signing and was very dissappointed, it was about 10:00 am and he was drunk, stunk of vodka, I never watched the show after that.

    BTW Craig was there and he was cute, I wonder what he is doing now?

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