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Restaurant near Sadler's Wells

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I was pleasantly surprised by Almeida when I was last at Sadlers Wells! :smile:

I'd definitely give the Ambassador a pop.

I'd also stagger as far as St John if the budget will take it.

Tim Hayward

"Anyone who wants to write about food would do well to stay away from

similes and metaphors, because if you're not careful, expressions like

'light as a feather' make their way into your sentences and then where are you?"

Nora Ephron

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It depends what time you want to eat and where you are approaching from.

Close by are Moro (which you know), Medcalf (right next to Moro) and the Eagle. All are good and we eat at Medcalf most often of the three. If you are eating early (ie pre theater) I would definitely recommend Medcalf. The Eagles is too smoky early on while Moro has no atmosphere. Medcalf also has a more adventerous menu, imo.

Can't fault the idea of Konstam but it is decent hike away. Or even a taxi ride.

I would personally avoid the Angel/Upper St choices but that may be just a personal prejudice.

The Peasant is just not what it used to be. Seems to go backwards with success. You could also walk from St Johns...it's about the same distance as Konstam.

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