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Thanks Robb, Russ, Ellen and John

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Thanks to everyone for making this such a lively and interesting series of discussions over the past two weeks. Robb and the panel had a good week into this process before we came on-line for the Q & A. Additional thanks to Russ, Ellen and John for staying for the Q & A; your presence made it an even more stimulating week. And thanks to all the eGullet members who participated in the Q & A, asking questions and taking discussions in new directions and to greater depths.

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Counterpoint, the publisher of Are You Really Going To Eat That? has provided five copies of Robb's book for distribution to some of those who contributed to the Q & A. In order to keep Robb and the publisher off the hook, I have chosen five of the many who contributed. The task of making this difficult and somewhat arbitrary decision was greatly simplified by the fact that so many already had bought the book and insisted that others have a chance to read it.

Those selected for the book are:




Bruce Cole


If each of you will PM me your mailing address, I will have the book shipped to you.

Thanks again to everyone for making this an interesting Q & A.


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