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New Managers


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The eGullet Society is pleased to announce the addition of the following people to the Society's management team:

Linda LaRose (fifi)

Michael Laderman (Pan)

Chris Amirault

Marsha Lynch (zilla369)

All four have been tireless hosts (duties which they will continue to fulfill) and sterling administrators. We're fortunate to be able to call on them for expanded responsibilities. (Bios of all eGullet staffers are, as always, available on our Meet the Society Staff page.)

Our all-volunteer staff continues to amaze us with its energy, intelligence and stamina. They not only serve the Society as politicians, police, librarians and content providers, they also hold the place together with their enthusiasm. Our continued thanks go out to them, and to the membership.



Practice. Do it over. Get it right.

Mostly, I want people to be as happy eating my food as I am cooking it.

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