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  1. Has anyone tried moonshine cherries or maraschino cherries in place of glace cherries? What’s the overall effect?
  2. Thanks for the many replies. The candied fruits I have are pretty soft so it seems it’s definitely a no-go on soaking.
  3. Opinions about soaking candied fruit please. I’m making fruitcake soon and will be adding dried and candied fruit. I’m soaking the dried fruit (raisins, apricots etc) in alcohol, but what about the candied fruit (cherries, lemon/orange peel)? Do you think those should be soaked as well, or just add them to the batter directly? Why and why not?
  4. I'm making a fruitcake that I've soaked twice in the past 3 weeks. I plan to soak it one last time next week. When should I eat it after the last soaking? Would a few days or a week suffice?
  5. This ban just exemplifies California's penchant for needing to pass laws when it sees that people are enjoying themselves too much.
  6. I made a citron cream that separated with a pool of butter on top. Don't know what I did wrong. Here's the recipe I used. 400g sugar 400g eggs 180g lemon juice 530g butter Whisked the sugar, juice and eggs and heated until boiled and thickened. Then added butter and whisked over boil for about 10 minutes. By the time I strained it, there was a pool of butter on top. What are possible causes of that? Any guesses what happened?
  7. I've been trying to get that answer and no one seems to know whether Californians can still order foie gras from out-of-state or country or whether that would be illegal too. Most people think it won't happen, but the wording of the bill is complicated.
  8. Melatonin pills can trick your circadian cycle. Block out every inch of sunlight in your bedroom.
  9. If they mix up the order, I don't think it's a big deal to send it back. I probably wouldn't in situations like if the steak weren't cooked to the correct doneness. Simply, I wouldn't be comfortable doing that in a business situation. They might think I was high-maintenance.
  10. Woah, I totally missed the marshmellow's moment. Also, I still think macarons haven't hit their peak in popularity yet. I think the next trend will have to follow in the steps of macarons and cupcakes. Adorable little things that come in different flavors and colors. I vote cream puffs.
  11. What I do is pipe them into eclairs/puffs etc, freeze the trays, then pick them off and refreeze them bagged. You take out as many as you need and thaw them an hour before baking. They thaw quickly.
  12. wow, that's a mess. But I do love ice cream cake!
  13. Yes, add me too. Water hitting me in the face is something many can related to with that shaped iced. I don't use my ice maker often, so they start to absorb some really bad smells. Also hate when the ice sticks together resulting in nothing coming out when I press the cup buttom, except little ice chips.
  14. Rotting shrimp peelings, rack of lamb before cooked, beef bones for beef stock.
  15. I've had supermarket french eggs from Monoprix and I find myself using a heck of a lot of butter and salt to get some type of flavor from the eggs. I remember american supermarket eggs being more substantial. I going to do a blind tasting this week to see if there's a difference between Monoprix eggs and the more up-scale variety.
  16. you mean it's missing Coke's complexity that leaves a fermented aftertaste at the back of your tongue?
  17. SSB also here. Humans used to be able to digest cellulose (the reason we have an appendix) but don't anymore. So cellulose just passes through to the toilet. It's not absorbed by the body. It acts like fiber which can help with constipation and lower risks of colorectal cancer. So only is it not bad, it's likely good for you.
  18. The french fries, at one time, use to be amazing back in the 80s. It may be myopic memory but to this day I've never found a superior fry. Not even ones done in duck fat or peanut oil would be able to compare. This was before health advocates and people who were disgusted about using fat as a frying medium made them change to a trans fat oil which now turns out is unhealthier. (thanks health advocates!). Ironically, if McD went back to the original recipe of beef tallow as their frying medium, I bet it would resurrect the popularity of their empire, even among foodies if only for the fries. A fastfood chain frying in animal fat is almost revolutionary today. Again, ironic. I do like the mcmuffin, which is a brilliant invention.
  19. I graduated from there. The great thing about Ferrandi is that it's pretty good for getting the feel for what it's like to work in a patisserie. I work in a patisserie now, but I thought school was harder and much more demanding. In other words, it prepares you very well. Nothing was foreign when I started working. By the way, the connections for the apprenticeship are amazing. 3 star michelins, renown boutiques, I think every one in my class got their first choice.
  20. Hi sonia, Go to learner.org where you can watch the whole series of French in Action online for free. I was put on the waiting list too last year. I think someone cancelled and Stephanie emailed me and others to see if anyone could take advantage of the slot. Unfortunately it was one month away from starting class and I couldn't possibly make the move in time. So there is hope while on the waiting list.
  21. Well, I didn't get in the first time since I posted, but I did get in this time! for the september session. Is anyone here going to be my classmate? So far, I'm using Capretz videos for french. But then I found Learn French by Podcast which is free on itunes, except for the pdf files which you need to pay for. I'm liking it better than French in Action. It's very VERY good. It's sort of immersion like FnA but not as "sink or swim" because it'll also break down the conversation in English.
  22. That's for the reply, john. Class starts in February and I haven't heard from them so my gut is telling me I didn't get in. I'm thinking about The French pastry school or CIA Greystone (2nd choice because it's in state). Or maybe Ritz Escoffier. My heart is set on Ferrandi, but I don't know if I'm patient enough to wait until the next term in September. And then I don't get in again and I waste another year. I really like French Culinary Institute, but the tuition is too scary.
  23. Thanks guys. Taking apart the dungeness. With this one, I estimated about 15%.
  24. I can't find this info anywhere. How much crab meat approximately is in a 2 lb crab?
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