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  1. If you read the link, this topic has more to do with the economy and what people have to look forward to with regard to job availability and pay. I have to agree with most, $13/hour isn't bad at all. I started in SF and was making $9/hour out of school. Didn't go up that much when I became salaried, especially when you factor in how many hours management puts in!
  2. how about the thread here on eGullet about "Starting a Chocolate Business"?! I think it is linked in the index, if not, I'll edit this post with a link. At any rate, there's lots of good information there if you're afraid to ask at the internship.
  3. I'd go with something on the lines of what Chris mentioned above, but more like what dystopiandreamgirl does with her cakes. some chocolate leaves a light dusting of powdered sugar, that kind of thing.
  4. I think too, that if they are reasonable, they'd understand that you won't use it quickly enough to have finished it by the expiry. They should either exchange it or give you a discount. I'm sure they can sell it to a business who is likely to use it before the expiration date.
  5. i realize this was like three years ago, but i thought i'd respond: it's possible to freeze macs (unfilled) and then just defrost and fill. at least that's what they did at payard patisserie in nyc a couple of years ago.
  6. my husband likes to keep google alerts on former colleagues of mine and this link (for some strange reason in the Shanghai Daily) showed up for Freemans: "Depression-style eatery creates a 'no frills' cult" has anyone eaten there under new chef Michael Citarella? what's the food like?
  7. I do think that two seafood apps might be a bit much. i would go with one seafood, one veg, one chicken or pork (since you're serving a beef-like meat with the meal). While the doc didn't mention any vegetarians, I do think it is a good idea to plan for at least a couple of people not wanting to eat a ton of red meat for dinner. So, "beef" up the side dishes a bit with an entree-like veggie dish. With the bison maybe a mixed root vegetable gratin/lasagne type thing? It is wintery and people like creamy starchy things. That might change the sweet-potato puree idea...but hey, I'm just throwing out suggestions. You don't mention a cheese course, that might be nice at the end (family style). Also, no salad/cold veggie offering? Maybe that's what you're planning for m.g.?
  8. I will make a test batch in a day or so and then post my great success (or screw-up ) Thanks for the information about the lemon juice...I am opting for lemon juice. Do you have any photos you could post of something with its Royal decor? ← if you go to onetoughcookie's web site (linked in her sig line), you'll see her BEAUTIFUL cookies and other creations!
  9. the original posting i think uses yogurt or sour cream in the clear jello to make the white layers, either way, sounds good. chinese almond jello would be a good white layer as well! canned pineapple juice works fine because it has been cooked/pasteurized. this kills the enzyme that deactivates gelatin. that's why you can used canned pineapple pieces in jello molds. any of the tropical fruits that have that enzyme can be cooked to deactivate. edited to fix tags
  10. Rob, try Billington's. They call it molasses sugar, but I'm pretty sure it is the same thing as dark muscovado.
  11. royal icing: powdered sugar, egg whites, acid (lemon juice or cream of tartar) the acid helps to keep it white meringue powder already contains sugar...usually dried egg whites with sugar and maybe another ingredient or two dried egg whites are pretty easy to find if not, get liquid whites "just whites" or something like that as long as they are pasteurized. the point of using meringue powder/dried whites is because they are safe for young children/older people/people with compromised immunity to eat. doesn't matter if you use lemon juice or cream of tartar. when i make mine, i usually even add a touch of lemon or orange extract so it doesn't taste so blandly sweet.
  12. different kinds of jello salads (with mini-marshmallows and canned mandarin orange wedges) jello set in martini or other fancy glasses (so it looks fancy but is still ghetto) jello shots (made with alcohol) jello jigglers (firmer set with less liquid and cut into fun shapes)
  13. I don't have this book, but I do have a couple of other Hensperger books that I like. I like her no-nonsense, simple approach to baking which makes it approachable for anyone at any level. I look forward to hearing what other members say about "The Bread Bible".
  14. i agree with pastrygirl. use untempered chocolate and apply while still malleable to the frozen entremet. you won't have the same contraction (which is causing the buckling) as tempered chocolate. when it comes to room temp to serve, the chocolate may also soften though, but that might not be an issue.
  15. gap, thanks a whole heck of a lot!!! you've now got me salivating after another incredibly expensive book that i really don't need, but won't rest until i have it in my collection! thanks again
  16. What are callets? I'm assuming they're little bits of chocolate, and I tried to look it up before asking and this is what I got: Main Entry: cal·let Pronunciation: \ˈka-lət\ Function: noun Etymology: perhaps from Middle French caillette frivolous person, from Caillette fl1500 French court fool Date: 15th century chiefly Scottish : prostitute ← nice definitions! PopsicleToze, each brand of high end chocolate has a different name for the small format chocolate that they sell (chips) - Callebaut - callets Valrhona - feves Clulizel - grammes E. Guittard - wafers etc. etc. It's all part of their branding.
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    Well, that's only six items and there are eight days in Hanukkah...
  18. from what i understand, feuilletine is made from a very liquid crepe batter. usually, the batter is spread thinly on the back of sheet pans (heavy black steel sheet pans) and then when baked, scraped off and allowed to crumble. i don't see why you can't adjust a crepe or tuile batter using organic ingredients to make your own. of course, the cost of labor and ingredients might just make your product a bit too expensive.
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    Thanks for pointing these out Lior. If I hadn't just bought Ramon Morato's book, I'd be buying some of these molds. Now, I'll just have to drool...
  20. This was discussed on another thread somewhere here in eG. Either adding milk solids (dry milk powder) to butter while browning or adding heavy cream to butter while browning to get added solids and more browning...thus more flavor! I'm pretty sure people have been doing this for quite some time. I think it's a great idea for the ice cream. I'm eager to hear how yours comes out as I know what you mean about the granular bits and coating on the spoon. Some over fatty ice creams have that as well. Not the best mouthfeel.
  21. try this website. i've never ordered from them, but it looks like what you're after. edited to add: their prices seem high. you might want to look for a wholesale source. unless you just need them for something small scale.
  22. Might also use coconut flour........... ← i've never seen that...where can you get it? does it have a nice coconut flavor?
  23. a joconde works well and here's a link to a recipe here on eGullet that would probably work great. you could probably even substitute the almond meal with unsweetened dessicated coconut (maybe grind smaller in a blender?) to get your coconut flavored joconde.
  24. Thanks for posting those pics Luis! I'm eagerly waiting for my book and wondering why it is taking over two weeks to arrive from Canada!!!!! The damn Mounties are holding it at the border edited to add: not that it matters, but did he seem like a nice guy?
  25. make a yuzu curd using the zest and some lemon juice to balance the amount of juice
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