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  1. I had this kinda of service problem at Toqué in the past. It can be awesome or really poor, you just never know.
  2. gruyere, Milos is the only place in town to do so. Sushi places brings young people as well and anyway, there is a huge difference between Milos who's the best fish place in town and there is only one like it.
  3. You do not understand? There is no money in Montreal to import fish from around the world at crazy prices on a regular basis since clients are not ready to pay for it. There is seriously no great sushi place in Montreal, some are good but not great. Montreal is more like France and France is not reputated for sushi restaurants. Bistro tendencies is huge in Montreal and it's what we got. As restaurant wise, Montreal is way better than São Paulo IMHO.
  4. I really like Tri me too! I used to like Juni but I have not been in a long time.
  5. Manni oil is now available in extremely small quantities at Fromagerie Yannick.
  6. Cheval Blanc 1947 (a perfect bottle from Chez Nicolas) Yquem 2001 Lafite Rothschild 2003 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, La Tâche 1990 Domaine Marey-Monge, Romanée-St-Vivant 1971 Mouton Rothschild 1945 (a perfect bottle) Domaine Leroy, Clos de la Roche 1995 Trimbach, Clos Ste-Hune 1999 Domaine Leflaive, Bâtard-Montrachet 1996
  7. It's Anti St-Laurant but brings the same people. Staff from Time work there, for me it's a little too much party.
  8. Bon Appetit Cookbooks, all the restaurants you named are good but not out of this world. The image is important on some occasion and these restaurants are not enough classy for some special moments. And for sure, Garde Manger and APDC food is far away from a top restaurant. Comparing bistros and really fine cuisine makes non sense to me. There is only 3-4 really fine cuisine restaurants in the province, it's not that much (Toqué, 357c, Laurie, Chronique and ...) It's not that bad considering there is not a lot of money here.
  9. SAQ prices for Burgundy are impressive! The selection is really good and the service is really good. Look at the LCBO web-site, SAQ got way more fine wines. I need a good burger! I am always at Holt eating their sandwiches!
  10. I order Manni oil since 3 years now and I use it with soup, pasta, bread, salad and almost everything. Just order Per Me, it's more powerfull and tasty. But you can order some really good olive oil from www.therarewineco.com Prunatelli at the top!
  11. Paolo first batch will enter Montreal tuesday October 17th. Normally, the 2-3 first batchs are not the best tho.
  12. I don't get it! P.S. I don't think the restaurant is closing because the street is under construction and I have never seen a restaurant closing because of 7-8 months street works. I named a restaurant that is still doing fine and that is located at 150 meters away because I find it weird. Anyway!
  13. Well, why Holder is still bringing people then?
  14. I heard today that restaurant Cube with Chef Gonzalez is closing (bankrupt)? If this is true, it's unbelievable! Two years ago this restaurant was working really well and now it's always empty and it's closing? Kind of weird to me! Is there someone who knows what will happen with Gonzalez and the free space in St-Paul hotel now? Something new will open?
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