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  1. i made the chocolate bread this morning, and, even though the taste is pleasing, i. e. intense chocolate flavor (used 72%), i am not entirely happy with the crumbly, slightly sticky texture of the baked loaf. any comments as to what may have caused this to occur?
  2. thanks, i have recooked my caramels to 245F, they set up quite well.
  3. i made a batch of chocolate caramels yesterday using herme's recipe, but this morning i noticed that they are too soft. any suggestions as to how i may possibly remedy them or an alternate use for soft caramels? (they taste great)
  4. i'd like very much to make a panforte. last year i had a difficult time incorporating all the fruits and nuts into the hot syrup - it cooled off and solidified very quickly, the cake was extremely hard to cut. i used the following recipe from epicurious. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/233420 any tried and true recipes and tips?
  5. bumping up this topic. i made my tatin recently and was pleased with the result as far as the appearance and the taste, but as soon as the tarte cooled off, i noticed a large amount of solidified butter, where i expected to see caramel. i used 150gr butter and 200gr sugar for 9-10 apples, should i reduce the amount of butter in the future?
  6. i love this pastry! i am trying to figure out how to get a 12'' circle for a tart tatin - can i roll it out thinner or somehow combine the two sheets?
  7. amazon has a pretty good sale on staub. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw/104-1...&Go.x=6&Go.y=10
  8. i made his chicken stock. i followed the recipe precisely and even made a trip to sf china town to get some chicken feet. i have to agree with other posters here - its quite educational!
  9. don't know about the pennsylvania dutch, but if you mean "lokshn", that's great stuff, grew up on that and the chicken soup!
  10. can you share your recipes? thanks.
  11. Ignorant question here: how does that happen and why is it important? ← i don't really know why this happened, on their website they state that acid may be the cause, in my case - its unlikely. my understanding is that once a pan becomes deanodized its no longer inert and will react with food.
  12. i've had a wolf for 15 years, i use SOS for tough baked on stuff, otherwise just regular dishwashing soap and a little scrubbing. i spray ammonia on the outside stainless, then i "polish" a little with a dry rag.
  13. it appears that my 3.5 qrt windsor pan made by calphalon (commercial hard anodized) has turned "silver" which means it deanodized. calphalon no longer makes this particular pan, also the rest of the line has changed so much since they started manufacturing in china, that i wouldn't buy it today. does anyone have experience with their life time warranty products? what sort of replacement can i expect from them?
  14. i made the honey caramel chews, they're addictive!
  15. thanks, i'll do both the par-boiling and cooking on the stove since i have a large amount of orange peel and the microwave method seems a bit limiting.
  16. can you share you recipe and technique for candying large amounts (from 10-12 oranges) of peel?
  17. please, post the recipes you used, at the moment i'm collecting the the orange peel.
  18. I did a lemon batch a while back (see this post for substitutions). They were excellent. I think grapefruit would work really well, too. Never got round to orange The acid has not been a problem have fun ← thank you, mette! i just made a batch with lemon juice, very pleasant flavor and a nice light texture.
  19. i am quite sure that i didn't beat long enough, i was afraid that i would not be able to add the nuts if it cools off too much. it tastes fine, but a pita to work with! i used a silpat sheet, and found that cornstarch/powdered sugar mixture didn't help much. i added no cocoa butter or almond paste. thanks for your help
  20. i made the nougat (kerry beal's recipe from recipe gullet), it set up to a very soft consistency - doesn't hold its shape and very sticky, i wonder whether there is anything i can do know to remedy this. my plan at the moment is to roll it in chopped pistachios and serve in small paper cups.
  21. kitwilliams, thanks for clarification, i like your idea of baking puff pastry separately.
  22. kitwilliams, great looking tatin! can you please give some additional details, i.e. is this a 10" pan, how much butter and sugar you used for 15 apples, how long did you cook on the stovetop, how long and at what temp in the oven?
  23. foodie3

    Whole Duck ideas

    has anyone tried cooking whole duck on a (weber) rotisserie?
  24. it contains no butter, only whipping cream. i am not familiar w/ elvis's recipe.
  25. i too love this book. whipped cream poundcake is my standard now, i also like polish honey cake and make my creme caramel and pots de creme using his recipes.
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