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  1. I'm planning to do some preliminary testing this weekend mainly just for flavours, textures, etc... I will not be getting into the actual structure of the cake for a little while, until I have found the combinations I like. Beginning Saturday I will be baking a couple different small cakes and trying out some of my ideas, plus some of the suggestions I have received here (I'm expecting to be at least three pounds heavier come Monday). As far as decoration goes my contribution will be minimal, the bride plans to use Hydrangeas for decorating and has therefore asked me to not decorate too heavily. This is one of the few requests they made along with "chocolate cake with white icing", so the majority of the choices are up to me (of course I will take input from sous chef Mrs. JerryA). I will keep everyone posted on how things are progressing. Thanks again. PastryLady, any preliminary thoughts on what you are going to make?
  2. Thanks Barolo! Somehow I completely forgot about Cookshop, I will definitely be heading there.
  3. I was actually hoping to do regular (brown) chocolate cake, my thought was that if I put a layer of white chocolate buttercream on the cake before I put the ganache on, then the brown would not show through. Maybe refrigerating the cake after the buttercream layer so the ganache will go on more easily? I really like the contrast of brown cake with white icing so maybe I will have to skip the ganache all together and just go with buttercream (I hope not). Please let me know what you think as I value your input, if this idea will not work I need to think of something else. p.s.: I will definitely try the corn syrup then, but what about butter, yay or nay?
  4. Yes, very amateur. I'm hoping that having a little confidence, a little experience, and 6 months to work out the kinks will be enough to get me through. Never heard of Tools & Techniques, I'll have to give it a look. I'll probably try Gourmet Warehouse as well, but I'll have to be careful not to walk out of there with a maxed credit card. Fortunately I will not have to worry about those little critters in my fruit because the cake (as it sits in my mind right now) is going to be just plain chocolate filled with blackberry preserves and blackberry mousse covered with white chocolate buttercream and finally all covered with white chocolate ganache. Although this may change drastically after this weekend when I start the flavour testing.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm hoping to tap the wonderful baking minds of everyone here and get some info/help. I will be making a cake for my friends wedding in September and am planning the following: 3 round tiers chocolate cake blackberry preserves in-between layers blackberry mousse in-between layers (on top of preserves) white chocolate buttercream for the dam and the crumb coat (probably) white chocolate ganache for icing For the ganache I have heard several different ideas as to how it should be done. Some just say straight up (chocolate & cream), some say add butter, others say add corn syrup, and even others are combinations of these. Does anybody know the way to go for a wedding cake? The wedding is in the fall here in Vancouver so it will be pretty cool, therefore not too concerned with sweating or melting (I think the corn syrup is to help the sweats). Also, any input/tips on my other selections would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for the help. Edit: to add one tier...
  6. My friends have asked me to make the cake for their wedding in September and I realized that there are quite a few things I need before I can seriously get started (as in start sweating from the pressure). Anyway, I am looking for the best supply store to get all of my wedding cake baking needs. I usually just go to this little kitchen store close to home, but they do not have all of the items I require so I figured, who better to ask then all of you local e-gulleters. Thnks for the help. Edit: changed from October to September...that could have been ugly!!
  7. We went to Joe's when we were in LA last November and absolutely loved it. Mrs. 'A' had the Crab Hash which she loved (so did I), and I had the Pumpkin Pancakes with Duck Confit and Blackberry Jus that were fantastic, I dream about them all the time. Our friends had a frittata that looked ok, and french toast with quince and vanilla cream that was delicious. I have attached a couple of pictures to hopefully make your mouth water. Carrot Soup Appetizer Pumpkin Pancakes with Duck Confit Crab Hash Frittata on left French Toast on right Anyway, have a great time and be warned you get a choice of appetizer with your brunch (carrot soup is example) and I recommend not getting the granola as my friend did, he was way too full after that to finish his frittata.
  8. I picked up my copy of the book a couple of weeks ago and was thinking of spending my next day off in early March trying to actually prepare something out of it (some of the recipes look like an all day affair). I was wondering if anyone has attempted any of the recipes, and whether they were successful or not. I am pretty much open to making anything, as long as I can get the ingredients, and would love to hear about any hits or misses.
  9. In a word: everything! I really have not had anything dissapointing there but some favourites are the corn & crab rolls, the teriyaki chicken ramen, and Mrs. A absolutely loves the Ebi Mayo. We have been there many times and always enjoy it, but get there early because it lines up.
  10. Chocomoo: I'm glad to hear you had a good experience at Aqua Riva. We went for Dine-out last year and had a terrible experience. The food was dry, flavourless, and uninspired while the service was indifferent at best. It was definitely my worst Dine-out meal last year. I felt that this was one of the "stupid places" that Coop was describing, and I will definitely never go back. In contrast, my Gotham dinner last year (and I'm sure Parkside tonight) was on the other side of the spectrum (I know there are a lot of people who have had bad experiences at Gotham, but ours was close to flawless...and an exceptional value as well in my opinion). It is a shame that not all of the Dine-out restaurants (or all restaurants for that matter)adhere to the same standard of value, seeking to squeeze every nickel out of diners rather than just giving us an enjoyable experience that would be repaid with loyalty and free advertising. Enough of my ranting, there is a sticky toffee pudding calling my name...
  11. After spending hours drooling over the Aquavit cookbook in bookstores and online, I would never, ever scoff at Scandinavian food again. That being said, I have never been to a Scandinavian retaurant in Vancouver, and I would not even know where one is. Are there any good ones?
  12. Here is the Parkside menu as promised: Dine Out at Parkside Menu January 23 to February 7, 2004 Your choice of: Lobster bisque with chive crème fraiche Roasted beet & arugula salad, goat cheese panna cotta & hazelnut vinaigrette Terrine of chicken & smoked ham, creamed mustard, toasted brioche Green salad, tomato fondue & basil vinaigrette ************ Crisp duck confit, potato gratin & blood orange jus Braised beef shank with wild mushrooms & Madeira sauce Pan roasted trout, melted leeks & red wine shallot reduction Pumpkin and mascarpone ravioli, truffle sage beurre blanc & roasted pistachios ************ Sticky toffee pudding, vanilla bean ice cream Lemon tart with raspberry sorbet Chocolate pot de crème and port soaked cherries Explorateur cheese with fruit & nut bread, kumquat marmalade 3 course dinner $25
  13. I just wanted to let everyone know that Parkside is doing a "secret" dine-out menu. The standard 3 courses for $25. The menu looks fantastic with about 5 choices each for appetizer, entree, and dessert. I have the menu at home and will post it later for those who are interested.
  14. If it's not too late I recommend the Organic chicken hash or some pancakes if you like pancakes. The hash is damn good.
  15. First of all thanks to Coop for his wishes, and Happy New Year to all Burger Clubbers and BC Egulleters! Now to the food. For me, when I think of the best of 2003 there are many individual dishes that jump into my mind, rather than overall dining experiences. The Ghee-braised short ribs and the lamb popsicles at Vij's, Organic chicken hash at Chef Bernard's, the foie gras and boudin at Lumiere, the pumpkin pancakes with duck confit at Joe's in Venice Beach (I know it's American but it is embedded in my memory), the shiso ramen at Kintaro (with extra pork 'cause Mrs. A doesn't eat hers), carrot-cardamom pudding at West, the lamb sirloin with gnocchi and the brilliant port and cheese course at Wildflower in Whistler. However the number one dish and overall best experiences I've had have been at Parkside this year. The dish was goose done three ways, a sausage on a nest of sauerkraut, goose confit with thinly sliced potatoes, and foie gras on a bed of baby haricots verts all with a port reduction. I savoured and loved every bite of this and the sticky toffee pudding for dessert was great as well. The service there has always been fantastic (we have had the same server every time we've gone there and she is always absolutely great). I highly recommend Parkside and wish them great success! As far as the worst of 2003, I know there were a couple but I think I chose to block them out of my mind because I can't really remember any specifically. If I happen to remember any, I will add them later. Have a great 2004 everybody!!
  16. As far as I'm concerned (and I've said it before) the best breakfast in Whistler is Chef Bernard's in the upper village near Chateau Whistler. Good prices and excellent food!
  17. Although we have not been there in a while, Mrs. 'A' and I have always enjoyed Wolfie's in White Rock: http://www.wolfieswhiterock.com/
  18. Just so everyone knows a lot of places are, unfortunately, not accepting reservations for this yet.
  19. I've always been told I have chicken legs, although I guess that's not what you are looking for.
  20. Jerry_A

    Opening Soon.

    Any possibilty of getting a little more clarity on the location? That way when I dream about this place at night, I can do it with a little more accuracy.
  21. Lucky for me I've never had the misfortune. I have always been intrigued, until now.
  22. Wish list: Fantasy: El Bulli Potential to actually happen: French Laundry Local restaurant so definitely will happen and maybe before 2004 if I have the time: Bis Moreno Great topic by the way!
  23. I can't believe you are considering going back. It sounds awful. Thanks for the report/warning.
  24. The only thing I know about El Patio is that I have walked by it about a million times (give or take). I am interested to here what it is all about as I love Spanish food.
  25. Taco Del Mar in Kerrisdale...fast food fish taco!
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