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  1. Thanks for the recipes...I intend to make them all eventually. Yesterday it was Claire's recipe: I found that chilling the batter, then rolling into balls before baking, worked best for me. They spread too much in the initial batch, using the un-chilled dough & dropping by teaspoonfuls. Also, the baked cookies, after sitting overnight, were much closer to the texture I was looking for, soft & chewy. Right after baking, they were a little brittle(not sure if it was because I might have over mixed them), but still, they had delicious flavour. Thanks Claire!
  2. Forgive me if these have already been discussed, but I couldn't find them on RecipeGullet. I'm looking for a dark chocolate cookie, with or without chocolate chips. A friend of mine is having serious health problems, so I thought a batch of her favourite type of cookies might brighten her day. Any good chewy recipes I should try?
  3. I was just looking through an old Gourmet magazine (Nov 1990) today, & it has a recipe called "Six-Week Bran Muffins." Haven't tried it out...uses raisin bran flakes, & buttermilk.
  4. I buy most of my baking supplies at Costco, but unfortunately everything comes in huge pkgs. Good turn-over there keeps the items fresh.
  5. I hope everone here is referring to restaurants only. I've a selection of lovely coloured napkins that I keep out of the glassware, but circled with napkin rings. Is this allowed? Oh well, doesn't matter...my family & friends are impressed by the fact the napkins are cloth & not paper.
  6. Your oxtails look delicious gourmande, beautiful plating! It'll be interesting to see what Epicurious members have to say about the Bon Appetit short rib recipe. Wonder if anyone will make it as printed?
  7. So, I went to Las Vegas last week & won a little money at the new Wynn Hotel & Casino. This is very unusual for me...in fact a first. I can't believe I did the unthinkable & put the money in my wallet & walked away! That means I have approx $600 CDN to spend on anything I want....& of course for me, that means something for the kitchen/dining room. I've thought about a cappaccino machine, knives, a new set of stainless steel cutlery, or new placemats & napkins, but haven't decided yet. These are ways I might spend it...what would you do with the money if it was yours to spend?
  8. First time out with members of this group, & we chose HSG, because of eGullet. Finally got to taste the Gingerbread Pudding, & it lived up to the hype! One particular member of the group (you know who, Neil), literally licked his plate clean! Too bad we were too embarrassed to take a picture...you could have used it in your ads.
  9. Thanks Ling, I'll be looking for your recipe. The only change I made to Claire's recipe (because supply was low), was to use about 1/2 cup coarse light brown cane sugar, as well as 1 1/2 cups brown sugar, for the 2 cups brown called for. The cane sugar gave the pie a nice crunch, almost like toffee bits had been added....might do it again.
  10. Why do we do this to ourselves? I'm the same way, & I'm sure our guests don't even notice the little things we refer to as "mistakes" or "blunders." We had a Mennonite free range turkey from Stong's, which I cooked breast-side down for 2/3 of the time, & breast up final 1/3. Beautifully moist even without brining...which I have done on several occassions, & find makes for very salty gravy.
  11. I used Claire's recipe last night & it was a huge hit with everyone at our Canadian Thanksgiving dinner table. I've made many pecan pie recipes over this years, & this is one of the best. Thanks Claire!
  12. Just heard back from the recipients of said gift certificate, son & daughter-in-law. They used it last night, & by all accounts each had a great meal. Halibut for her (enjoyable, that's all I know), for him a short rib pasta dish, lots of rib meat, great flavour & a $17 price tag. Said they were busy...still meaning to get there myself.
  13. I made the Short Ribs Braised in Porter Ale with Maple-Rosemary Glaze for dinner last night, & found it too sweet. Would make it again, but leave off the maple syrup glaze. Next try will be Herb-Stuffed Leg of Lamb Braised in Red Wine...sounds delicious!
  14. I look pretty silly, don't I, with your recipe printed right here? My post was merged from another thread. Thanks, project, I think I'll give it a try!
  15. I'm having a "ladies" lunch to celebrate a birthday next week, & have been thinking of this as the main course. Does anyone have a recipe they'd care to share? I thought it would be an easy do-ahead dish, along with a green salad (any dressing ideas here?) & an orange chiffon cake for dessert.
  16. So THIS is what you've been saving up for! I was just about to send a PM asking where you were...missed your posts. Really looking forward to this week ....
  17. On the spur of the moment today, I baked Sara's recipe. I first spooned the flour into a one cup measure, then put it on the scale to see what it weighed & it came to 4.5 oz. I decided to use 4 oz, (x 4), seeing as how that weight seemed to be the consensus. When I took them out of the pan, one layer started to crumble, so I got to sample. The cake tastes great, much like shortbread, which I assume is because of the large amount of butter. I'm thinking maybe I should have used the one cup measurement, instead of weight. By the way, my KA is 260 Watt, but I still used the times posted for the more powerful one. I'm going to use the one intact layer tomorrow....splitting & layering with whipped cream & fresh nectarines for a friend's birthday party. I'm sure it'll be a hit!
  18. We found ourselves in Burnaby on Saturday, so decided to check out Cioffi's. I was looking for a beef roast for a dinner I was having that night, so talked the man behind the counter for his best choice. He suggested a Baron of Beef , & just happened to have one already cut, & in the case. I mentioned that it seemed to be a very bright shade of rosy red, & not the deep shade of burgundy that I usually look for. He assured me that it was just because they'd cut it down from a larger roast, & tender it would be! Not so! We could barely cut the roast with our steak knives, even though I'd taken it out of the oven at 110F, so it certainly wasn't overcooked. Should have stuck with my usual choice, which is Stong's.
  19. Yesterday I tried CaliPoutine's recipe & the muffins were delicious! Made exactly as printed, except used 1 cup frozen blueberries & 1 cup frozen raspberries....couldn't wait until I'd been to the store. Oh, also added grated peel from 1 lemon, which I find perks up blueberries. Now I want to try CI's recipe.
  20. Thanks for the info Zuke...I've been looking over at the place & wondering about it. How did you hear about Kokopelli? Who gets around town more than you do?
  21. Are you sure about that? I've always been lead to believe you should spoon lightly into the cup, then level off. One more reason to start weighing, me thinks....
  22. jayhay

    Angel Biscuits

    I hadn't heard of Angel Biscuits, but I was touched by the story too, & now have to try the recipe.
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