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  1. In Vancouver they're available at Stongs, but haven't seen then elsewhere. I've found them very useful for adding to stews, etc, but wouldn't use them raw. Too mushy for that.
  2. Well, I carried on with the Coffee Ice Cream, after straining out the curdles with a fine strainer, & it was delicious! I needn't have worried, it's a very forgiving recipe. Yesterday I made Super Lemon Ice Cream, & it's another winner. Creamy, tart, & oh so easy to make.
  3. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm having a problem making the Coffee Ice Cream in the book. I decided to make the recipe a little lighter, by using 2% milk & half & half, instead of whole milk & heavy cream. After heating the milk mixture with the whole coffee beans, I see it has curdled. I don't think it boiled, if that might be a consideration. Can I rescue this, & carry on with the recipe, or should I throw it out & start again, using the proper dairy?
  4. This looks interesting Anna. Do you use red or white wine? The recipe says white, but the directions mention red.
  5. Very nice Kim, great gift! I can see them holding a couple of olives in an icy martini.
  6. Everyone's baking looks delicious! CanadianBakin' , your girls are very lucky to have a mommy willing to make them each a beautiful cake of their own. Love the happy look on their pretty faces!
  7. I was given a set of Chinese spoons recently, so I too, have been looking for appetizer ideas using them. This recipe from epicurious has me interested, & might work for your event. You could make them "virgin" if need be. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/vie...Y-SHRIMP-240975
  8. So, did your MIL write the recipe out for you?
  9. Great job Chef! So happy they appreciated all the time & effort you put into their meals.
  10. jayhay

    La Panzanella

    Yes, thank you Paul. I haven't tried your crackers yet, but I see they're available at Stong's Market, my neighbourhood store here in Vancouver, so I'll give them a try.
  11. Based on the opinions here, I'm really wanting to make Nigella's chicken & sausage dish for guests this weekend. So, the potato chunks are marinated the same amount of time as the chicken, as well as taking the same amount of time baking, is that correct? The potatoes aren't mentioned in the original recipe, but doing them all together seem SO tempting...and looks delicious in the photos posted here!
  12. I think you're doing an admirable job Cali! Just keep in mind that many seniors, & by the way, I'm one of them, have raised their families on processed foods. They are familiar to them. I moved on years ago, but many have not. Sad to say, but if you have your heart set on changing the tastes of all of your diners, you probably have a losing battle on your hands. Your meals show a lot of thought, just wish for your sake more of them were appreciated.
  13. When my husband was last in Marpole, he was sorry to see that King's Fare is gone. Does anyone know if they've moved to another location?
  14. I'd be interested in hearing about restaurant dining options on Christmas day. Any ideas as to what is open & recommended, in & around Vancouver?
  15. Viva, your butt is beautiful!
  16. Oh no, it's finished? I loved every minute! Thank you Kathleen, for letting us imagine for the last several days that we too, had followed our heart.
  17. Our group of five women had lunch yesterday at Mistral. We all chose the fixed price *Menu Provence* - a bargain at $18. Highly recommended for delicious food & impeccable service!
  18. Enjoyed your stories & photos David! Thank you for sharing them with us, & look forward to another blog from you.
  19. Thanks for the advice re: rice oil, I'll pass the info on!
  20. I have a friend who's been looking for rice oil. Apparently he's looked in a few health food stores, as well as grocery stores, but hasn't been able to find it. Any ideas?
  21. When I read this in your first post, I thought you were referring to your husband...
  22. So true! I can't imagine being invited to a cocktail party & everyone is in bare feet or wearing an assortment of slippers. It's supposed to be a dress-up affair. As far as clean-up goes, nothing is done while the guests are still here other than putting food away. I think it spoils an evening if everyone jumps up & starts rattling pots & pans. Much rather sit & enjoy our guests, & do the dishes after they've left.
  23. Beautiful review Therese, I'm enjoying it very much. Makes me want to return to Portugal for what would be my 5th trip. Great apartment, did you find it online?
  24. jayhay

    Dinner! 2007

    Have you stopped cooking Daniel? I've missed you too!
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