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ADNY: Lost in Translation

Daily Gullet Staff

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The user of the bed takes the bed as is. They do not ask for it without shallots or with a cream sauce, also, again "a minute". Another example of differences in the relationship between beds and food and users.

I was going to ask project to pass me some of whatever he's drinking, but I think I'd much rather share yours... :hmmm::huh::rolleyes::biggrin:

The only beverage that works right is water, straight up and very cold, for these sorts of discussions, kitchenmage. For if you spill it while gesticulating at the computer screen in an effort to make your point clear, or if you happen to spit some out while gurgling answers through clenched teeth, or if you drool some down the front of your shirt while sitting gaping open-mouthed trying to figure out what the other person is talking about, then thank goodness there is no damage to your clothes.

It's only afterwards that you hit the hard stuff. :wink:

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