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  1. I think you can go about it 2 ways, depending on whether you want to go for a "make up meal" or whether you're seeking a financial compensation: In a calm manner by phone or (maybe preferably) by mail inform the restaurant of the incidence; most restaurant managers/chefs will be aware of such misfortunes, and in a fairly well-documented case will immediately offer a meal "on the house" with all the trimmings. If the feign ignoreance, or if you're going for compensation be aware that the burden of the proof lies with you. If you can prove that your malaise is caused by a toxin-producing bacte
  2. Almadraba Park definetely offers Breakfast only options, and theuir breakfast is definetely worth it, lounging on the terrace with a perfect croissant in the morning watching the fishing vessels cruising in after a night's catch is ever so nice. Prices start at approx. €110 medium season, corporate rate, single occupancy, seaview, but not bay view.. (Sept. 2006).
  3. Going back to lyon for the Bocuse D'Or 2007, and have 2 dinners and 2 lunches where I want to try the out of the ordinary in all respects, whether experimental or traditional. Troisgros is already scheduled for Monday night. Last time, thanks to Lucy's Cookbook gave me a pleasant surprise at Chez Pierre as a typical neighborhood restaurant as well as Gourmet de Seze. Looking amongst others at Magali & Martin and Nicholas Le Bec's place. Other suggestions (Apart form Michelin starred restaurants). Have car, might travel for lunch..
  4. Standardized reply today, excessive demand etc.. Looks like I'll have to resort to my "terrorist technique" the final week before arrival..
  5. Here's a dodgy one: Amongst the affecionados there is believed to be a slight difference in quality between the rignt and left hind leg and subsequently the resulting ham. This due to the animals' habitually resting only on one side and therefore giving this side an extra in vivo "tenderizing". Any commentson this to a true "nerd of jamons"?
  6. Aaahhh! So you were the reason one of my closest friends couldn't get a table for lunch on saturday! And I do agree: Their personalized service i s unique. Could the latter of your restaurants have been "Rias de Galicia"?
  7. La Granja Elena in Passeig de Zona Franca, close to the new congress centre. Nicely prepared food , partly just sheer simplicity in a congenial atmosphere where we were made more than welcome, even on our first visit as foreigners. Excellent foie gras, and the "brie farceis de trufas" was perfect. None of the brush off mentality described by some others in the forum. As a certain governor would have put it: "I'll be back!"
  8. Sant Pau might have been fully booked for certain dates (particularly the weekend lunches) a long time ahead, but I was there with three friends last tuesday for lunch on our way back from Elbulli, having made the booking early/mid august. The meal itself was fantastic, I'm trying to write up a small report in another thread, and well worth every €
  9. Must say I'm surprised that noone has mentioned Sant Pau?
  10. Another fall trip to Mallorca coming up, this time to the not-so-heavily-loaded-with-grat-restaurants area around Son Servera/Cala Millor area for a week in the end of September. Bringing the kids, so any 4 hour lunch or dinner will be out of the question. Any recs?
  11. September is a great time to be in Barcelona and Catalunya. It is great mushroom season. It is also a great season for festivals, especially in Barcelona. Do try some traditional catalan cuisine if for no other reason than for a better understanding of the source of the molecular cuisine, which is still largely based on traditional Catalan cuisine as a reference point. I hate to admit that I have yet to dine at Gilt, but minibar is a direct descendant of El Bulli and the closest thing to that experience in the US. Nevertheless they are both unique in their own ways and both wonderful. Enjoy!
  12. Victor, could you please elaborate? Is there an overabundance of restaurants, is the lack of clients reflecting a generally weakening economic trend, or is the Catalan/Barcelonian way of life turning away from the restaurant scene in general?
  13. Secured myself a weekend in Venice in the beginning of June, and am looking for THE culinary gems that can be found in this touristy and partially overpriced city. My first time, and have been searching other posts extensively. Might give Da Fiore a shot for lunch one of the days, but elsewise looking for friendly suggestions from recent visitors.
  14. Regarding Colibri: I haven't been there since Robert quit and opened his new (and to me highly recommended place) Gamvik at Balmes 165. Much of the same style of cooking, but some dishes even better executed, particularly the risoto with ceps (when in season) and tuna tartare. As for Hisop: Haven't been there, but give us feedback if you go!
  15. Great post, but youve forgotten that Bagatelle also has two stars. ← Hmmm.. The last time I looked, Bagatelle was still in Oslo?
  16. Well, I'm back and if I should stick to the heading of the topic the answer is very simple: 48 The Restaurant! www.48therestaurant.com Dinner on saturday there was extremely good, in a modernly dramatic setting that interiorwise has borrowed certain elements from the Supper Club in Amsterdam. From the seabass and octopus carpacchio, extremely fresh throug to the lightly salted tuna, ceviche, succulent (but labourcostly) grilled red mullet to succulent slow cooked leg of lamb, everything was superb (Then again, maybe my expectations weren't too high?). Found one stellar white wine at an extrem
  17. Some above average white wine is made in Lanzarote from Malvasia, verdejo and Muscat grapes. Also look for the Vinos del Autor from Tenerife.
  18. Too bad you were unfortunate at Amaiur, THE dish to go for there is probably the leg of baby lamb. Which wine did you try?
  19. Just back, and have had some positive experiences. As we had tehe kids to consider as well as our gastronomically rather isolated location of the Tauro valley west of Puerto Rico, the samplings were rather limited, but here are some of the highlights: 1. Amaiur in Maspalomas: Traditional Basque cooking, solid, but not totally exciting. Faily good wine list. Excellent Gambas al ajillo with a fragrant accompanying sauce. 2. Cofraderia de los Pescadores right on the quay in Arguineguin.. Extremely fres fish, simply prepared. Fantastic baby sole a la Meuniere. My best almejas a la plancha. Forni
  20. Alas: I probably won't be able to go to Piraeus, although I had the restaurant listed as a definite prospect.
  21. athinaeos: straying slightly off-topic: I'm going for a very short trip to Athens 3.-5th of March, will have the possibility to freely choose lunch or dinner on Saturday. What's your best shot? (I'm not looking for too internatioalized cuisine). Thanks in advance.
  22. Finally got it from Amazon at the end ofg last week! Thoropughly enjoyable reading with a great mix of both innovative and traditional recipes as well as description of up to date cooking techniques. But: Why not metric measures? And:Would have loved to have it in hardback with slightly less cluttered pages and maybe more (and better) photos to satisfy the most discerning fans of "foodporn".
  23. Refreshing the topic, once again seeking sun and warmth, in the region of Tauro, Puerto Rico, Mogan and Arguineguin. Not looking for high end cuisine, but as before honest cooking, value for money, and the ood one out that is not too touristy.
  24. I've been fortunate to be able to taste most of the Castillo Ygay wines from last century; -34: Some bottle and level variations, but withstood a half hour in decanter, but will not develop any further. Slightly dried fruit on the palate. Tasted 5 times, the last time slightly in decline. -25: First tasted at Arzak in 1992, then fantastic, sweet with its pale colour belying its concentration. Last bottle tasted 1 year ago (bottle bought in SS), this one also drying out. -42: THE best Rioja ever tasted: Awesome concentration, vibrant colour, lush fruit, enormous aftertaste. Similar to Grand Ech
  25. Mmm... Then again: Some of us would rather that this shop's location was never made public.... Got my loast two bottles of Castillo Ygay 1934 here.
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