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Volume to Weight Conversions


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I've mentioned this elsewhere but I rely heavily on this handy little book that lives on my kitchen counter: The Baker's Appendix (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) 

It contains conversion tables for most common baking ingredients, grouped by ingredient type (chocolate, dairy, eggs, fats, flours, sweeteners and common "mix-ins" (oats, mashed bananas, applesauce, coconut, mayo, etc)

It also contains oven temp conversions, sugar syrup temps, baking pan volume conversions, fraction to decimal conversions, general volume and weight conversions, egg size and weights for yolks and whites. That's the kind of stuff that used to appear at the front or back of every baking book, but not so much anymore. 

There are a couple of random baking recipes and a few pages of useful tips for stuff like ingredient substitutions, folding parchment paper to cut and fit into cake pans but the bulk of the book is the conversion tables, which look like this:


The range of measurements keeps arithmetic to a minimum.

Yes, one can easily look up all of this stuff on the internet but I like having it in the kitchen in one compact book (it's about 5" x 7") without needing to find a device and run a search. 

My one quibble is that it lacks an index of the ingredients.  Once you're familiar with how they're grouped, it's pretty quick to find things but an ingredient index would be helpful to get started. 




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