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Must find white truffles ASAP

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my husband has an inn in North Hatley, Manoir Hovey, with an haute cuisine restaurant, and the chefs at Hovey want to start, soon, a special tasting menu including a dish with fresh white truffles, since they are in season. I had the name and number of a supplier (found it in Lesley's book), but can't find it. Can someone help asap, please?


Alexandra Forbes

Brazilian food and travel writer, @aleforbes on Twitter

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Serge is the man to go to, last year we got fresh black truffle from him and believe he will have white as well, if not I know there is another supplier selling them(he was also supplying frozen cepes to restaurants like Globe and co.), the guy came in to where I was working last year with a box full, 150$-200$/100g I believe at the time.

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Paolo Macchi, truffle importer, he also has a cottage near north hatley.

someone else must know his number.

This is not a supplier in Montreal but it will work. This is a firm in Berlin that I use. You can e-mail this guy, Mehmet, he is the manager of International accounts. Then my guess is that he can send them to you via FedEx or DHL:


The firm is Lindenberg, a great international firm throughout central europe. It may actually end up a tiny bit cheaper than the average firm in North America. Their cost for getting them is probably a bit lower and then you just need to pay the shipping costs. Bargain with him.

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