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How to attend an eGCI course

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To attend a course while it is active:

First, read the introduction of the course you wish to attend. The introduction will give a brief overview of the course and some information on the instructor. It will list any ingredients or special equipment you will need to participate in the course and will provide a timetable, when appropriate. In some cases, the introduction will be quite brief; in others more involved. We try to time the posting of the introduction to give everyone ample time to prepare for the course.

When the course is posted, read the material. Sometimes the entire course will be presented in one segment, but generally the courses comprise two or three parts. These are generally presented as different posts in the same topic, although occasionally they may be presented as separate topics.

Although it's usually not necessary to do the work (i.e., follow the recipes or do the assignments) to participate in the Q&A session that follows, we recommend it. We think you'll get more out of the course, and the more active participants in each course, the more valuable the Q&A session will be.

A Q&A session will run concurrently with the course and will be active for a short time afterward. This is the place to post questions about ingredients or procedures, to discuss your results or to comment on any other aspects of the course. A link to the Q&A will be provided at the end of each segment of the course.

To attend older courses:

Although each course and Q&A is officially active for a short period of time, members are free to read and follow older courses whenever they wish. In many cases, the Q&A remains active long after the class has ended, and many of our instructors will be able to continue to answer questions. In those cases where the instructors are no longer available, we will do our best to answer any questions you may have about any of our older courses.

Still have questions? Please send a Personal Message to the eGCI Team.

See you in class!

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