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  1. Alas, just back last night from Stockholm and did: 1. Lux for lunch on wednesday; Great location on the southern outskirts of town in the old Electrolux factory building with great views across the canals.. Tried the Calyx roe with sour cream and blinis, a little bland although the roe/caviar was fresh without the metallic after taste. Potted foie gras with intertweened meat and pistachios with pickled onions was sublime.. Baked "røding" was definetely low temperature prepared, and moist, but tastewise a so-so... Good selection of wine by the glass, albeit a bit pricey; the Ostertag Muenchber
  2. Old thread maybe, but would love some fresh input as I'm off to Stockholm next week. Any recent visits?
  3. Thanks, just came back frrom Vinoteca, definetely heavily loaded...
  4. Victor: Having his personal supervision will definetely do magic for Mas Passamaner; stayed there in May withthe family, and because of our baby girl we had all our dinners at the restaurant which tried hard but didn't quite make it, and not enough variety in presentation and dishes for three consecutive dinners... They were extremely good with teh kids, though.. Slightly OT: Any rec's for best wine shops in Palma or where to find the best pata negra at a favourable price (Sanchez Romero de Caravajall)? Not Club de Gourmet at El Corte Ingles, but any other centrally located venue will be gre
  5. Thanks Victor: Bens d'Avall is definetely on my short list, and we'll try to go there as a part of our day out this upcoming friday. I've been to Tristan twice, and was not too impressed, a little bit to predictable Michelin* style for me, and the service was definetely very German; cold and distant. I'll definetely look up Es Baluard, but might opt for tapas or similar on saturday night, any great options besides La Boveda?
  6. Next weekend Palma has the undistinguished pleasure of my presence, and this time we're not planning on any major excursions other than brunch on the sunday at Hotel Gran Son Net. So far we've booked La Boveda for thursday night and Fabrica 23 for friday evening. BUT: Would love some recent updates on some of the above mentioned restaurants and reccomendations.. How was it?
  7. As a sidethought regarding some previous suggestions: Rumors have it that Hisop might be closing due to lack of turnover, anyone in the know?
  8. Well guys, I'm (unfortunately(!)) back, having landed in chilly Oslo late last night, and here are some of my impressions from the last two days with more to follow later... After a small indulgence of Eggs Benedictine with fresh truffles for breakfast at Arts (does magic for your coronary arteries) lunch was of course on saturday at Cinc Sentits, opted for the small Omikase with wine pairings by the half-glass. Not dissapointed at least, in my opinion the only flaw was that I prefer my cochinillo slightly less deconstructed with the crispy crust intact (Done nicely at Moo), but please Jordi:
  9. Thanks for all the replies! A small update as I´m in BCN at the moment: Went to Gamvik in Balmes 165 yesterday, and was impressed, but then my opinion could be biased since I´ve known Robert for a few years, and we´ve encountered eachother on his trip to northern Norway. But: A modest local with small paintings on the walls giving impressions of the scenery around Gamvik. Wine list: Top notch, very broad, good and sensible selection with moderate markups. Menu: Some dishes do show his history at Isidre and Colibri, like the espalsa del cabrito, but apart from that very good when it comes to
  10. Lovely! This reminds me of a fishmonger/distributor in Gracia in BCN that once a week will open up the back of his shop, be it a wednesday or thursday night for a select few of his clients. There he'll serve food prepared very much in a similar manner, totally fresh, totally plain but stil bursting with flavour! Tried to upload pictures, but no luck...
  11. 10 things/places I wouldn't miss if visiting Barcelona: 1. El Celler de Can Roca. 2. Tapas at Quimet i Quimet. 3. Cinc Sentits. 4. hand cut Jamon Iberico de Bellota at Jamonisimo. 5. Hisop. 6. 70% chocolate rajoles from Enric Rovira. 7. Colibri. 8. Early morning visit to La Boqueria. 9. Montadito and Cava at La Champanyeria, where it not packed with tourists. 10. fresh ice cream at Cremeria Toscana 6 things/places I think are over-hyped: 1. Cal Pep 2. Comerç 24 3. Estrella de Plata 4. Cata 181 5. machine cut ham at La Boqueria 6. Cacao Sampaka wanted to go all the way up to 10, but can't thi
  12. Thanks for the advice so far; yes I've tried Comerc, but forgot to write it down... I might not venture into the 972 (phone)area this time, that was saved for elbulli which didn't come through though.. There's one good restaurant up close by Montserrat though?
  13. On short notice I'm going back to BCN this weekend and will have plenty of time to try out some new and refreshing restaurants, both for lunch and dinner. Tried to pull all the strings in my purse but came up blank at elbulli (Been there thrice, but this year's menu looks interesting), and so far I've got these on my list: friday night: Restaurant Gamvik (Actually named after a county in Finnmark, Norway, met up with Robert the week after in Oslo and he told me about his idea for the name, and so we've also provided him with the county's weapon/seal, proudly presented on the wall). 1st time,
  14. Judith: I'm sorry to say that my two last visits to Moo in February and April 2005 duplicated your visit. On the latter occasion I was hosting a group of colleagues and friends and the service was totally off any pitch. The waiters, maitre d' and bartenders have the unique ability to act busy whilst achieving and doing absolutely nothing... After 1,5 hours we had received our first appetizer, had been proposed the wrong wine 3 times and had to beg for some bread... This promoted me to pull the maitre d' aside and politely in Spanish suggest to him that both service and attitude left rather mu
  15. Refreshing the topic a bit since I'm on my way to Mallorca this upcoming weekend. Alas: We're going to the ah so touristy area of Cala Millor, and are looking for good rec's in this area. So far I've tried with success Pula Restaurant, Son Floriana and Sa Punta, the latter being quite a pleasant surprise despite its location in the middle of Totally commercialised tourism. We do have a car for the entire period so wer're not entirely location dependent, but bear in mind that the two kids are coming with us, so any 8-course 4-hour dinner is out of the question (although the children are very
  16. as a small sidenote: The new hotel at M.de Riscal will be administered and profiled as part of the STARWOOD programme, which (unfortunately or fortunately??) might result in an influx of American visitors? Opening scheduled for early 2006, and the property will have very few rooms and probably be branded within the gorup's "Luxury Collection".
  17. My two cents worth: Restaurant Kaia in Getaria, november 2003; Wild turbot from the grill located on the pavement outside below the restaurant's entrance; succulent and doused with the freshest DAURO Empordà olive oil directly from the press, and in the excellent company of Sr Santolaya.. I realize that this is a one-off experience in exceptional circumstances, but reports from friends sent to Kaia concur with my opinion. Enjoy!
  18. Can you specify what area you'll be visiting? Lisbon, Algarve, Oporto, etc... ?
  19. Vel min venn, nå har du virkelig tråkket i salaten! Calella ligger midt i det området hvor du definitivt finner noen av Spanias beste restauranter, nevner i fleng: Sant Pau, Hispania, El Raco de Can Fabes, og 12 mil lenger nord El Celler de Can Roca og El Bulli... Gjør du et søk på disse i dette forumet vil du ha mer enn nok hygge deg med... The short version translated from Norwegian: My fellow countryman, you've really put your foot in it, listing the above mentioned restaurants and recommending the "search" button... But in all fairness: The original poster is a young promising chef from
  20. Thanks for all your advice so far, unfortunately Joan Gatell is closed during our stay (W¨'re in the region from 2nd-9th of May). But the village of Gratallops looks very picturesque, and I also came across a promising restaurant called Irreductibles, mighr check that one out as well! www.irreductibles.org On a sidetrack from the gastronomic route: I know I have to go to Port Aventura with the kids for a day or two , any decent restaurants around there or tips/hints?
  21. Well, The Vikings including one 8- and one 10 year old are going to Spain the 1st week of May.. For three nights we'll be staying in/on top of Barcelona at the Gran Hotel La Florida, and most of our dinners/lunches are more or less set/decided, including Cal Pep and Cinc Sentits (unless someone has any fab. suggestions for restaurants that will appeal to both adults and kids palatewise). Even though we would be able to get reservations at El Bulli, we're actually not (!)going this time on account of the kids... So, after that we're headed to Reus, staying at the Mas Passamaner www.maspassa
  22. Having been to BCN twice this last month, and both times (the second time against better knowledge) visitede Moo. Both times the "Roca" menu was identical, slightly adventurous, but at the same time to me the food seemed churned out along the same mold without any particular soul, and IMHO more representative of the "food industry" rather than any gastronomical experience. One stand out to me was their version of suckling pig, excellent crunch and almost molten interior, but still a far cry from the traditional lechonas that Spain has to offer. BUT: THE main flaw was: Lack of service, snotty
  23. Last week I stumbled upon a new small restaurant in Oslo, only holding approx. 20-25 guest places. It's called "Restaurant Oscars gate", situated centrally and within walking/tram distance of most attractions/hotels. This hole in the wall provides mainly a tasting menu (8 courses+ nidbits in the front and tail end) and with a style I'd describe as crossover between Cinc Sentits, Troisgros and El Raco de Can Fabes (If you have the imaginatison that is..) Highlights for us were the leg of quail with powdered foie gras, the cheese dish which had a piece of deep fried cheese on top of melted Bril
  24. The Viking


    Thanks everyone for an updated input, reconfirming my faith in amongst others Chez Pierre and Gourmet de Seze, reservations have been made and I'm off tomorrow to the Salon and of course "Bocuse D'Or" where a good friend of mine is defending Norway's three titles in 6 attempts over the last ten years(!) The atmosphere, nervousness on the arena, festiveness, the authenticity of cooking... Mmm... I'm going to absorb it all, feast, enjoy, and hopefully come back with a trip report..
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