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The Manor— End of an Era


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The Manor in West Orange has been a wedding and event rock in the world of events in Northern NJ for decades. 

 Yes, my parents got married there. If you live in NJ, chances someone you know did too. I had my prom there. 

The Manor formerly boasted two restaurants in addition to events: a Lobster Buffet and a Fine a dining ala carte old school dining room. 

A little less than 20 years ago I was the reservations manager, in charge of both of the Manor’s restaurants as well as the Highlawn Pavillion. I was brought in when they change their reservation system over to Open Table. (I was also in school part time to get my bachelors in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management)

 I saw and heard and dealt with a LOT in the few years I worked there. 

Now the property has been sold. It is the end of an era, and not the first time a restaurant I worked for (a family business) was sold (assuming a lack of interest on the next generations behalf, but that is just an assumption. 

details here:


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