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  1. nerissa

    Dinner! 2003

    Yeah, me too. You can eat/drink as much as you want. In front of the telly or read at the table. Yup, get robbed at Whole Paycheck for mache at 4.99 a bag. Also find it at my local coop for 5.49.
  2. nerissa

    Dinner! 2003

    Since my boyfriend is in NYC via Toronto, I have been practicing chickpea flour pizza. Last night: Corn on the cob Mache with balsamic reduction Chickpea flour pizza under the broiler with chevre To drink: one bottle of Hacker Pschoor
  3. Who in god's name would go to law school for intellectual fulfillment? And so what if they did, or do? As long as the teacher doesn't mind it, and is competent to keep the lecture/discussion on track, and talented enough to use whatever irrelevant question to delve into a relevant topic, I would not mind. EDIT: Just saw Jersey 13's post. Couldn't agree more that you shouldn't discriminate at the outset according to one's education goals. You never know. We all know at least 1 moron who went to an Ivy and learned squat, and another moron who went to a third rate state school and got a fantastic education. Your education is up to you.
  4. What's so unlikely about that? Certainly, an effective psychoactive drug -- a nutritional Prozac -- that limits the propensity to overeat is easy to imagine. I'd be absolutely shocked if we didn't see a good one emerge within the next 5-10 years. As soon as it's proven safe, someone write me a prescription and I'll post a Weblog about how it's working. And is it so hard to imagine a gastrointestinally oriented drug that limits absorption? I see nothing fantastical about either, and I think the evidence is mounting that no other solution has a chance. Perhaps some individuals -- those with especially high degrees of self-control -- can take knowledge and restraint and combine them into an effective eating plan that reduces weight and maintains good blood chemistry. But what percentage of the population is really going to do that? Certainly less than 5% and probably more like 1%. That's a pipe dream. I don't see how a pill, if possible, could solve anything. I also don't see an analogy between Prozac and a nutrional Prozac. Prozac and other SSRI's make it possible to function, and in an ideal situation, progress better in psychotherapy. A pill to prevent absorption? How to you program it choose which nutrients and foodstuffs should and should not be absorbed? I really need that extra protein--no wait, I meant to say fiber...A pill belittles any notion of personal responsibility that you have been advocating (and with which I agree).
  5. Agreed. With a weather delay, my boyfriend and I once went to the sushi restaurant in the main terminal. Not the best, but not bad, plus vodka tonics before taking the commuter to NYC. This was in 2000, so I have no idea if the place is still open, since National (I refuse to call it Reagan) was a ghostown following 9-11. I also always pack an energy bar and a bottle of water when flying. You never know. When flying in and out of ORD (O'Hare), it seems that you always see a McDonalds, no matter which terminal.
  6. On topic: The Apprentice by Jacques Pepin Am eyeing the new paperback of Prague. Has anybody read this?
  7. I would be thrilled if EGullet could get Willet to do a Q&A. c'mon people speak up, join me here! peep, peep, peep (I would also be thrilled)
  8. I won't be able to make it this time. Previous plans with the girls were finalized today for tomorrow afternoon. You guys are going to have a blast.. sorry to miss it. Fresser--thanks for the transportation offers, though. Very kind.
  9. nerissa

    Dinner! 2003

    Thanks. It was! We bought a used frig last week and had it delivered... ah, so nice to have a working frig. Torakris, what is Japanese mayonaise? Tonight--going out for sushi.
  10. I just had a revelation that some people might think my table manners are wierd.
  11. Is it around p 282? I just read it a couple of minutes ago. Ok, right, I forgot about daily goings about. I can never be bothered to figure out how many calories I should be eating. But, still, so many people are sedentary--it is easy to be active if you live in NYC and walk everywhere, but not if you drive to work, take the elevator up, and have a desk job, where you work for 8-9 hours a day, eating your lunch at your desk.
  12. Oh, I will be out of town and returning the 8th or 9th (driving back from NYC). Shizbang.
  13. Yes I would consider this unhealthy but as long as you burned 2500 calories a day through activity . You would not gain weight. You would be malnurished but not fat. Show me a day (besides hiking in the mountains on snowshoes or a marathon runner) when you burn 2500 calories. The point is that no one has this degree of activity. Running for an hour burns an average of 500 calories. Stone, excellent posts. I have On Food and Cookiong around. What page ? The thing about white bread is that it takes a lot to fill you up. And while the grain may be fortified, the unhulling or whatever process is that strips the grain, removes the bran which is necessary for healthy colon. I read a study on yahoo yesterday that bran may also reduces Type 2 diabetes.
  14. nerissa

    Dinner! 2003

    Last night: Sauteed chicken breats (cut into strips in olive oil, lemon juice, and dried red chiles. Flavored the oil with rosemary. I normally avoid boneless/skinless chik but in this weather, sweating over the stove, am trying to reduce cooking time. Corn on the cob Arugula salad dressed with red wine vinagrette and shavings of parmasean. Figs
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